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Chapter 256: Nobody Can Stop Him!

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Cough, cough… This time, the great competition is a bit different from before. This time, you challenge each other to battles. In simple words, if you think someone is a piece of trash and doesn’t deserve to be here, challenge them and try to eliminate them,” said Mister Time, glancing around. Everybody was astonished while Mister Time stood there smiling without a care.

Many people shivered. This year, they could challenge anyone as they wished… If they lost, they were eliminated. That was simple and volatile. Such rules led to explosive and fierce battles. Shen Te and Shen Tu had made a mistake by provoking Lin Feng recklessly!

When the disciples of the six groups heard the new rules, they frowned. Lu Li was looking at Lin Feng and smiling wickedly, his eyes gleaming with murderous intentions. He rejoiced after hearing Mister Time’s rules. He hoped someone would kill Lin Feng!

Lu Li was painfully aware he couldn’t kill Lin Feng, so he hoped someone else would, and Mister Time’s rules were perfect for that. Besides, Mister Time didn’t say two people couldn’t fight against one, nothing forced them to have only one-on-ones.

When Chen Zhan saw Lu Li smile, his expression became frosty. He shook his head, his fellow disciple was stupid. Lin Feng had humiliated him, Lu Li had lost face, and now he still wanted to take revenge?

But Chen Zhan also knew that they represented Sword Mountain, and nobody could make Sword Mountain lose face. If Lu Li went too far, Chen Zhan wouldn’t forgive him. If Lin Feng took the initiative to provoke Sword Mountain and make them lose face, Chen Zhan would also attack him without the least hesitation.

“Would the disciples of Sword Mountain dare fight against us, the two kings?” said someone disdainfully at that moment. Everybody saw two men in the middle of the kwoon, one of them wearing white, the other one blue. Their Qi was quite scary, at the top of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. They were from the Jewels Celestial Sect, both about to break through to the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

The Jewels Celestial Sect was provoking Sword Mountain, the four other groups were used to it. There were tensions between them from the Central Continent.

However, at that moment, they were in Dark Palace, and it was a competition, so seeing them like this drew many people’s attention.

Chan and Lu Li frowned and looked at the two cultivators of the Jewels Celestial Sect. One of them was King White, who had tried to kill them recently. This time, King Blue was there too.

Together, they were not weaker than a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, so Chen Zhan remained silent at first.

Lu Li stared at Lin Feng with smoldering fury.

“Haha, King White, you remember when you attacked us in the forest, Lin Feng stopped you, not us. You couldn’t even defeat some weaklings from the East, and now you want to challenge us? Don’t you think you’re a little ridiculous?” shot back Lu Li. He was convinced that King White would attack Lin Feng with these words. If King White didn’t attack Lin Feng, it would mean Lu Li was right and the Jewels Celestial Sect would lose face.

Thinking about that, King White glanced at King Blue, while Chen Zhan glanced at his fellow disciple. Hatred had already taken over Lu Li, so he didn’t pay attention to Chen Zhan’s expression. He just looked at Lin Feng mockingly. What would happen to Lin Feng now?

King White and King Blue had to attack Lin Feng first!

Thinking about that, King White and King Blue both looked at Lin Feng icily. King White said mockingly, “Lin Feng, I’ll give you an opportunity! If you piss off now, I won’t kill you!”

“Indeed, Lin Feng, if you withdraw from the great competition, we won’t do anything to you,” spoke up King Blue as well. King Blue sounded nicer than King White, but he wasn’t any kinder, they had agreed to act that way.

When Lin Feng heard them, he knew that the Jewels Celestial Sect’s disciples wanted to use him as a stepping stone, their real target was Sword Mountain.

They considered Lin Feng a necessary step to humiliate Sword Mountain because they were proud. They didn’t even take Lin Feng’s strength into consideration. To them, people from the East were all weak.

They were sure they could defeat him!

“What’s wrong, Lin Feng? Could it be that you think you can fight against us?” said King White, when he saw that Lin Feng was just smiling scornfully. That infuriated King White even more. He intended to scare Lin Feng away and force him to give up on the competition.

King White released a powerful Qi around himself. However, at the same time, a terrifying demon Qi surged through the kwoon. King White and King Blue’s faces paled.

The demon Qi oppressed them so badly that they coughed up blood and started trembling. They looked at Lin Feng angrily, but they were scared too. They couldn’t believe Lin Feng was so strong.

Lin Feng slowly walked to King White and King Blue, his contemptuous smile still in place. Then, he grabbed them both by the neck. Everybody could see sweat dripping from their foreheads. They were panicking.

Many people’s jaws had dropped, they couldn’t believe it. They had already been astonished when Lin Feng had defeated Shen Te and Shen Tu, but now they were even more stupefied. To injure and defeat the two kings, Lin Feng had just released his Qi, he hadn’t even needed to use physical strength.

“Many people think that the East is extremely weak.

“Therefore, I will tell you one thing. I, Lin Feng, am a god in the East and from now on, nobody can make fun of us anymore, unless you’re ready to bear the responsibility for your actions,” stated Lin Feng. His demon Qi rolled in waves for hundreds of li around him. A wide cloud of demon energy appeared above the entire Dark Palace.

Mister Time sighed, quite impressed. Lin Feng was a real beast, truly incredible. With the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he could defeat people of the fifth and sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layers!

Lin Feng just needed a little bit of time and he’d be as strong as Mister Time. If Lin Feng became the leader of the Dark Palace, the Dark Palace would become a dazzling group. However, Lin Feng was probably too ambitious to do that…

Mister Time knew that Lin Feng wasn’t interested in becoming the leader of the Dark Palace. He had started as an ordinary disciple in the Continent of the Nine Clouds and eventually become the First Master. Doing so had just taken him a few dozens of years.

Therefore, Mister Time understood that Lin Feng also intended to become the strongest cultivator in the Continent of the Gods, because he was extremely ambitious.

Mister Time sighed and stopped thinking about what the Dark Palace would be like with a leader like Lin Feng.

On the kwoon, King White and King Blue had directly been defeated.

Lin Feng had won again, but many people didn’t feel like submitting. After that, many people continued to challenge Lin Feng.

However, each time, Lin Feng defeated them in one strike. He was an overlord in the kwoon, nobody could stop him. In the end, they stopped challenging him.

Everybody now considered that the East the most dazzling territory of the great competition. It had been almost ten thousand years since the East had had such a strong cultivator, so it was finally rising again.

Lu Li was stupefied by Lin Feng’s prowess. He couldn’t imagine how strong Lin Feng was. Even when two cultivators of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer joined hands, they couldn’t defeat him. He had to find another plan!

“Duan Zhe Dao, haha! The members of the Jewels Celestial Sect couldn’t withstand a single attack. Brother Lin Feng is extremely strong, even they couldn’t defeat him.”

“Haha, Duan Zhe Dao, what a humiliation for the Jewels Celestial Sect. Haha!”

“Don’t you want to preserve your reputation? Don’t you want to avenge your friends? Duan Zhe Dao, if you want to avenge them, go and challenge Lin Feng now. Will you dare or not?” said Lu Li, laughing frantically. Everybody looked at him, dumbstruck.

The atmosphere became tenser.

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