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PMG2 248

Chapter 248: If You Have a Problem, Come and Fight!

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“Yes, I’m fine now, father. Look, I have the strength of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer now! Hehe!” Hu Ba smiled, displaying his strength. Lin Feng nodded. Hu Ba had taken advantage of the difficulties to break through.

“Not bad. The Beast Region will dazzle in the future with you as a leader,” said Lin Feng, smiling and clapping Hu Ba’s shoulders. He was quite happy.

Meng Qing was a bit surprised, because Hu Ba looked exactly like Lin Feng when he was younger, even their son Lin Zhe Tian didn’t look so similar to Lin Feng. Had Lin Feng had a child with another woman?

Meng Qing was dumbstruck, but she quickly came back to her senses. Lin Feng loved her, he wouldn’t have hidden such a thing from her.

As expected, Lin Feng smiled in amusement, before telling her about Hu Ba telepathically. When Meng Qing heard the story, she was stupefied. The new king of the Beast Region?

He had come back to life after spending time in Lin Feng’s spirit world, no wonder they looked so similar.

When Hu Ba looked at Meng Qing, he was astonished. She was so beautiful. Her smile was breathtaking. She looked like an edelweiss.

“Father, is she an auntie too?” asked Hu Ba. He was smart, and knew she was probably one of Lin Feng’s wives.

Lin Feng told Meng Qing that Duan Xin Ye considered Hu Ba his child, so she smiled gently and said, “Call me auntie, we’re family members now.”

Hu Ba was extremely happy, just like when Duan Xin Ye had told him she could be like a mother to him.

Hu Ba looked at Lin Feng, who smiled at him. Hu Ba also understood that even though Lin Feng had several wives, it wasn’t troublesome. He loved them all, and they all showed understanding.

Gao Di watched them darkly. Everybody had stopped paying attention to him in the blink of an eye, they were just staring at Lin Feng. Then he remembered what had happened in the Demon Region, and got mad all over again.

“How audacious, Lin Feng! You dare ignore me, the Young Master, even though I was talking to you! You despise me, don’t you?” shouted Gao Di furiously. Everybody was surprised and looked at Gao Di. This fool of a boy had a bad temper…

Everybody looked back at Lin Feng again, they were trying to guess who he was. Only Chen Zhan and a few other people knew about him, and Chen Zhan wasn’t talking.

He didn’t feel right because Lu Li had told him he wanted to go and take a walk, but Chen Zhan didn’t trust Lu Li. He knew the proud idiot was probably plotting against Lin Feng. He hadn’t tried to prevent him, hoping Lin Feng would teach him a good lesson.

A long time had passed and Lu Li hadn’t come back, but Lin Feng was safe and sound here. Chen Zhan was starting to panic. Had Lin Feng killed Lu Li?

Chen Zhan stood up and walked over to Lin Feng. Gao Di was even more furious, as he couldn’t see Lin Feng anymore because Chen Zhan was in between them.

“You, piss off! How dare you stand in front of me?” shouted Gao Di. Everybody looked at him as if he was the world’s biggest fool.

Gao Di suddenly had a bad premonition. An elder of the Dark Palace slid up to him and whispered something to him as Chen Zhan stared at him icily.

When Gao Di heard that, his face paled before he smiled weakly at Chen Zhan.

“You’re Brother Chen Zhan from Sword Mountain, I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” proclaimed Gao Di, beaming and cupping his fist. He was just a puppet, he had no power. He had just insulted Chen Zhan, so of course he was scared.

The elder of the Dark Palace was embarrassed.

The attendees looked at Gao Di mockingly. Gao Di knew he had just made a big mistake, and was suddenly panic-stricken. What could he do?

He suddenly looked at Lin Feng with ill intentions. He could only release his anger on Lin Feng, because Lin Feng’s background was the least powerful. As such, he didn’t fear Lin Feng.

Gao Di clenched his fists, walking past Chen Zhan, and said to Lin Feng furiously, “It’s all because of you, we were all happy before you arrived! You have thirty seconds to apologize to me and Chen Zhan!” shouted Gao Di. His eyes were filled with flames of fury, as if Lin Feng had offended him and Chen Zhan.

Lin Feng smiled icily. This little boy was getting annoying. This idiot wanted to regain face by using him?

Lin Feng was annoyed but remained coldly calm. “What did I do, Young Master?”

“Hmph! What? When I say you made a mistake, it means you made a mistake, you have a problem?” spat Gao Di proudly.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng, amused. How would Lin Feng deal with him?

Chen Zhan frowned. He knew how strong Lin Feng was, and Gao Di dared talk to him like that? Gao Di was also from the East; didn’t he know how strong Lin Feng was?

If he knew, why was he acting so stupidly and trying to cause trouble?

“Lin Feng, thirty seconds have passed already. Apologize to Brother Chen Zhan or…” Gao Di smiled coldly when he saw Lin Feng remaining silent. He was looking at Lin Feng threateningly.

However, Lin Feng just found him pathetic.

Finally, Lin Feng took action. The whole crowd suddenly heard Gao Di shriek, and he was smashed away. He crashed to the ground violently.

“Lin Feng, what are you doing? You dared attack our Young Master?” shouted the closest elder suddenly, throwing his fist at Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng just smiled icily. He released brightness strength and threw a kick at the elder, instantly smashing him away.

Everybody was astonished. How audacious and brave! All the people from other territories were stupefied.

“Hmph! You think an elder of the Dark Palace can bully me as they wish? You’re lucky I’m magnanimous. I don’t have a good temper; if you piss me off again, I’ll kill you!

“And don’t prattle to me about that stupid Young Master or elders. I dared hit you, so I will dare kill you if I feel like it!

“Fourth Elder, if you don’t come out, I don’t mind crushing them!” declared Lin Feng. He could sense that someone was watching them, and didn’t like it.

After that, someone burst into laughter.

“Haha, little friend, you’re so aggressive. No wonder you’re qualified to represent the East at the competition!” replied the Fourth Elder, bursting into laughter.

He finally came out. He looked like an ordinary crooked old man, wearing a black robe and a belt with a talisman which represented his rank.

It was the same Fourth Elder of the Dark Palace who had accompanied Gao Di to the Demon Mansion to give the talisman to Lin Feng.

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