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PMG2 252

Chapter 252: Shui Di’s Background

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“Lin Feng, I, Shui Di, have never felt this grateful in my life. Thank you very much,” said Shui Di after being brought back to life. He was about to kneel down, but Lin Feng smiled wryly and prevented him.

“Come on, rise. I will get angry if you continue doing this,” Lin Feng frowned.

Shui Gong Gong and Shui Di smiled wryly and stood up, but they still felt grateful.

“Lin Feng, I know that you will go to the Central Continent after the great competition, can I come with you?” Shui Di smiled. Lin Feng was surprised, but then he smiled broadly. He could see Shui Di was excited.

“What? There are things you still have to do in the Central Continent?” asked Lin Feng.

“I want to invite you to come to my sect,” Shui Di replied with a big smile.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised. He knew that Broken Soul Di had been killed by Yuan Kui. He knew that Broken Soul Di had links to the Silver Region but he hadn’t thought that Shui Di’s sect was in the Central Continent.

“Right, Lin Feng, if you go to the Central Continent, you should go to my little brother’s sect,” said Shui Gong Gong. It was a good opportunity to show how grateful he felt.

“What is the name of your sect?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

“Lin Feng, even though you’ve never been to the Central Continent, the Continent of the Gods is gigantic. You know that, right?” Shui Di smiled.

“Yes, and I know about the six groups of the Central Continent: Sword Mountain, the Dragon Sect, the Unicorn Sect, the Jewels Celestial Sect, the Gods Clan and the Sealing Clan,” said Lin Feng agreeably.

Shui Di looked at Lin Feng a little bit proudly. Lin Feng understood that those sects and clans were probably not worth mentioning in the same sentence as his sect. Was Shui Di’s sect stronger than those groups and sects?

“Lin Feng, I will tell you a little bit more about the Central Continent,” said Shui Di.

Lin Feng nodded encouragingly, so Shui Di continued. “The Central Continent has six groups and sects, five Governments, four Temples, three Dynasties and one Country.”

“The six groups and sects are those you just mentioned. They all have cultivators of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. The Gods Clan and the Sealing Clan might have legendary cultivators, but nobody knows for sure.

“But the six groups are much weaker than the five Governments, because the five Governments do have legendary cultivators, it is a well-known fact. The five governments are the Du Hu Government, the Celestial Gods Government, the Thunder Gods Government, the Dark Gods Government, and the Bestial Gods Government.”

“Du Hu Government?” When Lin Feng heard that, he thought of Ruo Xie. Ruo Xie was a disciple of the Du Hu Government, and the five Governments were much more powerful than the six groups? No wonder Lu Li had reacted that way when he had seen Ruo Xie’s talisman.

“Of course, the five Governments are not the most powerful groups. If you say the five Governments are first-class groups, the four Temples and the three Dynasties are TOP-class groups. They are at the top of the Central Continent in terms of hierarchy.

“The four Temples are the Heaven and Earth Temple, the Celestial Sun Temple, the Yin and Yang Temple, and the Elixir Temple.

“The three Dynasties are the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty is the leader of the three Dynasties.”

“Celestial Emperors?” Lin Feng frowned. He had never heard of that Dynasty, but Shui Di seemed to think very highly of them.

“Indeed, little friend. The Celestial Emperors are at the top of the Continent of the Gods, they represent the most powerful gods.” a new voice reverberated in the Dark Temple. Lin Feng then saw Ruo Xie and Hou Qing Lin walking towards them.

Ruo Xie smiled at Shui Di with interest. Even though Shui Di had spent most of his time in Lin Feng’s spirit world, he was familiar with most of the people Lin Feng knew. Since Lin Feng and Ruo Xie were close, he respected Ruo Xie, so he cupped his fist and smiled back.

“Brother, Celestial Emperors are Godly Emperors. They’re at the very top. They’re probably the strongest cultivators in the Continent of the Gods,” explained Ruo Xie. Lin Feng was astonished. Shui Di also looked surprised. Ruo Xie was indeed very knowledgeable.

“Which group do you belong to, my friends?” asked Shui Di, with a curious smile.

Ruo Xie took out his talisman and gave it to Shui Di. Shui Di was astonished when he saw it. Shui Di closed his eyes and very quickly, golden lights appeared above his head, where a talisman appeared.

“Haha! We were meant to meet, fellow disciple!” The talisman above Shui Di’s head was also from the Du Hu Government, so Ruo Xie and Shui Di were from the same group!

Both instantly felt like comrades.

“Hehe, Broken Soul Di, you hid your social status really well from me. Is it because you didn’t trust me before?” asked Lin Feng. He sighed first, and then asked this question teasingly.

Shui Di just coughed and blushed uncomfortably.

Lin Feng had always been honest with him. Now that Shui Di was alive again, he knew he could trust Lin Feng.

“Alright, I am not mad at you. Tell me about the Country. They must be really incredible, right?”

“Yes, the Country is the most powerful group of the Continent of the Gods. Of course, that’s what we, the people from sects and clans, think. The country is called Gods Country.”

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