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Chapter 271: You Refuse To Call Me Teacher?

Chapter 271: You Refuse To Call Me Teacher?

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“Haha, right, you’re going to lose face, Assassin God!” said the Strength God and the Sword God teasingly, but they didn’t mean it in a bad way. On the contrary, they seemed excited!

The Assassin God frowned and looked at Lin Feng, a crazy smile on his face. He raised his hands, took a deep breath, and released even more deadly energies, which turned into a curtain surrounding Lin Feng. Meng Qing was outside of the deadly energy bubble.

The curtain could easily kill a cultivator at the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. However, it didn’t kill Lin Feng, as a pitch-black demon energy started gleaming around him. His demon energy started absorbing the Assassin God’s deadly energies, like he was feeding. His absorbing strength grew ever more intense.

The Assassin God frowned and finally he looked serious. He was a Half-Godly Emperor, but Lin Feng had managed to draw his attention.

“Brother, that young man is very strange,” the Strength God smiled. From the Assassin God’s expression, the Strength God and the Sword God knew that the Assassin God had finally found THE perfect disciple.

Before today, the Assassin God had never used so much energy just to test someone… and this young man was using his energies to become stronger. The Assassin God would have never allowed such a thing in the past.

However, today, the Assassin God’s reaction surprised the Strength God. He was happy for the other, as the Assassin God had finally found his first disciple.

“Death Refines the Skies, Mystical Fire Lights!” shouted the Assassin God, throwing out his hand. A flourishing red fire streaked across the sky and stopped above Lin Feng’s head. He shook violently, his face paling. His soul started trembling.

That was what it looked like when a Half-Godly Emperor wanted to kill someone. Lin Feng’s soul trembled, but he was almost even more excited at that moment. It was the perfect time to study life and death Dao!

Life and death… on the one hand, there was life; on the other, there was death. Where there was death, there was death Qi, death strength, whether it was created by the murderous nature of an entity or by the world. Where there was life, when people or other creatures were alive, there was life Qi, the energies of birth, and the three energies of Chinese medicine: vitality, Qi, and the mind. Life existed thanks to the creation.

Death, I want to kill all the living beings of the world. Life, I want to save all the living beings of the world.

If you kill and I save, what can you do against me?

Thinking that, Lin Feng opened his eyes, golden lights emerged them and moved towards the Assassin God extremely quickly.

The Assassin God’s expression changed slightly. He remained cautious because he could see that Lin Feng was slowly starting to resist him!

However, the Assassin God didn’t think about it much longer. He stepped forwards, the two golden light beams piercing by through the mists of Foggy Mountain. Countless people were completely astonished.

“Eh…?” The Assassin God was stupefied too. He was getting more and more interested in Lin Feng. He had to become his disciple!

Lin Feng took a deep breath and released a little bit of pure Qi to check his own strength. Fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

Finally, I broke through to the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!, thought Lin Feng, smiling broadly and clenching his fists. He could now easily kill people like Song Yuan or Feng Gu!

He could even compete with Zhuge Hao Nan now. He wasn’t that far from being able to compete with Yan Di!

Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing, who had done her best to protect him at the beginning. He didn’t care whether there were people around them or not, he immediately took Meng Qing in his arms and kissed her on her cold lips. Meng Qing shivered and blushed while pushing Lin Feng away. It made Lin Feng laugh.

The Assassin God smiled happily.

The others had less hope now. Lin Feng had displayed such incredible strength, the Assassin God was probably going to choose him!

Feng Gu and Song Yuan were furious, glaring at Lin Feng darkly. They knew that they couldn’t catch up with Lin Feng anymore. Before, he was able to defeat them; now, he was able to kill them!

However, since they couldn’t compete with Lin Feng anymore, they decided they wouldn’t offend him anymore. They were quite smart in the end, much smarter than Duan Zhe Dao.

“Thank you very much for your kindness and teaching, Master Assassin God,” said Lin Feng a short time after. The Assassin God had helped him break through to the next cultivation layer, and his life and death Dao was now level six. He was truly grateful.

When the Assassin God saw that Lin Feng didn’t forget to thank him, he was pleased and nodded, even though he looked a bit cold.

“Alright, since you broke through, you’re my direct disciple from now on. Even though you’re still far from being as strong as your three fellow disciples, keep up the good work and you’ll soon catch up with Zhu Deng Si!” the Assassin God nodded.

Everybody shivered. The Assassin God had never recruited a disciple. The two other gods had recruited many disciples, both ordinary and direct ones. Only the Assassin God hadn’t.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng in envy or admiration. Of course, Feng Gu, Song Yuan, and some others looked at him with hatred.

Lin Feng had just become the Assassin God’s direct disciple, who would dare do anything against him? The Group of Six? Impossible.

Maybe the Six Groups had Half-Godly Emperors, so what? Those three were the Three Gods. They were famous! Ordinary Half-Godly Emperors couldn’t compete with them…


Therefore, many people looked at Lin Feng in admiration and envy. Many didn’t even dare have bad thoughts about him.

Lin Feng looked at the Assassin God. The Assassin God was staring at Lin Feng, and even though he looked indifferent, his eyes were still filled with terrifying energies. It was like he could have exploded into action at any time. That’s how scary the Three Gods were.

Lin Feng was grateful that the Assassin God wanted to recruit him as his direct disciple, but Lin Feng couldn’t accept a new teacher, Emperor Yu was his only teacher. Even though Emperor Yu wasn’t as strong as him anymore, and even if he had no news from Emperor Yu since he had come to the Continent of the Gods, Lin Feng didn’t forget about him.

Emperor Yu had knelt down and begged the white-bearded doctor back in the days, Lin Feng would never betray such a teacher.

Therefore, Lin Feng looked at the Assassin God apologetically and said, “Master, I cannot accept you as a direct teacher.”

“What the…? Is that young man stupid or what?”

“Right, he surprisingly rejects the Assassin God’s proposition?”

“Hehe, what a moron, who would dare act arrogantly in front of the Assassin God?”

Many people burst into laughter and started making fun of Lin Feng. Before, he hadn’t talked, so they hadn’t dared make fun of him, but now he had refused to become the Assassin God’s direct disciple, they weren’t afraid of offending him anymore.

Therefore, they started making fun of him, including Feng Gu and Song Yuan.

“Lin Feng, you’re too conceited. How could you refuse becoming the Assassin God’s disciple?”

“What makes you think you can even refuse?”

“Right, do you think you’re qualified?”

“He’s just a piece of trash from the East, that’s all, hehe.”

Many people made fun of Lin Feng quite virulently.

“Shut the hell up! You think you’re qualified to say whether he’s qualified or not? Even I am not qualified to humiliate Lin Feng, fuck off now!” shouted someone furiously. Suddenly, apart from Meng Qing and Lin Feng, everybody was blown away from Foggy Mountain and crashed at its feet.

Everybody’s face paled in terror. They had been a bit too reckless. By humiliating Lin Feng, they had indirectly humiliated the Assassin God, because he had paid attention to Lin Feng. They didn’t even have the opportunity to refuse to become the Assassin God’s disciples because he hadn’t chosen them! Who were the pieces of trash?

The Assassin God looked at those pieces of trash icily and then looked at Lin Feng. His expression didn’t change much, he said indifferently, “Give me one reason. If I think it’s a good reason, no problem; otherwise, I’ll kill you,” said the Assassin God indifferently. But he sounded a bit angry too. Lin Feng refusing his proposition in front of so many people had humiliated him.

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