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PMG2 245

Chapter 245: You Think You’re Strong?

Edited by RED

The members of Tiantai were furious when Lu Li made fun of Lin Feng.

When someone made fun of one of the members of Tiantai, they were making fun of all of them. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu had always said that. They were like a family; one for all, and all for one!

Therefore, they all glared at Lu Li angrily.

“Your name is Lu Li? Even though you’re from one of the six biggest sects of the central part of the Continent of the Gods, you think you are qualified to act so arrogantly here?” said Ruo Xie, smiling mockingly and fearlessly.

Lin Feng’s footmen dare talk to me like that?, thought Lu Li. He glanced at Ruo Xie furiously and demanded icily, “Which group are you from? You’re not afraid of the six greatest sects?”

“Hehe! The six sects do have a certain position in Central, but they’re just second-class sects. Do you know which group I am from?” replied Ruo Xie, smiling mockingly. He despised Lu Li.

“You want to die!” Lu Li stepped forward and threw out his fist. He wanted to teach Ruo Xie a good lesson.

However, Ruo Xie just smiled coldly. He raised his left hand and threw a golden talisman at Lu Li’s feet. He said icily, “Open your eyes, you little dog. Do you want to die?”

“You…” Lu Li wanted to kill Ruo Xie when he saw his mocking smile. But when he saw the talisman, he suddenly paled. He swept it up with the greatest care.

The talisman had Du Hu Government written on it. Lu Li shuddered with fear.

“You… you’re a disciple of the Du Hu Government?”

Lu Li didn’t look arrogant anymore. He was afraid.

Chen Zhan looked at Lu Li disdainfully, but didn’t say anything. Lu Li was his fellow disciple, after all. They had come here together.

He was surprised by Ruo Xie’s social status, though. The Du Hu Government was one of the five governments of Central, and they were really strong, a top-class group.

“Are you blind? Can’t you read what’s written on the talisman?” demanded Ruo Xie mockingly.

Lu Li looked glum, but didn’t dare get angry. He gave the talisman back to Ruo Xie and looked at Lin Feng again.

“Little boy, don’t think your friend from the Du Hu Government can protect you. You’ll see when the competition starts! Hmph!” said Lu Li, smiling mockingly. He glanced at Ruo Xie vigilantly and turned around, taking off towards the Dark Palace.

Chen Zhan looked puzzled. He didn’t think that Ruo Xie would have taken the risk to help Lin Feng if he wasn’t strong enough, so he decided not to act recklessly.

Chen Zhan left as well. Meng Ke smiled wryly. He looked at Patriarch Zi Jian, the second elder, and headed after the pair.

Zi Jian blushed and said, “Lin Feng, I…”

“Uncle Zi Jian, it’s alright. People are all different. There are despicable people in the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine as well.” Lin Feng knew that Zi Jian wanted to apologize for the pair’s behavior.

Patriarch Zi Jian flushed, but he didn’t add anything. Even though Lin Feng wasn’t into scheming, he wouldn’t forget that Lu Li had made fun of him.

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s hurry up and go too!” said Demon King Ox, jumping out. All the members of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine followed.

Song Zhuang glanced at Lin Feng, who looked indifferent as before. He didn’t look angry because of what had just happened. He just smiled, nodded at Song Zhuang and followed the others.

“Brother Ruo Xie, thank you for helping him. I wouldn’t have thought you’d be hiding such a great thing, though, hehe!” Lin Feng said to Ruo Xie after Song Zhuang left. He smiled at Ruo Xie admiringly.

Ruo Xie smiled wryly and flashed away.

Lin Feng followed. Meng Qing followed Lin Feng, followed by the disciples of Tiantai. Yan Di was at the back of the group.

Yan Di was somewhat annoyed. Usually, Lin Feng’s temper was explosive. How come he hadn’t crushed Lu Li, who had humiliated him?


They weren’t that far away from the Dark Palace, and arrived in two hours.

The Dark Palace was floating in the sky. The new arrivals couldn’t help but imagine how powerful the Dark Palace was. Other Holy Shrines were at the top of mountains, but the Dark Palace was floating in the air. It was one of the things extremely strong cultivators could accomplish.

Lin Feng gasped with amazement when he saw the palace in the sky. Mister Time was probably the one who had created that palace. Who else controlled space and time Dao so well?

Lin Feng immediately understood why the Dark Palace was the strongest group in the East.

“Let’s go and register at the Dark Palace since we’re here, and then we can find an inn,” said Tian Chi.

“Brother, you know the process?” asked Lin Feng.

Tian Chi nodded and smiled knowingly. “Brother, I did my research about the great competition before coming. I can tell you in simple words, I…”

“Hey! Isn’t that Lin Feng? You dared come?”

Tian Chi wasn’t done talking when someone interrupted him, making fun of Lin Feng. Lin Feng raised his head and saw Lu Li. Initially, he had spared his life because of Zi Jian, but now…

Lin Feng stared at Lu Li.

At that moment, Lu Li had his arms crossed in front his chest. He smiled at Lin Feng disdainfully.

He despised people from the East. He was going to represent them at the competition, and was really annoyed. He was only doing it to give the Dark Palace face.

“What? I dared come, so what? Is it surprising?” replied Lin Feng in a loud and icy voice. Many people heard him and turned their heads to watch.

Lu Li looked at him sinisterly. A little boy like Lin Feng didn’t give him face?

“Hmph! You’re a little cultivator of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and you dare act so arrogantly! You really want to die, Lin Feng! Hmph! I am the leader of the group of fighters from the East this time. I will show you what a leader looks like!”

He clenched his fists and attacked Lin Feng. Uncounted dozens of shadow punches appeared in the sky and hammered towards Lin Feng. He had no fear that Lin Feng could strike back.

Ruo Xie clenched his fists. He wanted to return the attack, but an invisible and intangible strength stopped him. Lin Feng flew past him.

“Lu Li, I truly don’t know where your confidence comes from!” shouted Lin Feng. He disappeared, and suddenly Lu Li sensed that the space around him was getting sealed.

Lu Li shouted furiously and threw out his fist… the punch was stopped cold. There was an invisible curtain in front of him, he noticed glumly.

“Hmph! It’s ridiculous! A futile attack! You’ll see! You’ll be on your knees and begging me soon, haha!” shouted Lu Li, before bursting into laughter. He raised his arms and an incredible Qi surged from his body explosively. Three beams of light appeared around him, containing three different sorts of strength, and bombarded the space and time cage around him. The beams pierced through and shot towards Lin Feng.

Yan Di looked indifferent, seated in midair. The others looked nervous.

He had faith in Lin Feng. If Lin Feng wasn’t able to defeat Lu Li, then he didn’t need to participate in the great competition at all!

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