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PMG2 chapter 22

Chapter 22: If You Want to Steal, Then Find The Right Opponents!

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Ten minutes were really short, and very quickly, five minutes passed. Blood kept splashing inside Xuan Yuan Mu’s deployment spell. Some people were badly injured and had already retreated. The battle was too fierce.

But some people also consistently stole other people’s crystals. When someone tried to steal theirs, the attackers ended up injured. One such person was Prince Tian Qiong.

Tian Qiong’s deployment spells were incredible, he was extremely strong. Nobody could steal crystals from him. Therefore, people didn’t try to steal his crystals anymore.

The second was Prince Nan. Someone tried to steal Prince Nan’s crystals, but the latter punched him and crushed his veins and arteries. After that, nobody dared try steal his crystals again.

Tian Qiong already had thirty crystals, Prince Nan already had more than twenty crystals. The third one was a man wearing black clothes with an aggressive look, surrounded by some cold flames. He already had fifteen crystals.

After them was Lin Feng, he had already obtained twelve crystals. At that moment, many people were looking at Lin Feng and the man in black clothes.

“Hey, everybody, let’s attack those two. We can’t do anything against Tian Qiong and Prince Nan,” proposed a cultivator in white clothes.

“Alright, we can try. Then, we can share the crystals equally, what do you think?” agreed another man.

The others also agreed.

Six people formed a small alliance to attack Lin Feng and the man in black clothes to steal their crystals.

Lin Feng smiled coldly when he heard those people. They also thought of him as pushover. Since they thought that way, he would do his best to make them unable to participate in the rest of the competition.

Lin Feng stopped stealing crystals and looked at those people. In total, those people had fifteen crystals. If he stole them, he would surpass Prince Nan by a little.

The man in black clothes also looked at him, and couldn’t help but grunt. He released an ice-cold deployment spell. Everybody saw the man in black clothes turn into a blue inferno, then flames shot towards those six people.

When the six people saw the man attacking, their expressions changed. The leader of the group shouted, “Hurry up, back! Be careful!”

The six people retreated quickly, but the man’s deployment spell surrounded them. He stretched out his hand and continued stealing crystals.

The six people looked at him, still scared.

“We can only steal his crystals then, I guess.” said the man in white clothes, glancing at Lin Feng and smiled coldly. Lin Feng looked rather ordinary. Everybody thought Lin Feng would be easy to defeat.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the six people coldly. Those people thought he was the weakest?

Ridiculous! He had no choice but to display his strength then. He couldn’t let people bully him unceasingly.

“Come here. The four of you, surround him. You and me, we steal crystals,” said the man in white clothes to his colleagues. They ran towards Lin Feng and raised their fists. Lin Feng sensed deployment spell attacks moving towards him from all sides.

“You want to die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, jumping forwards. Pitch-black lights appeared under his feet and demon energies rolled out in waves.

“Oh no, his deployment spell also contains demon energy. Quickly!” shouted the man in white clothes when he saw that Lin Feng’s deployment spell contained demon energy. Everybody wanted to escape.

“Hmph! You think I’m weak, you think you can steal my crystals easily? Since it’s that way, you will all die here!” said Lin Feng furiously. He raised his hands and absorbing strength surrounded those six people.

The six people protected their own Qi, but they had less and less of it, it was being absorbed!

“Spare my life! Spare my life!” shouted the man in white clothes. He looked devastated and desperate, and begged Lin Feng.

Lin Feng grunted coldly, threw out his hand, and crushed their deployment spells.

Their crystals ended up in Lin Feng’s hands quickly.

Lin Feng recalled his demon energies, and his deployment spell disappeared. The six people looked at him, their hearts twitching.

How scary! They had thought Lin Feng was weak, but his demon deployment spell was both frightening and threatening. He was stronger than most others. Only Prince Nan and Prince Tian Qiong could compete with him!

When the six people saw that Lin Feng had stopped attacking, they started flying away.

Lin Feng couldn’t give them any chance to continue moving on, though. Lin Feng punched them all, one after another, and expelled them from the fighting stage. They couldn’t continue participating in the competition anymore. That was the price they had to pay for offending Lin Feng. If killing had been an option, Lin Feng would have killed them all.

Lin Feng counted his crystals; he already had twenty-seven, that was more than Prince Nan already. Three more and he’d have the same number of crystals as Tian Qiong.

Lin Feng looked around, they had already taken everybody else’s crystals. If Lin Feng wanted to get more crystals he had to steal some from Prince Tian Qiong, Prince Nan, or the man in black clothes. The others just had one crystal.

That was how the hundred crystals were divided, and only one minute was left.

Lin Feng had already reached his goal. He would already be able to go to the central part of the Supranatural Region.

But even if he decided to avoid trouble, trouble would come to him.

One minute was left and the man in black clothes came at Lin Feng. “Give me your crystals and I won’t kill you!!” said the man in black clothes emotionlessly. He turned into a blue fire and got ready to throw himself at Lin Feng.

Of course, if Lin Feng gave him his crystals, then he wouldn’t kill him. But would Lin Feng give up his crystals? The answer was obvious.

“Who are you? What makes you feel so confident?” asked Lin Feng, smiling coldly.

“If you don’t give them to me, you’ll die,” replied the man in black clothes when he saw Lin Feng didn’t intend to give him his crystals at all. The blue fire around him became even thicker and brighter. It turned into a fire deployment spell which shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled icily and threw out a fist which contained forbidden strength. A star deployment spell appeared and at the same time, Lin Feng used the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell.

The forbidden strength silently turned into a deployment spell. The man in black clothes didn’t even know Lin Feng’s forbidden strength had already surrounded him.

When he realized it, it was too late already. The man’s blue fire became pale and stars appeared in front of him.

“Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell?”

Cheng Zhe looked at Lin Feng’s deployment spell, stupefied. Then he looked at Cheng Shan angrily.

“What’s going on?” shouted Cheng Zhe at Cheng Shan.

Cheng Shan explained that he had taken Lin Feng to the tower. Cheng Zhe’s expression changed drastically when he heard that.

“How is that possible? He only spent a few hours in there and learned the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell?! He’s that talented?!”

Cheng Zhe couldn’t believe his eyes. Cheng Ya Nuo was smiling. Maybe that Mu Feng was a better future husband than Luo Ze…

“Dad, I want this…”

Cheng Ya Nuo stood up. Cheng Zhe was momentarily infuriated, then he laughed and looked at Cheng Ya Nuo.

Cheng Ya Nuo blushed and smiled. She sat back down.

“Hehe, you have a good sense of judgement. Let’s do this!” said Cheng Zhe, smiling happily.

At that moment, the man in black clothes looked at his own blue fire, it was losing intensity because of Lin Feng’s forbidden deployment spell. His blue fire wasn’t even that cold anymore. The man’s expression finally changed.

“Alright, I give up, I won’t steal yours!” shouted the man, getting ready to go away.

“Where do you think you’re going? Give me your crystals!” retorted Lin Feng angrily, stretching out his hand. His star deployment spell made of forbidden strength became even more dazzling and surrounded the man in black clothes.

The man in black clothes sensed Lin Feng’s absorbing strength surround him. He wanted to get out of the competition’s deployment spell. He realized he didn’t stand a chance.

“Tian Qiong, he’s not human… he’s…” said Prince Nan at that moment. He looked at the man in black clothes greedily. The man in black clothes looked terrified, his secret had been uncovered. He wanted to escape even more.

When Prince Tian Qiong heard Prince Nan, he frowned and smiled coldly, “Oh, he’s a kind of fire which has turned into a human. No wonder his fire is so cold.”

“Cold fire is good. It can be helpful to us. It can help us make our Dao reach the second level and turn into Half-Holy Emperors. Tian Qiong, let’s take him down together,” said Prince Nan. He sounded impatient. Tian Qiong agreed.

Two geniuses attacked, the crowd was stupefied. The two titans’ competition was starting.

Why only two titans? Because nobody thought Lin Feng could compete with them.

Lin Feng wasn’t really interested in the cold fire, but what Prince Nan had just said had drawn his attention.

Make Dao reach the second level and become Half-Holy Emperors?

Lin Feng was happy. He had finally understood something new on the path of cultivation.

Since it’s that way, how could I let them steal the cold fire?, thought Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He released as much forbidden strength as he could, it rolled out in waves and swept everything away as it moved towards the man in black clothes. He looked panic-stricken. He realized Lin Feng was starting to absorb the cold fire.

At that moment, Prince Nan and Tian Qiong arrived above Lin Feng and the man. They immediately attacked the man in black clothes without the least hesitation.

The great battle was starting!

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