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Chapter 246: Lu Li’s Murderous Intentions

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“Lin Feng, don’t think that because you’re considered a hero in this crappy part of the world, you can consider everyone else beneath notice. I will show you that even when you think you’ve reached the top, there’s always someone stronger than you! You think you’re qualified to fight against me?!” shouted Lu Li furiously. He flashed forwards to attack Lin Feng. Many people around retreated, but didn’t leave, staying to watch.

Lin Feng didn’t bother to say anything, silently condensing brightness strength. Lu Li’s Qi instantly dispersed, and he suddenly looked much less confident.

However, he didn’t have time to think. Lin Feng appeared in front of him, and Lu Li’s back was instantly covered with cold sweat. However, as a core disciple of Sword Mountain, he couldn’t let himself panic. He raised his arms in front of his chest to protect himself and retreated.

Lin Feng’s punch bombarded Lu Lin Feng’s defense like a bomb going off. Lin Feng was surprised when his brightness strength didn’t pierce through.

Lu Li smiled mockingly. “Hehe, Lin Feng, you think that relying on a special kind of strength, you can break through my defense? My earth Dao is resistant!”

Earth strength? No wonder, thought Lin Feng, but he didn’t think much of it. No wonder Lu Li had such a powerful defense.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng focused even more. However, at the same time, a terrifying strength moved towards his chest. Lin Feng was forced away, but he still had time to throw a kick at Lu Li’s punch.

Boom! The two kinds of strength collided. Lin Feng slid back, watching Lu Li. The latter looked glum. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so resistant. The surprise attack hadn’t even worked.

Lu Li grunted coldly and smiled mockingly. He was going to retreat, but Lin Feng didn’t give him the opportunity.

“Can you escape from a great deployment spell?” Lin Feng asked grimly. He raised his hands and golden world lights appeared. At the same time, he released a black absorbing strength above Lu Li’s head.

Anything could happen now!

“Shit! An invisible and intangible deployment spell?” Lu Li looked desperate. He clenched his fists and punched the deployment spell. He wasn’t lucky this time, however.

The golden lights were extremely resistant. Lu Li realized he might need a few hours to break the deployment spell, but it also contained absorbing strength. If he didn’t manage to break free quickly, Lin Feng’s absorbing strength would absorb all his pure Qi.

“Fuck! I should be able to break this piece of trash’s deployment spell!” muttered Lu Li, looking at Lin Feng disdainfully.

Lin Feng heard the word “piece of trash” and smiled broadly. He rarely heard those words about himself, unlike when he was still in Xue Yue.

Lin Feng’s smile made Lu Li go ice-cold in fright.

He was a core disciple of Sword Mountain, even the vice-patriarch’s disciple, how could he lose or even be scared of a cultivator at the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer? If that spread out, people would make fun of him.

He ground his teeth. He couldn’t just sit there and wait for death, he had to win!

Thinking about that, Lu Li’s eyes were filled with killing intent, he wanted to crush Lin Feng. He raised his left hand, and golden lights appeared. A two-meter wide shield appeared, containing a powerful earth Qi.

Lin Feng smiled. What a great shield! If he could absorb that strength and add it to his brightness strength, that’d be seven kinds of strength. Lin Feng would be able to compete with cultivators of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor level if he succeeded.

Thinking about it, Lin Feng smiled even more. He needed that shield!

“Earth shield attack!” shouted Lu Li thunderously. His voice spread everywhere in the Dark Palace, and the whole territory shook. Many strong cultivators of the Dark Palace were stupefied. Higher up in the hierarchy, some even stronger people were dispatched to go and check out what was going on.

Everybody was astonished when they saw a large shield attack a deployment spell. Absorbing strength was stuck outside.

Lu Li smiled mockingly and said, “Piece of trash! You thought you could win? Even though your deployment spell is quite powerful, you’re not fighting against another piece of trash, you’re fighting against me, Lu Li, from Sword Mountain!

“Piece of trash, next time, don’t act recklessly. Otherwise, I will become your worst nightmare,” said Lu Li smiling broadly, as if he had won already. It was no wonder he thought that way, because the deployment spell was distorting under the pressure of his earth shield. It was soon going to collapse.

But to Lin Feng, Lu Li was just a pitifully ridiculous idiot.

“Hehe, Lu Li, I wouldn’t have thought Sword Mountain would have such arrogant and despicable disciples.

“Open your eyes, you little dog. You think I’m a piece of trash? You think I’m not qualified to participate in the competition? You think there are no strong cultivators in the East?

“As I see it, you just dare act recklessly and arrogantly because you are from Sword Mountain.

“I will show you how pitiful you are. Poor boy. Someone like you thinks he can teach me a lesson?” shouted Lin Feng. Everybody heard him, and Lu Li ground his teeth. At that moment, he decided he truly had to kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng had to die! Lu Li had to regain his face.

“Haha! Show me, piece of trash! Stop talking, I won’t be patient with you anymore,” shot back Lu Li disdainful and confident. He raised his shield and looked fearless.

However, Lin Feng’s fearless smile just stoked his fury.

“As you wish,” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly. He raised his hands and released absorbing strength while casting a deployment spell.

There were more explosions, Lin Feng’s first deployment spell was already about to collapse. Lu Li smiled even more.

“Hehe, a piece of trash is a piece of trash. I will take care of you now. You won’t be able to participate in the competition or humiliate us,” said Lu Li, jumping towards Lin Feng again.

However, Lin Feng just smiled mockingly.

“Lu Li, sense my absorbing strength. Hehe!”

“What…?” Lu Li suddenly sensed his shield was pulling away from him. Lu Li’s expression changed drastically. He wanted to recall his shield, but it didn’t work!

He ground his teeth and got ready to deepen the connection to his shield. However, Lin Feng smiled coldly, raising his left hand, and Lu Li’s face paled.

The shield flew farther away from him, passing through the deployment spell, and Lin Feng grabbed it. Lu Li’s face was completely pale.

“Argh! Piece of trash! ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH! Fuck! Die, son of a bitch!” shouted Lu Li. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore. The absorbing strength could now bombard him. He shrieked, his whole body was ice-cold and covered with sweat as his muscles convulsed.

“Lu Li, remember, you can act arrogantly in the East, but don’t think you can act arrogantly in front of me, because I won’t give you face. You’re lucky today, because Uncle Zi Jian is here, so I won’t kill you. Otherwise, you think I wouldn’t be able to kill you? Eh?”

Suddenly, Lin Feng’s eyes were bloodshot. A terrifying demon energy surged out, and he looked like a demon god. Lu Li’s face went bloodless.

At that moment, Lu Li realized that Lin Feng could crush him. He was scared, but his expression was ferocious and plotting, because he knew he wasn’t going to be killed.

Lin Feng had to die!

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