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PMG2 254

Chapter 254: Insane Provocations!

Edited by RED

“Let’s go. It’s time to leave,” said Lin Feng, glancing at the others. Almost all his friends had broken through to the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer already. Ruo Xie and Tian Chi even had the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lin Feng was happy for them!

Meng Qing had also arrived from another place. Her Qi was even thicker. Lin Feng was amazed. She was also a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but she wasn’t any weaker than him.

“Everybody, come out of the Dark Temple,” a hoarse voice said at that moment. Lin Feng and the group of people noticed the atmosphere was changing around them. Lin Feng released space and time Dao to protect himself and the others, and they left the temple safe and sound.


The other participants were all pale. They were down on the ground because they had just been teleported and hadn’t had time to react, or they didn’t have the skills to protect themselves during the teleportation.

Lin Feng glanced around and instantly noticed Mister Time. He was smiling indifferently and standing next to Yan Di. Yan Di’s eyes were closed. He looked indifferent, as if worldly affairs had nothing to do with him.

“How was your week in the Dark Temple?” asked Mister Time, glancing around and smiling patiently at everyone. When he glanced at Lin Feng, he didn’t look at him in a different way, it was like he had never seen him before.

Lin Feng didn’t notice anything different about Mister Time. Mister Time was a strong, aggressive and self-confident cultivator. He had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer at this moment.

No wonder the Dark Palace had become the first influential group in the East. The fact they were also a second-class group in the Central Continent was all thanks to Mister Time.

“Thank you very much, Leader, for giving us this opportunity. We’re infinitely grateful.” Everybody cupped their fist respectfully behind Lin Feng. Everybody had become stronger after a week in the Dark Temple. It was something most couldn’t do in their respective groups, especially since many of them were not core disciples in their groups.

“Right, Master, thank you so much!” a man smiled respectfully, but it was impossible to know what he was really thinking…

Mister Time smiled in satisfaction. “Alright, everybody has become stronger. The disciples of the six groups from the Central Continent are here already. They want to see what the disciples of the East, South, West and North look like.”

“The disciples of the six groups are here…?”

All those who were initially looking at Mister Time in admiration and respect paled. They were afraid of the disciples of the six groups from the Central Continent. Some of them looked alarmed.

“Master, I still have some fellow disciples in the inn. I need to go and see them. Sorry. See you!” said a man finally. He was too scared. He cupped his fist and left quickly. Some other men did the same.

Mister Time glanced at them in icy scorn, but he let them leave. He knew that if those people didn’t leave, they would be too scared to participate in the competition anyway.

Initially, there were a hundred people, but now only half of them were left behind, including Lin Feng.

Of course, those fifty people didn’t fear the disciples of the six groups, because they were heroes among heroes. If they flinched, how could they participate in the competition?

“Master, let’s go and see them,” spoke up a man after all the gutless disciples had left. Lin Feng turned around and saw a charmingly handsome man in proud white clothes.

The man glanced around and smiled at Lin Feng in a friendly manner. He had seen Lin Feng in the Dark Palace, and admired Lin Feng for his strength and his courage.

Lin Feng also smiled.

“Lin Feng, he’s from the West, from the strongest group there. He’s a direct disciple of the Mao Temple, Zhuge Hao Nan, and has the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor. He’s a solitary guy who prefers focusing on cultivation,” Xing Zhan told Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng repeated Zhuge Hao Nan’s name in his head. Xing Zhan was also from a group in the West, so he naturally knew Zhuge Hao Nan.

“Brother, is that Lin Feng? The one our teacher told me about who’s rising in the East? He doesn’t seem that strong.”

However, at that moment, a man in black clothes asked his fellow disciple about Lin Feng. That guy looked proud and sinister. He looked like an evil snake, making people around him uncomfortable.

When the man heard him, he frowned, then he glanced at Lin Feng and said mockingly, “It’s of no importance. He’s just a piece of trash. Nobody needs to pay attention to the people from the East.”

“Hehe, right. Who would pay attention to a shitty territory?” agreed the man, smiling coldly.

They looked at the people around Lin Feng and made fun of them. To them, Lin Feng and all the people from the East were all pieces of trash.

“Brother, should we teach them a good lesson?” Xing Zhan asked Lin Feng when he heard them. He was clenching his fists in silent fury.

Lin Feng just smiled indifferently and shook his head. “No need. Keep your energy for the great competition.”

“Alright, you’re right,” nodded Xing Zhan. However, he didn’t forget the man in black and his arrogant countenance.

Zhuge Hao Nan had paid attention to Lin Feng’s reaction. If Lin Feng had gotten angry, Zhuge Hao Nan would have disdained Lin Feng, but Lin Feng hadn’t, so Zhuge Hao Nan thought even more highly of him.

Zhuge Hao Nan didn’t even pay any attention to the two fellow disciples who were making fun of Lin Feng and his friends. They only had the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. In the South they could act proudly and arrogantly, but outside…

“Hehe, little friends, please come with me,” Mister Time interjected. He had also paid attention to Lin Feng’s reaction, it made him smile. He released space and time Dao, and everybody sensed a powerful strength surround them they couldn’t resist.

Lin Feng felt the same. Even though his space and time Dao was already level six, Mister Time’s space and time Dao was level seven already.


In a flash, the group of people arrived in a vast kwoon made of bluestone. There were gigantic walls all around, hundreds of meters high and preventing sunlight from penetrating into the kwoon.

Many people were in the kwoon already. Apart from the elders of the Dark Palace, there were also six groups of people from the six big groups of the Central Continent.

They were the heroes of this competition.

“The disciples of the six groups are already here, eh… I feel honored,” said Mister Time, smiling wholeheartedly even though they hadn’t all arrived. Many people raised their heads when they heard Mister Time, and admiration filled their eyes.

Even though Holy Spirit Emperors weren’t the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Gods, people of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer were still respected. It was quite an achievement!

Even the disciples from the six groups didn’t disdain him. The Dark Palace wasn’t any weaker than the six groups!

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