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PMG2 249

Chapter 249: Dark Temple!

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“Old man, if you don’t give me an explanation, I will not be polite,” said Lin Feng icily.

He was really angry. Lu Li had already pissed him off, fine, but now Gao Di? That moron thought he could vent out his anger on Lin Feng?

People around looked surprised. Even though the Dark Palace was nothing at the scale of the whole Continent of the Gods, they were the most powerful group in the East. Lin Feng surprisingly dared threaten the Fourth Elder?

The group of people from the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine all shuddered with fear, knowing how strong the Dark Palace was.

Of course, a few people didn’t mind, like the old ox or Yuan Fei. They knew how strong Lin Feng was. Sage Shui, Sage Huo, Yuan Fei, and some others were still worried, considering Lin Feng reckless.

Lin Feng smiled coldly when he noticed that Yuan Kui looked angry.

Everybody was astonished when they saw the Fourth Elder smile and reply, “Little friend, don’t be angry. I will solve the issue.

“A hundred years in jail, he can’t come out unless I say so,” said the Fourth Elder, smiling at Lin Feng. When he turned around, his face turned down. He glanced at the elder Lin Feng had kicked.

A few disciples came and grabbed the elder, taking him out of the palace. His face paled in desperation. He hadn’t thought he’d be punished for offending Lin Feng, and didn’t understand why.

But he couldn’t say anything. When someone was punished, they had nothing to say, especially when they were sentenced to a hundred years in jail…

“Make the Young Master leave, make him think for a week. How dare he offend guests of honor?” ordered the Fourth Elder to the disciples behind Gao Di.

The disciples grabbed Gao Di, but Gao Di just looked furious, looking at Lin Feng ferociously, wanting to kill him.

“Wait, I have something to say,” said Lin Feng when he saw Gao Di’s eyes were filled with killing intent. Lin Feng was getting really angry.

The Fourth Elder frowned, having a bad premonition. He could see Lin Feng was really furious.

“Lin Feng, little friend, it’s better if I…”

Pa pa!

The Fourth Elder didn’t have time to say anything, Lin Feng slapped Gao Di twice.

Everybody was astonished by Lin Feng’s aggressive audacity. They wouldn’t forget him anytime soon!

“Lin Feng, you son of a bitch!…” swore Gao Di, his cheeks burning. Lin Feng took his hand back.

However, when Gao Di insulted him, Lin Feng promptly slapped him again several more times. People’s mouths were wide open. They felt bad for Gao Di.

Gao Di lost a tooth, and he looked like a wreck as he spat out blood. It was difficult to recognize Gao Di now, his face was completely distorted and swollen.

Lin Feng smiled icily. He slapped Gao Di one last time, sending him flying a hundred meters away. He crashed to the floor and lost another tooth.

“That’s the price you have to pay when you piss me off. I don’t want to offend the Dark Palace, but I can’t let a puppet Young Master piss me off.

“Piss off now. I don’t want to see you again,” said Lin Feng, turning his head.

The Fourth Elder frowned, and slowly waved at the disciples. They ran over to Gao Di, grabbed him, and took him away to heal his wounds.

The Fourth Elder stared at Lin Feng, but remained vigilant. He understood what the leader of the Dark Palace had told him now, that it was better not to offend Lin Feng.

Now, he truly believed him!

The Fourth Elder smiled wryly and said, “Dear friends, I invite you to come to the Dark Temple. Our leader has prepared cultivation resources for all of you. You will all become stronger.”


“Awesome. Say thank you to the leader for me!”

“And from me, thank you!”

The Fourth Elder glanced at the crowd and walked away.

Lin Feng and the others didn’t walk away. Chen Zhan, as a disciple of Sword Mountain, didn’t walk away either, because Lin Feng didn’t go. They had enough resources in Sword Mountain, anyway.

But Chen Zhan was worried about Lu Li’s safety, so he asked Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, tell me the truth, where is Lu Li?”

The Fourth Elder shivered. Had Lin Feng done something to Lu Li, too?

Lin Feng frowned and replied, “He must be in your inn if he’s not here.”

“Alright, thank you, Brother Lin Feng. See you,” said Chen Zhan before leaving with the other members of Sword Mountain.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and looked at the Fourth Elder jokingly. “Elder, am I a good liar?”

“Uhhh… why are you asking me?” said the Fourth Elder, as if he didn’t understand. Of course, maybe he just pretended he didn’t…

Lin Feng chuckled and then walked out of the room, followed by his friends. They headed to the Dark Temple.


The Dark Temple was a cultivation place in the Dark Palace. The members of Sword Mountain thought they didn’t need the resources, but Lin Feng didn’t feel like giving up such a good opportunity.

Lin Feng was followed by Meng Qing, Yuan Fei, Demon King Ox, and the others. Yan Di was still in the back.

The Fourth Elder frowned when he saw Yan Di. What was that extremely strong cultivator doing with Lin Feng?

“Go and report to the leader. He should pay attention.”

“I didn’t think that little boy would understand the plot. Hehe! Not bad!”

“Hehe, you exposed that little boy. It’s a good and bad thing at the same time.”

“Only small influential groups are here today. Apart from Sword Mountain, there is nobody from the six big sects. They must still be on their way,” whispered the Fourth Elder. He disappeared from the meeting room, which calmed down quickly behind him…

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