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Chapter 274: When Someone Wants To Kill Me, I Kill Them!

Chapter 274: When Someone Wants To Kill Me, I Kill Them!

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“We don’t want to ask the Assassin God for help, we want to prevent you having one last resort in case of immediate danger. Hehe! Without his talisman, you will stop opening your filthy little mouth, arrogant bastard!”

Feng Gu and Song Yuan made fun of Lin Feng. They were convinced Lin Feng would stop acting arrogantly if he didn’t have the talisman.

Feng Gu and Song Yuan couldn’t stand Lin Feng anymore, and didn’t want to submit. They didn’t think that Lin Feng had become stronger than them, either. On the contrary, they had the impression that Lin Feng just relied on external help to act arrogantly.

“Haha! You’re really pieces of trash! If Lin Feng sucked, why would the Assassin God have noticed him?

“Why would the Assassin God have punched those who were making fun of Lin Feng? Hehe, only morons can’t understand what that means.

“Now, do you really think you’re stronger than Lin Feng? Do you really think you can compete with Lin Feng? Do you really think Lin Feng is inferior to you?

“But, Feng Gu, Song Yuan, don’t forget one thing. Lin Feng killed Duan Zhe Dao, and the Assassin God noticed him. Were you strong enough to accomplish these things?”

Song Yuan and Feng Gu looked dumbstruck and stared at Tang Ye.

They were surprised that Tang Ye supported Lin Feng. However, they had no choice but to admit that Tang Ye was right.

“Hmph! Tang Ye, don’t forget that we’re all from the Six Groups. You’re supporting enemies here!” cursed Song Yuan icily, but remained vigilant.

He was wary because Tang Ye was backed up by the Gods Clan, and the Gods Clan was one of the two stronger clans of the Group of Six, the other being the Sealing Clan. Feng Gu could ignore Tang Ye, but he had to think carefully.

“Tang Ye, don’t do foolish things. People could hold a grudge against the Gods Clan,” warned Feng Gu threateningly.

Tang Ye looked at him icily first but then burst into laughter. “What the hell? Are you talking to me? Even though the Gods Clan and the Sealing Clan are both part of the Group of Six, don’t forget that the Gods Clan is the strongest one, the Sealing Clan is second.

“The difference between us and you is apparent, you understand?” said Tang Ye icily.

Feng Gu shivered and came back to his senses. He looked at Lin Feng with even more hatred. He had to admit that Tang Ye was right, the Gods Clan was much more powerful than the Sealing Clan!

“Lin Feng, you think you can hide behind Tang Ye? Aren’t you very strong? Aren’t you the one the Assassin God noticed? What’s wrong? Could it be that you’re afraid of me, the chief disciple of the Sealing Clan?” exclaimed Feng Gu, ignoring Tang Ye. He was not his main enemy, after all.

Lin Feng was expressionless, just smiling on the inside. He had met so many people like this. In the end, he had killed them all.

“Tang Ye, move back,” said Lin Feng coolly.

“Lin Feng, you…?” Tang Ye looked worried. Feng Gu and Song Yuan’s teachers were both cultivators of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Could Lin Feng compete with them?

However, when he saw how indifferent and calm Lin Feng looked, he moved away.

“Feng Gu, what do you want? Express yourself clearly. No need to beat about the bush and act like a child!” Lin Feng mocked him with a strange smile on his lips.

Feng Gu hadn’t thought Lin Feng would really step forwards, and immediately looked serious. Didn’t he know how strong Lin Feng was? They had made fun of and humiliated Lin Feng to destabilize him, not to fight.

But when Lin Feng stepped forwards, Feng Gu was scared for a few seconds. Of course, he glanced at his teacher and remembered he was a member of the Sealing Clan, so he wasn’t afraid anymore.

Feng Gu didn’t give Lin Feng the opportunity to say anything again, he flashed forwards and threw his fist at Lin Feng with as much strength as he could.

However, in Lin Feng’s eyes, Feng Gu was extremely slow. Even if Feng Gu attacked him by surprise, Lin Feng didn’t need to fear him.

Lin Feng looked at Feng Gu, he raised his fist, condensed brightness strength, and punched out too. Feng Gu’s face paled when he saw Lin Feng’s terrifying energies. He knew it was a deadly attack.

“Teacher, save me!” shouted Feng Gu, his expression falling. He flashed back towards his teacher in fear.

Feng Gu’s teacher hadn’t thought his disciple would be so bad. What a piece of trash! He was scared of exchanging one punch with Lin Feng… Suddenly, the two white-bearded old men jumped forwards and threw kicks at Lin Feng.

“Young man, being arrogant brings nothing in life!” Feng Gu’s teacher smiled icily, already imagining himself standing on Lin Feng’s corpse.

However, Lin Feng just grinned when he saw their kicks and said, “Really? What about you, codger? Old people shouldn’t look down on juniors with arrogance. As a human, you should observe conventions and manners!”

The crash of impact spread all through the mountains and forests. The energies destroyed a dozen centennial trees. The beasts in the surroundings ran away, but most of them weren’t quick enough to dodge the energies.

Up in the air, Lin Feng crashed his fist onto Feng Gu’s shoulder. Feng Gu coughed blood and was blown away, falling down from the sky like a tree leaf. However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him off. He flashed again and landed in front of the alarmed Feng Gu.

“Lin Feng, you… try and kill me… I’m the chief disciple of the Sealing Clan!”

“Hehe, I usually kill people who want to kill me,” shouted Lin Feng, as he threw his fist at Feng Gu without the least hesitation. Feng Gu suddenly sensed an incredible pressure on his chest, and didn’t have the time to scream. He bounced and then crashed onto the ground violently again.

He was dead.


“Little Gu! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!! My disciple!” shouted Feng Gu’s teacher, his eyes bloodshot. He clenched his fists and glared at Lin Feng. “Lin Feng, you son of a bitch! You dodged my attack and killed my disciple, today you will die! Blood calls for blood!” shouted the old man while grinding his teeth.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change at all, even though he could see that the old man was ready to fight to his last gasp.

“Haha, codger, it mustn’t feel good to see your son get killed,” said Tang Ye’s teacher, smiling coldly at that moment. The short old man stepped forwards and burst into laughter.

Lin Feng and Tang Ye were completely dumbstruck, they hadn’t thought that Feng Gu was that old man’s illegitimate son.

No wonder the old man was furious and was ready to risk his life to kill Lin Feng!

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