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PMG2 chapter 21

Chapter 21: Lin Feng’s Real Skills

Edited by RED


Tian Qiong shouted furiously. Luo Ze finally understood, especially when he saw that Prince Nan was looking at him mockingly. Then he looked at Lin Feng, who was sighing and shaking his head. He had only won because of Lin Feng the first time. He had drawn against Tian Qiong only thanks to Lin Feng!

“Ridiculous. Ridiculous. How could you compete with Prince Tian Qiong? You’re ridiculous, Luo Ze. You’re just hilarious!” said Prince Nan, smiling mockingly.

Luo Ze hated them. He wanted to find a place to hide. He was going insane with shame.

Luo Ze glared at Lin Feng with hatred. But at that moment, he could only ask Lin Feng for help. Otherwise, the members of the Cheng Clan wouldn’t be able to participate in the competition.

“Mu Feng, you, you… you need to help me? Don’t forget that if I lose, you won’t be able to participate either!!!” Luo Ze shouted like a madman.

The members of the Cheng Clan were all looking at Lin Feng, even Cheng Zhe. He even said hastily, “Please help, Mu Feng!”

“Master Mu Feng, please help!” added Cheng Ya Nuo, smiling and cupping her fist to him.

Cheng Shan, who initially cared about the competition a lot, didn’t say anything. He was just calmly looking at Lin Feng. Lin Feng saw that Cheng Shan wasn’t saying anything. Lin Feng smiled. If Cheng Shan had said something, Lin Feng would have felt obliged to do something. But since Cheng Shan didn’t say anything, Lin Feng was free to decide.

When Luo Ze saw that Lin Feng wasn’t attacking, he looked at Tian Qiong’s deployment spell again. It was getting more and more powerful. It would soon destroy his own completely, and then he’d be either injured or killed.

“Mu Feng, hurry up and help! What are you thinking about?!” shouted Luo Ze furiously.

Lin Feng frowned and said coldly, “Shut up. You’re acting insolently in such circumstances, as well? You can only blame yourself for what’s happening. Don’t you feel ashamed, asking me for help?

“You thought highly of yourself, you’re insufferably arrogant, and you never thought in the past that I was the one who helped you draw against Tian Qiong last time! On the contrary, you even insulted me repeatedly and provoked me. You think I wouldn’t dare kill you? You think you’re amazing because you’re going to be the Cheng Clan leader’s son-in-law? Let me tell you one thing, even if I offend the Cheng Clan, I don’t care, nobody can save you!!”

“Alright Mu Feng, I admire you for your lofty ideals. What a magnificent speech,” said Prince Nan, holding his fan.

Tian Qiong looked at Lin Feng and said, “If you don’t intervene, you won’t be able to participate in the competition anymore.”

“Right! Indeed. Mu Feng, if you don’t help, you won’t be able to go participate in the competition anymore! Hurry up and help!” said Luo Ze. His face was deathly pale. His remaining Qi was rapidly depleting.

Luo Ze looked desperate, weak and numb. Lin Feng looked at him mockingly. He continued begging Lin Feng, “Brother Mu Feng, hurry up and help! I was stupid, I should have never disrespected you. I have eyes but can’t see, please be merciful!”

“Hehe, since your friends won’t help you, then I can’t do anything for you, argh!” said Tian Qiong when he saw that Lin Feng didn’t intend to help Luo Ze at all. He shouted furiously, Qi rolled in waves.

Magnificent lights appeared. The Qi looked more and more dazzling. Luo Ze’s face was completely pale. The terrifying deployment spell surrounded him. Everything around him was being absorbed.

“Ah, ah!!! Dad, save me!!!” shouted Luo Ze, looking at Cheng Zhe.

Cheng Zhe was furious. What a moron! If he didn’t save Luo Ze, he would lose his son-in-law. Cheng Zhe could only intervene, otherwise…

Cheng Zhe shouted. Xuan Yuan Mu, who had been drinking with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Cheng Zhe. He said indifferently, “Leader, I’m going to get angry.”

“Eh, alright, Master. I committed a breach of etiquette,” said Cheng Zhe to the old man quickly.

Cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He tried to calm down. He couldn’t afford to offend the old man, even if Luo Ze died.

Lin Feng looked at Xuan Yuan Mu, he was surprised. Xuan Yuan Mu had so much power. Surprisingly, he could make Cheng Zhe, a Half-Holy Emperor, flinch?

Luo Ze was surrounded by Tian Qiong’s deployment spell for a few seconds.

Lin Feng didn’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in the competition so he also got ready to attack, but Xuan Yuan Mu also warned him.

“Mu Feng, I’m going to get angry,” said Xuan Yuan Mu casually, looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned and looked back at him coldly. He raised his left hand and released forbidden strength, dazzling trigrams appeared and illuminated Luo Ze’s head. Tian Qiong’s deployment spell weakened.

Lin Feng kicked Luo Ze’s ass. Luo Ze shrieked and was blown off the stage.

Luo Ze crashed to the ground at the foot of the battle stage. He glared up at Lin Feng angrily. Lin Feng had saved his life, but now Luo Ze wasn’t able to participate in the competition, because he wasn’t on the battle stage anymore. He didn’t dare offend and provoke Lin Feng again, however!

Cheng Zhe looked at Lin Feng in relief. Lin Feng had dared go against Xuan Yuan Mu’s orders, which stupefied Cheng Zhe.

He was a Half-Holy Emperor and he didn’t dare disobey Xuan Yuan Mu, but Lin Feng did!

Lin Feng had saved Luo Ze. Prince Tian Qiong looked angry as he recalled his deployment spell.

“Mu Feng, I’ll have mercy on the Cheng Clan this time,” Tian Qiong said coldly to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head and said indifferently, “I am me. The Cheng Clan is the Cheng Clan. I don’t belong to the Cheng Clan.”

“Hehe! Let’s go then!” said Tian Qiong coldly. He jumped to the center of the cloud, and got ready to continue.

Prince Nan smiled, he closed his fan and jumped in as well.

Lin Feng got ready to rise up in the air as well, but he suddenly sensed some oppressive Qi. His expression changed quickly, and he didn’t dare slow down. He quickly released some forbidden strength.

Lin Feng looked at the battle stage and saw the old man, Xuan Yuan Mu, radiating even more oppressive strength.

“Mu Feng, you surprisingly dared go against my orders. How audacious,” said Xuan Yuan Mu coldly, releasing lights towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng grimaced and clenched his fists, throwing an aggressive punch. The space around him distorted, and he saw millions of threads of lights. He even coughed blood.

Nobody had injured him in the previous hundred years, and now Xuan Yuan Mu had just done so!

Xuan Yuan Mu looked at Lin Feng and said icily, “Why did you disobey?”

“Hmph! I am not your opponent and I am not your grandson. I wouldn’t be able to participate in the competition if I hadn’t gotten involved, how could I not fight?” said Lin Feng. He didn’t fear Xuan Yuan Mu. He talked in a menacing and aggressive manner.

When Xuan Yuan Mu heard Lin Feng, he frowned and said, “Audacious! I am the leader of Zhongzhuan City and you dare disobey me?”

“It’s done already. Things can’t be changed. Now, you can do whatever you wish,” replied Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Xuan Yuan Mu was surprised. When everybody thought he was going to fly into a rage, he instead burst into laughter. He stopped releasing Qi and looked like an ordinary old man again.

“Hehe! What a good boy! You’re brave!” said Xuan Yuan Mu, laughing deeply. He said, “Little boy, go and participate in the competition. I don’t mean to cause you trouble.” Xuan Yuan Mu shook his left hand, and dazzling lights flashed. A hundred crystals appeared around his hand. The old man glanced at the deployment spell and then threw the hundred crystals out.

“You have ten minutes to pick up crystals, the one with the most crystals wins, and the same method will be used to determined the second, and third and so on,” said the old man. Everybody looked focused, and immediately started competing over the crystals, including Tian Qiong and Prince Nan.

Lin Feng looked puzzled. What was that old man’s purpose?

Anyway, Lin Feng didn’t have time to think about that for the time being. He rose up into the air and grabbed a crystal. A deployment spell attack moved towards his chest.

Lin Feng looked at the attack mockingly and threw out his hand. His hand contained a defensive and an offensive deployment spell.

“You should choose your opponent properly when you attack someone by surprise!” shouted Lin Feng. His attacker’s expression changed when he saw that. When Lin Feng’s hand reached him, he was slammed away and crashed down onto the stage. Lin Feng then took his crystal.

“Trying to gain an advantage, only to end up worse off is a bit sad, isn’t it?” Lin Feng sighed. Did people think he was a weakling, or what?

They continued stealing crystals.


Author’s notes: Cultivation levels: Qi layer, Xuan Qi layer, Tian Qi layer, Zun Qi layer, Huang Qi layer, Di Qi layer (Celestial Emperors or cultivators of the Tian Di layer, Saint Emperor or cultivators of the Sheng Di Layer), Saints (half-Saints, low-level Saints or Low-Level Holy Kings, high-level Saints or High-Level Holy Kings, peerless Saints or Peerless Holy Kings), Supreme Holy Kings (Half-Gods or Rulers). Goldly Emperors (Half-Holy Emperors, Low-Level Holy Emperors, High-Level Holy Emperors…)

I’ll stop for now. You can check this list once in a while when you read or save it somewhere. Up to Supreme Holy Kings, Brother Wu Hen created the different levels, after that, I did. I hope you all like them!

Weapon grades: ordinary, ling weapons, xuan weapons, tian weapons, zun weapons, imperial weapons, great imperial weapons, sheng wang weapons (Saint’s Weapons, or Holy King’s weapons), shen huang or godly imperial weapons.

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