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PMG2 247

Chapter 247: Arriving in the Dark Palace

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After the fight, the people who were watching dispersed. They didn’t care who the winner was, they were just curious to know who was fighting.

The Dark Palace had looked on secretly and already left. Lin Feng had great perception, so he had noticed them. He saw the three people leave and smiled, before glancing at Lu Li icily, “Don’t piss me off again. Next time, I will kill you!”

Otherwise, next time, I will kill you!

That sentence felt like being slapped. Lu Li’s heart twitched. His cheeks burned, and he coughed up blood. He almost fainted. He was a core disciple of Sword Mountain, and had never been humiliated like this!

However, Lin Feng didn’t care!

“Lin Feng, if you think you can kill me, kill me now!” shouted Lu Li furiously. He then burst into laughter. He was playing with fire, convinced that Lin Feng had no balls to kill him. Therefore, he just laughed mockingly.

However, he was wrong.

He instantly sensed something clutch his throat. Lin Feng had suddenly appeared behind him and was holding him by the neck. Lin Feng lifted him up. His eyes were bloodshot and demon energy boiled around him.

This time, Lu Li was really scared.

He knew Lin Feng was strong enough to kill him, he just thought Lin Feng wasn’t brave enough to do it. Therefore, he had dared make fun of Lin Feng again.

“Lin… Lin Feng, you… don’t you know I am a disciple from Sword Mountain?” Lu Li gulped.

Lin Feng was sick of hearing that. He just sneered and said, “You’re such a piece of trash. You keep telling me the same thing over and over. You’re not strong. You think you can rely on your sect to scare me. You keep calling me a piece of trash. You’re garbage, you’re nothing. You’re a piece of shit.

“Hehe, don’t think you’re amazing because you’re from Sword Mountain. You’re from Sword Mountain, great, but do you know what kind of backgrounds other people can have?

“Be a good boy when you’re outside of your sect. Act like a normal disciple. Sword Mountain is powerful in the central part of the Continent of the Gods. Here, you’re in the East.”

“It’s my territory here. You better behave, little boy,” said Lin Feng mockingly. Lu Li’s cheeks reddened and then he paled again.

Many people were astonished and amazed when they heard Lin Feng. Their hearts were suddenly filled with ardor.

“Indeed. You’re not in Central. You’re in the East here!”

“Even though Sword Mountain is powerful, it’s our territory here! Sword Mountain has nothing to do here! You understand, little boy?”

“Right, if you continue acting recklessly, you’ll get in trouble. We’ll kill you! Sword Mountain won’t even try to look for your body!” said the others when they heard Lin Feng.

They knew the East was a weaker place, and they were sick of being bullied everywhere.

Lu Li looked dumbstruck. Those people were making fun of him, it was unbearable!

“You…” Lu Li clenched his fists and looked at the crowd furiously. However, those people glared back at him fearlessly.

Lu Li was still in Lin Feng’s hand. He couldn’t get away.

Lin Feng looked at Lu Li and smiled scornfully before throwing Lu Li far away. Luckily, Lu Li still had enough strength not to crash on the ground awkwardly, and managed to land on his feet.

Lu Li could only stand there. He was steaming with anger, but didn’t dare say anything.

Lin Feng glanced at Lu Li and then turned around and smiled. “Let’s go to the Dark Palace. Then we need to find an inn.”

“Alright, let’s go,” agreed Demon King Ox, smiling thinly. Everybody was amazed by Lin Feng’s strength. What had happened would spread around, and people would think more highly of the East.

“Lin Feng, give me back my earth shield!” demanded Lu Li frantically.

Lin Feng glanced at him, and threw the shield at his feet. Lu Li finally calmed down a little.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng to his group.

Lu Li watched Lin Feng leave before looking at the earth shield. Suddenly, his face paled again, and his hands shook violently. He realized that the energies in the shield had all been absorbed by Lin Feng’s absorbing strength. It was now an ordinary shield!

Lu Li pressed the shield with a little bit of strength, and it exploded into dust!

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Lin Feng! As long as I still have one thread of Qi left, get ready to be attacked anytime!” shouted Lu Li madly.

Lin Feng heard him clearly, and just smiled dismissively.

My fighting abilities are much better now that I added that strength to my brightness strength, thought Lin Feng cheerfully. He grabbed Meng Qing’s hand, and they continued walking towards the Dark Palace.


Tthe atmosphere was lively in the Dark Palace. Many people from all sorts of influential groups were there already, including people from all over the outer regions of the Continent of the Gods, and others from second-class groups of the Central Continent.

“Everybody, I am Gao Di, the young master of the Dark Palace. This time, it is an honor to see you all here. Thank you very much, everybody,” said Gao Di, the puppet Young Master, smiling proudly.

The members of the different influential groups looked at him respectfully.

He was the young master of the Dark Palace. Even though they despised him, they had to respect him to give the Dark Palace’s leader face, even if the East was weak.

“The great competition will start in one week. Everybody who has been invited can stay here and practice in the Dark Temple,” said Gao Di. His words drew everybody’s attention.

The Dark Temple was one of the mysteries of the Dark Palace. It was usually closed, because it was where the leader of the Dark Palace practiced. The strength there was thick and rich. Having the opportunity to practice there before the competition was a great chance.

Thinking about that, many people cupped their fists and shouted, “Thank you very much for your kindness, Young Master!”

“You’re welcome,” said Gao Di cupping his fist as well and smiling. Nobody knew what he was thinking, though.

Suddenly, Gao Di’s smile stiffened. He saw a group of people arriving out of the window. He noticed a cultivator in black clothes in particular.

“Lin Feng, you’re finally here.” Gao Di smiled as if he had seen an old friend, but on the inside, he was ice-cold.

“Father, you’re here.” However, Gao Di didn’t have time to say anything before someone flew out of the crowd. It was Hu Ba!

At that moment, Hu Ba was wearing blue armor proudly, his Qi frightening.

The fact that Hu Ba called Lin Feng father astonished the whole crowd. Everybody was suddenly staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng ignored them all, looking at Hu Ba and asking, “Have you recovered yet?”

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