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Chapter 266: Gods’ List?

Chapter 266: Gods’ List?

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“Lin Feng, you probably understand how the Central Continent works, right?” Zhuge Hao Nan asked on the way.

Lin Feng nodded. He told Zhuge Hao Nan what he knew about the central part, the Group of Six, five Governments, the four Temples, the three Dynasties, the Country… Zhuge Hao Nan nodded slowly.

“Yes, Lin Feng, you’re right. You just don’t understand the exact patterns, though,” he sighed and chuckled.

Even Ruo Xie was puzzled at that statement. Ruo Xie had been in the Central Continent for half a year, was there something he had missed?

So, Ruo Xie, Tian Chi, and Lin Feng all looked at Zhuge Hao Nan. Meng Qing was behind Lin Feng, impossible to see what she was thinking or how old she was.

“Brother, I know you told Lin Feng all that. Everything is right, but there’s something you haven’t mentioned.”

“What pattern? Something I don’t know?” asked Ruo Xie, looking pensive.

Zhuge Hao Nan shook his head and looked at Lin Feng, “Do you know how many strong cultivators there are in the Central Continent? How many geniuses? How strong people on the Gods’ List are?”

“Eh? Brother, you mean…?” Ruo Xie asked suddenly, as if he had thought of something.

“Indeed. The strong cultivators’ structure. Even though Lin Feng knows about the influential groups’ structures, he doesn’t know about the strong cultivators’ structures. It’s something very important in the Central Continent.

“I won’t beat about the bush, I’ll explain things clearly and straightforwardly.

“In the Central Continent, from what we know, there are hundreds of cultivators who have strength at the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. They all belong to the Group of Six, the five Governments, the four Temples…

“Among those strong cultivators, the first layer of strong cultivators is composed of the strong cultivators of the Group of Six and the five Governments.

“Apart from the cultivators of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, there are three Great Gods. They don’t belong to any influential group, because they are independent cultivators. But they are still gods and play an important role in society. They are already Half-Godly Emperors.

“Half-Godly Emperors?” When Lin Feng heard that, he frowned. Even though he had never seen them, he could already imagine how terrifying those Half-Godly Emperors were.

“Apart from those three, there are also the four Temple Kings. They are the leaders of the temples. They are already Godly Emperors.”

“Godly Emperors?” Lin Feng was astonished. Half-Godly Emperors were already legendary cultivators, and the leaders of the four Temples were Godly Emperors already. It made Lin Feng wonder whether the strong cultivators of the three Dynasties, to which Yan Di belonged, were also Godly Emperors…

“Lin Feng, there are even stronger cultivators than the kings of the Temples, of course. Those strong cultivators belong to the three Dynasties and the Country. But someone like me can’t understand what it really means. I just know that God Emperors are considered the strongest cultivators in the three Dynasties. They are also the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Gods.

“But think about it; the leaders of the three Dynasties are God Emperors, so what about the Gods Country, don’t you believe that there is someone even stronger than that there? Otherwise, why would the Gods Country be considered stronger than the three Dynasties?

“Therefore, I am guessing that God Emperors aren’t the strongest cultivators. I think that the strongest cultivators hide in the Gods Country, but we can’t go there…” Zhuge Hao Nan said unhappily, but then he smiled wryly. Nobody could go to the Gods Country, even the strong cultivators of the three Dynasties!

Lin Feng understood how Zhuge Hao Nan felt. Lin Feng felt the same. Since the Country was so powerful, many people wanted to go there, but so many years had passed, and nobody had succeeded. Many people felt disappointed over time.

“Brother Zhuge, what’s the Gods’ List?” asked Lin Feng. He felt some pressure, but changed the topic, he didn’t want Zhuge Hao Nan to think about unpleasant things.

Zhuge Hao Nan came back to his senses and looked somewhat embarrassed. He smiled quickly and said, “The Gods’ List is nothing special, but not just anyone can be on it. It’s for us, the disciples.

“Those who are in the top hundred are geniuses of the Continent of the Gods.

“Hehe, I’m quite lucky, I’m 35th,” said Zhuge Hao Nan a little bit proudly. Lin Feng had never seen Zhuge Hao Nan look proud before. It was the first time, or at least, he looked satisfied for himself.

Lin Feng was also surprised. With his strength, Zhuge Hao Nan was only 35th. Lin Feng wasn’t much weaker than him, did that mean he could also be on the list and have a similar position?

“Lin Feng, don’t underestimate the Gods’ List, do you know who’s in the top ten?” Zhuge Hao Nan asked, as if he knew what Lin Feng was thinking.

Lin Feng frowned and shook his head.

Zhuge Hao Nan coughed and glanced around. When he saw they were at a city already, he turned to Lin Feng and smiled, “Let’s find an inn. Then, I’ll tell you more about these things.”

“Alright.” Even though Lin Feng was curious, he wasn’t in a rush.


They landed. Meng Qing and Lin Feng found a nice room and then the group went to a nice restaurant.

“Lin Feng, those in the top are the most incredible geniuses of the Central Continent. The tenth one for example, is Song Tian.

“I must warn you, Song Tian will try to cause you trouble in the future,” Zhuge Hao Nan said nervously.

Lin Feng’s pursed his lips. Meng Qing shivered and looked nervous. When Zhuge Hao Nan saw how worried Meng Qing seemed when it came to Lin Feng, he smiled teasingly.

“Song Tian is Song Yuan’s older, biological brother, who lost to you and lost face, so his brother will try to help his brother regain face. But you don’t need to worry; with his temperament, he won’t act recklessly or attack randomly.”

“I see, so Song Tian is a disciple of the Unicorn Sect?” Lin Feng frowned.

“Yes, you can put it that way. You just need to be vigilant. The ninth one is Du Chen, he’s like Song Tian, a cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.”

“The eighth one is Tang Xuan, who is Tang Ye’s older brother. He’s also a cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.”

“Tang Ye’s older brother?”

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