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PMG2 251

Chapter 251: Killing Yuan Kui, Bringing Di Back To Life

Edited by RED

“Haha, I know it’s too late! Huo Zhu Rong, die now!” sneered Yuan Kui when he saw how panic-stricken Huo Zhu Rong was. Yuan Kui couldn’t help but smile in insane glee. He flickered over, his Qi rolling out for hundreds of meters.

Huo Zhu Rong was both grim and scared. If he was going to die, he hoped he could manage to die with Yuan Kui.

However, at that moment, another powerful Qi intruded, surprising both of them. He retreated without even realizing it, the new Qi dragging him away and at the same time, moving towards Yuan Kui as well.

The ice-cold Qi invaded the Dark Temple. Someone appeared in front of Yuan Kui. He looked at Huo Zhu Rong and said, “It seems that you’re injured.”

“Shui Gong Gong, you heard what he said, right? Don’t you want to avenge Di’s death?” gasped Huo Zhu Rong when he saw Shui Gong Gong.

When he mentioned Di, Shui Gong Gong looked at Yuan Kui ferociously and said icily, “How do you want to die?”

“What? How do I want to die? Haha! Shui Gong Gong, who do you think has the advantage? I am a cultivator of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer, you of the first, how do you intend to fight against me? Or do you intend to join hands to fight against me?” Yuan Kui glanced at Huo Zhu Rong mockingly. Huo Zhu Rong was furious, but could only clench his fists impotently.

He started running Yuan Kui, but Shui Gong Gong stopped him. Shui Gong Gong smiled at Yuan Kui icily and mockingly, “Eh? Am I a cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer?”

“You…?” Yuan Kui realized something was wrong. Shui Gong Gong’s Qi oppressed his Qi and surged through the whole Dark Temple. Yuan Kui’s face paled.

“You broke through?” Yuan Kui pulled a long face, twisted with anger. He hadn’t known Shui Gong Gong had broken through to the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer. His plan was now ruined!

But… so what?

“Haha, good, good, you broke through, so what?” Yuan Kui laughed madly, raising his arms as a terrifying new Qi rolled in waves around him. The inside of the temple, which was initially all white, became black. Yuan Kui’s Qi oppressed the holy Qi of the temple!

When Huo Zhu Rong and Shui Gong Gong saw that, they looked nervous. They could sense that Yuan Kui’s Qi was strange. He now had the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

Yuan Kui’s three eyes were bloodshot and his muscles twitching uncontrollably. He looked strange and demented.

“Die!” shouted Yuan Kui, throwing out his fist as quickly as he could at Huo Zhu Rong’s chest.

“Run, go and find Lin Feng!” shouted Shui Gong Gong, pushing Huo Zhu Rong away without the least hesitation. He stayed there to stop Yuan Kui’s punch. Blood sprayed out of his mouth and he was pushed back. His Qi was suddenly extremely weak.

If Huo Zhu Rong had been hit by that punch, he would have died, and his soul would have dispersed.

“Why are you doing this?” shouted Huo Zhu Rong, feeling guilty.

When Shui Gong Gong heard Huo Zhu Rong, he smiled gently and said, “Back then, I thought you were the one who killed my little brother. I now know the truth, so I owe you an apology. That was my apology.

“Zhu Rong, there have been tensions between you and me for so many years. If it hadn’t been because of Di, we would have been friends. I thought you had killed him, now I know Yuan Kui did it, so I am sorry.

“Hurry up and run, Huo Zhu Rong. I’ll stop Yuan Kui for you. Go and find Lin Feng. Only Lin Feng can kill him.

“And thank Lin Feng for me. Tell him I am grateful I had the opportunity to come to the Dark Temple thanks to him. Now that I know the truth, I…”

Shui Gong Gong wanted to add something, but Yuan Kui’s evil Qi smashed into him again and he was driven back. Blood sprayed his mouth once again. His face was ghastly pale, and he was shaking violently.

“Hurry, hurry up and run!” howled Shui Gong Gong furiously.

However, Yuan Kui landed in front of Huo Zhu Rong and threw a fist at him before he could flee.

“Haha! You will die together today! Haha! After you die, I will definitely seize the opportunity to kill Lin Feng. When Lin Feng is dead, who else will be able to compete with me? Who will stop me? Haha!” Yuan Kui laughed madly. His fist drove towards Huo Zhu Rong extremely quickly.

Huo Zhu Rong closed his eyes. He had lived for a long time, and had gone through many hardships. He never thought he’d be killed by someone from his Holy Shrine.

However, he didn’t want to die!

“If you want to kill me, you don’t need to wait for the right time, hehe! I’m here, come and kill me now, instead,” said a voice in Yuan Kui’s head suddenly, as someone appeared in front of him. However, Yuan Kui didn’t have time to see the Lin Feng’s silhouette properly, because he was instantly smashed away.

“You…” Yuan Kui was panic-stricken, he didn’t know what to do. He glanced around, looking to escape. He clearly knew that he couldn’t fight against Lin Feng, he was too weak. If he tried, he’d just end up dying.

He had been planning all this during the whole trip, but now his plot was ruined.

He wouldn’t forget Lin Feng!

“Hmph! Lin Feng, you destroyed the Evil Soul Sect, I will kill you sooner or later for that! I’m sure we’ll meet again,” Yuan Kui said wickedly, grinding his teeth as he ran away.

When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled icily and asked, “Where do you think you’re going?”


Lin Feng laughed mockingly. Something had exploded in front of Yuan Kui. Yuan Kui panicked when he saw a space and time cage had appeared in front of him.

It contained a terrifying absorbing strength. He didn’t dare go through it, otherwise, he would die for certain!

Realizing this, Yuan Kui opened his three eyes, now all bloodshot, turning around and charging Lin Feng as fast as he could. He was so fast that it was difficult to follow him with the eye.

He was like a fish in a net, so he was ready to do anything to break free now. But to Lin Feng, Yuan Kui hadn’t done anything but sign his own death warrant.

Lin Feng smiled dismissively and threw his fist. Yuan Kui released power, but it instantly exploded and then energies were rolling around him.

Lin Feng flashed forwards. He was also extremely fast, no slower than Yuan Kui. He arrived in front of Yuan Kui in the blink of an eye.

But Lin Feng didn’t attack directly, his dantian flashed. A silhouette appeared in mid-air, and Lin Feng stepped back.

When Yuan Kui saw the silhouette, he swallowed hard. It was a broken soul! “You, you have… you…”

“Die, Yuan Kui.”

Yuan Kui didn’t have time to finish his sentence. Broken Soul Di put his fingers into Yuan Kui’s three eyes. It was his weakness and Broken Soul Di knew it.

Yuan Kui’s three eyes exploded, and his wicked Qi dispersed.

Yuan Kui, one of the five Dhammapalas of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, had died!

“Broken Soul Di, we need to destroy Yuan Kui’s soul, and then we’ll bring you back to life,” said Lin Feng instantly.

Broken Soul Di was overjoyed. Using the body of the one who had killed him to return to life was something wonderfully ironic.

“Alright,” said Broken Soul Di, smiling happily, throwing a punch at Yuan Kui. Yuan Kui screamed. This time, the target was his soul, which promptly exploded. Only his body remained.

“Go in!” shouted Lin Feng. Broken Soul Di hurriedly entered Yuan Kui’s body. At the same time, Lin Feng threw his hand at Yuan Kui, a cold fire appearing around him. It was the cold fire Lin Feng had obtained soon after arriving in the Continent of the Gods!

The cold fire penetrated into Yuan Kui’s Celestial Spirit point {Translator’s note: acupoint name, situated at the top of cranium}, and at the same time, Broken Soul Di was returning to life. The cold fire refined Broken Soul Di’s soul, returning him to life at an incredible speed.

After that, Lin Feng cast a deployment spell which pierced through Yuan Kui’s three eyes. From then on, unless Broken Soul Di was killed and his soul destroyed, he wouldn’t die.

Broken Soul Di now had the strength of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

“Lin Feng, I am infinitely grateful,” Shui Gong Gong spoke up suddenly. Lin Feng was surprised at the sudden admission.

“Master, what are you doing? Rise,” said Lin Fen, stretching out his hand and dragging Shui Gong Gong back up.

“Lin Feng, you brought my little brother come back to life and avenged him. It’s an extraordinary thing. Thank you.”

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