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PMG2 chapter 24

Chapter 24: Patriarch Zi Jian

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“Mu Feng, it’s the Elder’s talisman of the Sword Sect. Take it. You’re welcome to come to the Sword Sect anytime,” said Patriarch Zi Jian smiling indifferently. He threw the talisman at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng caught the talisman and examined it. It was golden and a sword was carved on it. It was written “Sword Sect’s Elder” on it. The talisman was adorned with a precious stone in the middle of it. The stone was a ring, it could be removed and worn.

Lin Feng had the impression he had already seen that gigantic sword somewhere, but he couldn’t remember where. If he remembered, he’d probably understand why he found Patriarch Zi Jian familiar.

Anyway, since he was friendly to Lin Feng, Lin Feng was also friendly.

Lin Feng took the talisman and cupped his fist looking at Patriarch Zi Jian, “Thank you very much, Patriarch Zi Jian. I will come to the Sword Sect if I have the opportunity.”

“Alright. Good. Happy to hear that. The Sword Sect is situated in the eastern part of the Supranatural Region. You’re welcome anytime,” said the Patriarch, smiling plainly.

Xuan Yuan Mu stood up and said, “The cultivators who ended in the top ten can pick up a secret book.

“Regarding the top three, tomorrow morning, I’ll take you to the central part of the Supranatural Region. I will make sure you arrive there safely. You can also bring some people you know if you wish.

“Alright, the competition is finished. You can disperse,” said Xuan Yuan Mu, and disappeared.

Yu Qing watched his teacher leave, then went up in front of the stage and announced, “Those who finished in the top ten, follow me, you’re going to choose your secret books now.”

He headed towards some municipal buildings. The top few cultivators followed him, looking excited. However, Prince Nan, Tian Qiong, and Lin Feng didn’t follow along.

They were not interested in secret books. They were all extremely talented, relying on their own abilities to practice cultivation. With their deployment spells and cultivation, they could do lots of things already, including create their own items, their own techniques and skills. Lin Feng had already studied the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell, anyway. He didn’t need more deployment spells.

Tian Qiong and Nan could also rely on their own clans to study. They didn’t lack secret books.

“Mu Feng, tomorrow, we’re going to the central part of the Supranatural Region together, I hope you’ll still be alive then!” threatened Ma Nan before leaving. Lin Feng ignored him. Ma Nan smiled coldly and left with the other members of the Ma Clan.

Tian Qiong glanced at Lin Feng and left with the other members of the Tian Clan.

Tian Han looked at Lin Feng angrily. He said threateningly, “I will accompany Tian Qiong tomorrow. Mu Feng, you’re doomed!”

“I’m waiting then, Half-Holy Emperor!” replied Lin Feng fearlessly, smiling mockingly. Tian Han looked even angrier, clenching his fist angrily.

“Little boy, you really don’t realize how powerful the Tian Clan is,” said Tian Han, furiously releasing the strength of the Half-Holy Emperor layer. Lin Feng’s expression changed.

“The Tian Clan likes to bully younger people!!”

Golden lights suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng. A sword moved towards Tian Han quickly.

When Tian Han sensed how scary the sword was, his expression changed. He threw out his fist to block the sword and retreated, landing on the stage heavily. He saw Patriarch Zi Jian staring at him.

“Patriarch Zi Jian, what is that supposed to mean? Do you want to start a war?”

Tian Han was injured, so the leader of the Tian Clan wasn’t happy. The leader of the Tian Clan was also Tian Qiong’s father, Tian Ao!

Everybody shuddered when they heard Tian Ao. They looked at Patriarch Zi Jian, did he want to start a war against the Tian Clan?

A war? Zi Jian grunted icily when he heard Tian Ao, before bursting into dry laughter.

He recalled his sword into his ring, and said mockingly, “The Tian Clan thinks they can compete with the Sword Sect?”

“You’re going too far!” said Tian Ao angrily when he heard Zi Jian.

Indeed, the Tian Clan couldn’t really compete with the Sword Sect. The Sword Sect was the most influential group in the eastern part of the Supranatural Region. The Tian Clan was just one of the three most powerful groups of Zhongzhuan City. Maybe if all the influential groups of Zhongzhuan City joined hands, they’d be able to compete with the Sword Sect!

“I’m going too far? A Half-Holy Emperor of the Tian Clan is bullying an elder of the Sword Sect. He’s from the Sword Sect now.

“Therefore, Tian Ao, let me tell you, if you dare do anything to him, I will kill all the members of the Tian Clan! Hmph!” grunted Patriarch Zi Jian angrily. He didn’t give Tian Ao any face. Tian Ao was furious, but had to control himself. Even though he had the same cultivation level as Patriarch Zi Jian, he couldn’t compete with him.

There were huge differences between Half-Holy Emperors!

“Hmph! Mu Feng, I hope you’ll remain an elder of the Sword Sect for a long time, otherwise, you could accidentally get killed if you’re not careful!” Tian Ao swore in icy anger. If Zi Jian hadn’t been there, Tian Ao would have attacked Lin Feng on the spot.

“No need to worry, Leader, I will be fine.” said Lin Feng to Tian Ao, cupping his fists and smiling. Tian Ao’s return expression was hideous.

Lin Feng’s indifference infuriated Tian Ao even more, but he could only leave with the other members of the Tian Clan.

Everybody left, including the members of the Cheng Clan. Cheng Zhe initially wanted to chat with Lin Feng, but things were not happening according to his expectations. The leader of the Sword Sect had even appeared, so he had to go back for the time being.

When Lin Feng saw everybody leave, he looked at the Patriarch and cupped his fists, “Thank you for your help, Master.”

“Haha, it’s alright, it’s alright. You’re from the Sword Sect now, we’re like a family. Haha!” said Patriarch Zi Jian, laughing wholeheartedly when he saw Lin Feng cup his hands.

“If you hadn’t shown up to help me, I would have been in trouble. I truly am grateful,” said Lin Feng, smiling politely.

Patriarch Zi Jian nodded happily. Lin Feng couldn’t compete with a Half-Holy Emperor for the time being, even if Tian Han was only a weak Half-Holy Emperor.

“Little boy, don’t pretend in front of me. What’s your real name? Tell me, will you?” said Zi Jian with a smile. It was so sudden, Lin Feng’s smile stiffened. He looked at Zi Jian, not knowing what to say.

Zi Jian looked at Lin Feng’s expression and smiled patiently. “Don’t be surprised. There’s something you probably don’t know, the family name ‘Mu’ doesn’t exist in the Supranatural Region. Everybody knows your name is fake. They just didn’t tell you,” Zi Jian explained.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had thought that Zi Jian had discovered something for a second. The family name “Mu” didn’t exist in the Supranatural Region, that was unusual and surprising. No wonder Zi Jian knew it was a fake name.

“Master, my real name is Lin Feng,” said Lin Feng. He could see that Patriarch Zi Jian was a nice person and didn’t harbor evil intentions.

Zi Jian nodded and smiled again. “Lin Feng, if you don’t mind, we could have a few drinks and chat. You must have many questions regarding cultivation, I can give you some answers.”

“Haha, awesome, thank you, Master,” said Lin Feng happily. Lin Feng did have many questions, if Zi Jian wanted to help, then it was even better.


They both looked like symbols of the Sword Sect; one had a silver crown, the other one had a dazzling golden talisman.

One of them was wearing a black robe, his long hair floating on his shoulders, his hair and robe fluttering in the wind.

They flew to an unnamed lake and had some drinks from You You’s stash above the water while chatting.

Patriarch Zi Jian was extremely happy to try that alcohol, he loved it. He took big sips. His cheeks became red, his stomach felt warm. He loved it, what a fine liquor!!

“Master Zi Jian, this alcohol is from my homeland,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Zi Jian.

Zi Jian nodded and downed his bottle. Then he smiled at Lin Feng, “Tell me, little boy, what do you want to ask me? How can I help you?”

Finally, Zi Jian talked about something Lin Feng really cared about.

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