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Chapter 255: Beginning of the Great Competition!

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When Mister Time appeared, a handsome man stood up, a meter ninety tall. He looked both proud and cold. “Leader of the group of people from the Dragon Sect, Greetings Master.”

Long Chen smiled indifferently, putting his hands on his chest and bowing deeply in front of Mister Time. Even though he showed Mister Time respect, he lost none of his pride.

When the others heard his name, nobody said anything, as nobody dared talk about the Dragon Sect in a bad way. The Dragon Sect was in the top three of the group of six.

“Jewels Celestial Sect, Duan Zhe Dao. Greetings, Leader!” shouted someone even louder than Long Chen, too proud to be humble. He also called Mister Time “Leader”, while Long Chen had called him “Master”, which was more respectful. Everybody understood why when they saw how strong he was… sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

No wonder he was so confident and proud, even when speaking to Mister Time. That kind of disciple was destined to go to the Gods Country sooner or later, where he would probably become extraordinary.

Mister Time glanced at the man in black. Even though he didn’t say anything, he didn’t wasn’t satisfied. He was the leader of the Dark Palace, after all… and some of these disciples were acting too proudly, in his opinion.

But Mister Time also knew that many years had passed, and not a single prominent figure had emerged in the East, whereas the Central Continent had many incredible geniuses.

Thinking about that, Mister Time glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes were closed, as if these affairs had nothing to do with him.

Mister Time smiled and stroked his beard while smiling. Lin Feng remained calm and indifferent. No wonder he used to be the first Master of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Core disciple of the Gods Clan, Tang Ye. Greetings, Master. The elders of my clan told me to tell you that they wish the Dark Palace all the best for the great competition, and much success,” said another disciple, cupping his fist and smiling respectfully. He didn’t look proud, arrogant, or disdainful at all.

Tang Ye wasn’t very tall, one meter seventy, shorter than Duan Zhe Dao. But Tang Ye’s Qi could oppress Duan Zhe Dao’s Qi, it was filled with a destructive force.

“Sealing Clan, Feng Gu, Greetings, Master.”

“Unicorn Sect, Song Yuan, Greetings, Master.”

“Sword Sect, Lu Li.”

“Sword Sect, Chen Zhan, greetings Master.”

After Tang Ye, three disciples greeted Mister Time and introduced themselves. Lu Li and Chen Zhan spoke so loudly that everybody looked at them. Lu Li’s face was pale, as if he was sick or injured, which surprised many people.

Lu Li was a disciple of the Sword Sect; who could have injured Lu Li, one of the disciples of the six groups?

“Mao Temple, Zhuge Hao Nan. Greetings, Master, and best wishes from the Mao Temple.”

After the disciples from the six groups introduced themselves, Zhuge Hao Nan greeted Mister Time. He was from the Mao Temple, a group in the West. He had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor, so he wasn’t any weaker than the disciples of the six groups.

“You’re Zhuge Hao Nan? You’re extremely young!”

“Right, I’ve also heard that Zhuge Hao Nan had been rising in the West. With the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he killed six strong cultivators of the same level. He’s quite famous nowadays.”

“The West will definitely be able to compete with the Central Continent this year!”

Many people started whispering when they heard Zhuge Hao Nan. Lin Feng looked him over, too. Lin Feng would have never thought that the guy had killed six people of the same level.

It was enough for Lin Feng to feel some admiration for him. Lin Feng admired strength, not people’s backgrounds.

“From the North; Soul Hunting Sect, Shen Te, Shen Tu! Greetings, Master,” said two people at the same time after Zhuge Hao Nan greeted Mister Time. Their voices were not pleasant to hear, quite strident. Many people frowned when they heard them.

Lin Feng recognized those two. They had made fun of him and his fellow disciples outside of the kwoon. Now Lin Feng knew their names…

Shen Te and Shen Tu looked extremely full of themselves. When Zhuge Hao Nan had introduced himself, everybody had whispered and looked at him, as they knew him. Regarding Shen Te and Shen Tu, everybody knew them in the North, so they were conceited and confident.

However, when they introduced themselves, nobody said anything, and they looked rather glum. They glanced around and noticed that many people were smiling at and greeting Zhuge Hao Nan.

Shen Te and Shen Tu were incensed and clenched their fists. They had also heard of Zhuge Hao Nan and that he had killed six people of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, so they didn’t dare vent their anger on him. They were only cultivators of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, after all.

They couldn’t offend Zhuge Hao Nan, but they could offend someone else. They glanced around and their eyes gleamed when they noticed Lin Feng. They smiled with evil intentions, having been thinking of humiliating Lin Feng for a little while already.

They pointed at Lin Feng, “Little boy, are you here to participate in the competition as well? You think you’re qualified? You think you’re strong because you have the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer?”

Everybody was astonished when they heard the two, and they all looked at Shen Te and Shen Tu. When they saw Shen Te and Shen Tu’s expressions, many people were amused. How was Lin Feng going to react?

“It’s the Top-Class Great Competition here. You think a piece of trash like you can participate?”

“Right, what the hell do you think you’re doing here? Piss off before we slap you and crush you.”

“Hurry up and piss off. You’re a nuisance here.”

Shen Te and Shen Tu had big mouths. Tiantai’s disciples and the members of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine all clenched their fists angry. They all wanted to crush these two little bastards.

“No need to do anything,” said Lin Feng, preventing his group of people from getting involved. He also opened his eyes at the same time and looked over at the two idiots.

Lin Feng wondered why these two kept pestering him. He understood they probably just liked offending other people for the sake of it. They probably relied on their reputation to humiliate other people.

But to vent their anger on Lin Feng, they had to be strong enough, right?

Lin Feng stared at Shen Te and Shen Tu, who didn’t look scared at all. On the contrary, they smiled mockingly.

Suddenly, Lin Feng’s eyes were shot through with blood and demon Qi boiled all over the kwoon. Everybody’s attention fixed on him.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore, he had already moved. In the blink of an eye, he landed in front of the two.

The two guys smiled ferociously, one could see all their teeth with their mouths wide open. They howled mockingly, “Piece of trash, you want to die!!”

“Brother, let’s kill him!”

“Alright, bro! Haha!”



The two brothers were laughing frantically when suddenly they both screamed at the same time and were both smashed away.

Two threads of blood sprayed out. Shen Tu’s left arm was cut off and there was a huge bleeding wound on Shen Te’s chest. They both crashed to the ground violently.

Lin Feng recalled Black Dragon, and said to the two guys indifferently, “Two pieces of trash! Don’t think you can act recklessly because you’re famous in the North.

“If you want to act arrogantly, make fun of and humiliate other people, you must be strong enough. This time, I taught you a good lesson. Next time, I will kill you!!”


Lin Feng’s voice was so explosive it sent the two flying out of the kwoon.

A lot of people swallowed. Lin Feng was very aggressive. What a crushing defeat for those two…

When the disciples of the six groups saw that, they were stunned. If they hadn’t noticed Lin Feng before, now they had.

At the same time, Mister Time said, “The great competition had already started. First battle, Lin Feng wins!”

“What? The great competition has already started?”

“What’s going on?”

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