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PMG2 chapter 19

Chapter 19: Next Time, Nobody Will Be Able to Save You

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At that moment, someone shouted out and Luo Ze disappeared. Where Luo Ze was just before, a golden light flickered. Cheng Zhe appeared.

When Lin Feng saw Cheng Zhe, he remained silent.

“Leader, I already gave Luo Ze two chances. He failed to appreciate my kindness. Are you going to blame me now?” said Lin Feng angrily.

Cheng Zhe remained silent at first, but he feared Lin Feng and Master Ox so he just smiled indifferently and cupped his fist. “Brother Mu Feng, don’t say that, things aren’t that serious. I just want you to spare Luo Ze’s life. After all, tomorrow is the deployment spell competition. I hope the Cheng Clan will win.”

“It’s not a reason for me to spare his life,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head and smiling coldly.

Lin Feng was telling Cheng Zhe that nothing could prevent him from killing Luo Ze. Lin Feng was always like that to his enemies.

Cheng Zhe was surprised. He remained silent for a few seconds and said, “Brother Mu Feng, you probably decided to participate in the deployment spell competition representing the Cheng Clan because you want to go to the central part of the Supranatural Region. I promise you that even if you don’t finish in the top three, I’ll take you there personally, what do you think?”

Cheng Zhe looked at Lin Feng and waited for his answer.

When Lin Feng heard that, he suddenly had mixed feelings. That was indeed his main goal.

“Alright, I’ll give you face, Leader,” said Lin Feng nodding.

Lin Feng could kill Luo Ze easily and anytime if he wished, but going to the central part of the Supranatural Region was something important for him, he couldn’t fail.

When Cheng Zhe heard Lin Feng, he took a deep breath in relief. He suddenly looked warm and friendly again. Then, he shook his hand, a golden light appeared and Luo Ze appeared at the foot of the pavilion.

Lin Feng looked at him icily. Luo Ze didn’t dare look at Lin Feng. He was still furious, however.

“Next time, nobody will be able to save you. Now, piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Luo Ze ground his teeth and looked at Cheng Zhe. Cheng Zhe nodded. Luo Ze was furious. He wouldn’t forget Lin Feng!

“I’m off, Brother Mu Feng,” said Cheng Zhe smiling and bowing slightly. He disappeared with Luo Ze.

Lin Feng frowned. He knew that he had already offended Cheng Zhe, the leader of the Cheng Clan, a Half-Holy Emperor. If Cheng Zhe wasn’t afraid of Master Ox, he wouldn’t be so kind.

Cheng Shan came back to Lin Feng and tried to cheer him up. “It’s alright, Brother Mu Feng. In the future, you’ll have the opportunity to punish Luo Ze.”

“Punish? Hehe. Next time, I will kill him straightforwardly. Cheng Zhe won’t be able to stop me,” said Lin Feng smiling coldly. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Cheng Shan was surprised. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so furious and would want to kill Luo Ze. Surprisingly, he didn’t even want to give Cheng Zhe, a Half-Holy Emperor, face.

Cheng Shan didn’t know what to say. Lin Feng was too mysterious.

“Brother Mu Feng, do you want to go?” said Cheng Shan, pointing at the two pavilions. Many people were back inside already and looking at books.

Lin Feng looked at them and shook his head. He didn’t feel like studying anymore. Even if he tried, it’d be useless. He didn’t want to waste time anyway,

“Let’s go back and wait for the deployment spell competition,” said Lin Feng, and then he left the tower.

Cheng Shan sighed. How unfortunate! Cheng Shan followed behind him.

Lin Feng had memorized the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell, so he wanted to practice it, too. Lin Feng was convinced that it’d be convenient to kill a countless number of High-Level Holy Kings at once if he wanted to, and even Peerless Holy Kings.

Since Lin Feng was in the Continent of the Gods, he hadn’t seen any peerless Saints, or Peerless Holy Kings, as they should have been called here.

He didn’t know why…


Early in the morning at dawn, Cheng Shan came to Lin Feng’s courtyard to pick him up. The deployment spell competition was going to start. Many strong cultivators would participate.

When Cheng Shan talked about strong cultivators, he mostly meant Half-Holy Emperors, as it was rare to see Low-Level Holy Emperors in the Continent of the Gods.

Lin Feng got ready and left with the other strong cultivators. They left the main mansion house and lined up in front of it.

Everything happened as expected. Cheng Zhe was standing in front of the whole crowd. He was releasing the Qi of the Half-Holy Emperor layer, as if he feared people wouldn’t know he was a Half-Holy Emperor.

Cheng Zhe glanced at Lin Feng a few times.

Lin Feng groaned icily, ignoring Cheng Zhe.

Luo Ze was on Cheng Zhe’s left, and Cheng Ya Nuo was on his right.

Cheng Ya Nuo kept staring at Lin Feng, nobody knew what she was thinking.

Luo Ze was very happy, he would soon be able to prove how strong he was. He was very confident in his own deployment spell skills. Besides, he had drawn against Prince Tian Qiong. That made him feel even more confident!

If Lin Feng knew that Luo Ze was acting like that because of that draw, would he have said something? If Lin Feng hadn’t gotten involved, that Prince Tian Qiong might have killed Luo Ze.

“Alright, everybody is here. Let’s go to the municipal building!” Cheng Zhe shouted to the crowd. When a Half-Holy Emperor shouted, people could hear them hundreds and hundreds of li away. By shouting like that, he was also telling the other Clans that the Cheng Clan was leaving.

Cheng Zhe rose up into the air. Some disciples of the Cheng Clan were riding beasts. Lin Feng didn’t ride anything. He had his hands clasped behind his back and flew like that. He was as fast as Cheng Zhe, a Half-Holy Emperor.

Cheng Zhe was getting angry. He accelerated but no matter how fast he flew, he couldn’t get rid of Lin Feng, Lin Feng stayed close behind him.

Cheng Zhe was puzzled, wondering where Lin Feng came from. He focused on leading the group to the municipality.


After an hour, Cheng Zhe landed on a huge platform.

The deployment spell competition was about to start.

The beasts of the Cheng Clan stopped outside of the municipal buildings in front of the gate. The courtyard of the municipal building was a lofty fighting stage for the competition.

Lin Feng didn’t look at the fighting stage, he looked at the deployment spells under it. That was the most important thing.

After the Cheng Clan arrived, the Tian Clan’s members also arrived.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised, because the leader of the group was Tian Han, who had tried to kill him before.

Tian Han landed on the ground. When he saw Lin Feng, he smiled icily.

“Hmph! Little boy, last time, someone protected you, let’s see who will protect you during the competition, will you be able to leave alive!?” said Tian Han, smiling cruelly. Lin Feng frowned. He had a bad premonition.

Prince Tian Qiong was standing next to Tian Han, and looked indifferent. He didn’t look at anyone. He was just calmly waiting for the beginning of the competition.

After a minute, the members of the Ma Clan also arrived. A strong cultivator of the Ma Clan led the group, and Prince Nan was there, too.

Prince Nan glanced at Tian Qiong and Lin Feng, and thought, Interesting. The competition is going to be fun.

“Nan, you will win. Tian Qiong can’t compete with you,” the leader of the Ma Clan’s group said to Prince Nan indifferently.

Prince Nan smiled confidently. He said coldly, “Of course. I will finish amongst the best!”

“Alright, the three Clans are here. The yearly Great Deployment Spell Competition shall start!!!” someone shouted explosively. Everybody suddenly looked focused, nervous, and excited.

A silver light streaked across the sky. An old man wearing silver clothes appeared at the top of the central platform, smiling affably.

It was the town leader!

The town leader was going to organize the great competition!

The great competition drew many people’s attention because of Tian Qiong and Prince Nan that year, or was it only because of them that the leader of the town had shown up? People wondered…

“He’s a… Half-Holy Emperor?” Lin Feng was surprised when he saw the town leader. He had the impression there was something wrong about his Qi. He was much stronger than a Half-Holy Emperor, was he a Low-Level Holy Emperor, then?

Lin Feng’s face changed when he thought about that.

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