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Chapter 250: Yuan Kui’s True Colors!

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Not just anyone could go to the Dark Temple, but on that day, Lin Feng and the other members of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine went there.

The Dark Temple was, amusingly enough, a white building. There were white carvings at the top, carvings of snowflakes, of animals, of gods, of demons, and ancient words too.

There were long scriptures on it which contained an ancient Qi. When looking at them, people felt warm and cold at the same time.

Everybody had different thoughts when looking at the Dark Temple. Some people surprisingly started crying. Some people laughed frantically. Some people were speechless. Some others paled.

Lin Feng was surprised when he saw that. He felt unhappy when he arrived, furious even. He started thinking about unfair things and grew even more angry.

“Everybody, the Dark Temple can influence people’s moods. Be careful. Don’t lose your senses,” shouted Lin Feng quickly. Many people came back to their senses when they heard him and cupping their fists with grateful smiles, before continuing on to the Dark Temple.

They landed on the roof of the building and suddenly disappeared in a flash of spatial lights.

The Dark Temple could influence people’s thoughts, but it also contained an incredible space and time Dao.

Lin Feng had become a god thanks to space and time Dao, but his space and time Dao hadn’t reached the top yet. He wanted his space and time Dao to become more powerful, even if he didn’t know how powerful it could become.

Thinking about that, he said, “Everybody, go and cultivate. See if you have an opportunity to become stronger.”

“Little Lin Feng, be careful,” said Hou Qing Lin, clapping Lin Feng’s shoulder before landing on and disappearing from the roof of the Dark Temple.

“Brother, be careful,” Tian Chi said as well, and he disappeared.

They all disappeared, one after the other. Lin Feng looked at Song Zhuang and Yuan Fei and nodded. They also disappeared.

In the end, only Meng Qing and Yan Di were still there.

“Old buddy, you probably don’t feel like going in there, you can wait outside. Don’t let anyone disturb us. Meng Qing and I are going in,” Lin Feng said to Yan Di teasingly. He took Meng Qing’s hand and landed on the roof of the Dark Temple. Space and time Dao flashed, and they disappeared.

Yan Di looked at the carvings on the building and frowned. “Since you’re here, come out.”

“Hehe, you’re really strong, as expected. You sensed my presence,” said someone. An old man appeared and smiled. Lin Feng wasn’t there to recognize his voice…


Lin Feng remained vigilant inside. It was a precious place for the Dark Palace.

When Lin Feng and Meng Qing reappeared inside the temple, they were not together anymore. Lin Feng sensed the powerful space and time Dao had separated them.

Lin Feng landed on the floor. There were beautiful polished white stones all around, and a warm Qi on the floor which felt quite pleasant.

“The Dark Temple is a nice place to be,” he sighed, before flashing into the depths of the Dark Temple.

The area was becoming wider and wider. Lin Feng couldn’t see the extremities of the room anymore. It was at least dozens of li wide.

“Everybody, the Dark Temple is open for a week. In a week, return. I wish you good luck during this week.

“There are dark jewels in the Dark Temple. The more jewels you get, the more chances you have to break through,” an old man’s disembodied voice rang out at that moment. Lin Feng was sure it was Mister Time.

“Lin Feng, when it’s over, don’t leave. Stay in the Dark Temple. If you have any question, feel free to ask me.” Lin Feng heard as he was about to go and look for jewels. Lin Feng frowned, but didn’t reply, continuing his explorations.


At that moment, Yuan Kui was looking at a middle-aged man in front of him. The man looked grim as he clutched three jewels in his hand. They all contained an incredible strength. The man looked furious because Yuan Kui was going to attack him.

“Yuan Kui, you’re a Dhammapala. You don’t care about your reputation?” the man frowned.

However, Yuan Kui just sneered mockingly, “It doesn’t matter. I’ve been waiting for this day for such a long time. Huo Zhu Rong, after killing you, I will kill Shui Gong Gong!”

“After killing you, I will tell the Godly Leader that you killed each other! Haha! Who will doubt me?” exclaimed Yuan Kui, smiling ferociously. He looked like a ferocious beast.

Huo Zhu Rong had cold sweats as he realized something. “You killed Di back then?”

“Hehe, you didn’t know? It’s too late now. It won’t bring you anything knowing about that, because you’re about to die!” sneered Yuan Kui with an icy smile, and then he disappeared. Huo Zhu Rong remained vigilant, sensing the danger. He raised his hands to protect himself.

But even that way, Yuan Kui hit him without being blocked. Huo Zhu Rong coughed blood and crashed to the ground violently.

Yuan Kui’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he threw another punch.

“You’re a cultivator of the… second Holy Spirit Emperor layer?” Huo Zhu Rong started to panic. Yuan Kui had hidden his strength all the way…

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