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PMG2 chapter 26

Chapter 26: Cheng Shan’s Punishment

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Zi Jian left. Lin Feng went back to the Cheng Clan. The morning of the next day, they’d leave for the central part of the Supranatural Region. Lin Feng really wanted to go there.

Lin Feng went back to the small courtyard where he stayed in the Cheng Clan. The other external fighters looked at him in admiration when he came back. During the Great Deployment Spell Competition, he had shown how strong he was. He had even confronted two geniuses from Zhongzhuan City, it proved how strong he was.

Lin Feng went back to his own room, and then to his own world. As soon as he arrived in his world, he saw Liu Fei, she was washing herself and playing with water.

When Lin Feng saw her like that, he instantly had many beautiful memories. He looked at her white shoulders and smiled.

He remembered that in Xue Yue the first he had seen her in the lake. After that, back in the days, she had started calling him a voyeur, a bastard, and a pervert. Yet now they were still together!

A long time had passed but Lin Feng still remembered all that perfectly. Lin Feng said nothing, he just looked at her like back then, secretly. Then he silently walked towards the river and watched her play in the water.

Lin Feng smiled, pushing a stone into the water with his foot, but stayed behind a boulder.

Liu Fei’s expression changed. She grabbed a flat rock and put it in front of her chest. She looked at the stone and said, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me,” said Lin Feng smiling. Then he showed himself and looked at Liu Fei.

Liu Fei frowned and clenched her fists, “You again!”

“Yes, it’s me again. Are you surprised?” said Lin Feng, smiling teasingly.

Liu Fei raised her left hand, lights flashed, and an arrow appeared. She shouted furiously, “Hmph! Some people are normal, some others are obsessed with sex! Aren’t you of the second type?!”

“Maybe!” replied Lin Feng, smiling at Liu Fei patiently.

“Hmph! Let’s see how you intend to dodge this arrow,” said Liu Fei throwing the arrow with her left hand. It turned into a silver light beam and flew towards Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng didn’t need to dodge it, but he still did, moving aside and punching the arrow, then he took a few steps backwards.

“You want to kill me?” said Lin Feng, looking at Liu Fei in a strange way.

Liu Fei burst into laughter, she laughed happily and said, “Alright, alright. Such a long time has passed. You haven’t forgotten what happened back then, I see!”

Liu Fei laughed and recalled her arrows. She came out of the water completely naked, she didn’t mind Lin Feng looking at her, as they were married.

Lin Feng smiled, grabbing the pink clothes on the big stone next to him and put them on his wife. Liu Fei’s face turned red anyway. Lin Feng smiled happily, and took her in his arms. Lin Feng felt good.

Since they had left Xue Yue, they hadn’t spent much time together. Liu Fei spent most of her time in his world with her parents-in-law. Lin Feng didn’t spend much time with her, even though Liu Fei had done so much for him.

He felt guilty of course, especially since he had promised General Liu to take care of her, but most of the time she was alone in a room. Lin Feng spent more time with Meng Qing, there was a real romance between them.

“Fei Fei, I feel guilty,” said Lin Feng with a sigh.

Liu Fei was surprised to see Lin Feng like that. She put her finger on his lips, shook her head and smiled indifferently, “Nah, I’m a happy woman. Don’t say that.”

“But I never spend time with you…” said Lin Feng.

Liu Fei shook her head and said, “Well, you’re constantly trying to become stronger to protect us. I can understand.”

“Fei Fei, you’re such a wonderful woman. I am lucky to have you. I probably did so many good things in my previous lives that my karma is now amazing.”

“Tee-hee, of course, otherwise, you wouldn’t have met such a great woman as me,” said Liu Fei, laughing and tickling Lin Feng’s nose. They spent a few hours together like that, it became quite hot.


At night, Lin Feng cuddled with Liu Fei. She felt completely protected in his arms. Then he grabbed her and carried her back to a small hut in the mountains by the river.

Lin Feng’s parents were there, along with Meng Qing and Tang You You, laughing and chatting. When they saw Lin Feng and Liu Fei come back, the two women looked at them strangely. When they saw how weak Liu Fei looked, they understood he had done something to her.

“Sister Liu Fei, you’re back, come here,” said Meng Qing gently, grabbing Liu Fei’s hand. Liu Fei sat down on a chair, the three women started chatting and laughing, ignoring Lin Feng.

“Dad, mom, I’m going to the central part of Supranatural Region tomorrow, and I’ve heard of a way to break through,” Lin Feng said to Lin Hai and Yue Meng He with a smile.

No matter how strong he was, Lin Feng was still Lin Hai and Yue Meng He’s baby. They were proud of him.

Yue Meng He looked at Lin Feng tenderly. She smiled and said, “My son is getting stronger and stronger. I support you, my son.”

“Indeed, your father is proud of you, my son!” agreed Lin Hai, clapping Lin Feng’s shoulders.

Lin Feng was happy that his parents supported him, they gave him strength.

At that moment, Lin Feng frowned and said, “There’s something going on outside. I’m off.”

“Be careful, my son!” Yue Meng He called out. She was always worried about her son. Lin Feng nodded and looked at the three women. Then he disappeared from there and went back to the real world.


He opened his eyes as someone opened the door of his room. Cheng Shan came in.

Cheng Shan looked devastated and pulled a long face, Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the matter?”

“Mu Feng, I can’t take care of the tower anymore,” said Cheng Shan. Lin Feng frowned and asked, “Why?”

“Because Luo Ze reported me. He said I was disclosing the secrets of the Cheng Clan to outsiders. He told Cheng Zhe, who is furious now. He canceled my rights to manage the tower sometimes.”

Cheng Shan looked furious. Luo Ze just wanted to cause trouble. He had caused trouble first, and then he had reported Cheng Shan. How shameless!

But Cheng Zhe attached much importance to what Luo Ze said. Cheng Zhe had definitely decided to trust Luo Ze, and not to believe Cheng Shan.

When Lin Feng heard Cheng Shan, he looked very angry and said icily, “The outsider Luo Ze is talking about is me, right?”

“Eh… Of course.” said Cheng Shan when he heard Lin Feng’s tone of speech had changed. He looked embarrassed. He wanted to explain something, but Lin Feng interrupted him.

“I don’t care. I don’t care what the Cheng Clan thinks about me. I just have one question, outsiders really can’t see what’s in the tower?”

Cheng Shan didn’t dare look at Lin Feng in the eyes, he didn’t even say anything.

Lin Feng sighed and said, “Cheng Shan, why didn’t you tell me when we were inside? Why did you let me study the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell!?”

Lin Feng understood, the resources in the tower were probably considered treasures by the Cheng Clan, they weren’t allowed to transmit them to outsiders. Cheng Shan had breached the rules by letting Lin Feng in. He knew it was forbidden.

Lin Feng felt grateful though.

“Brother Mu Feng, I don’t care, if you benefited from it, I’m happy,” said Cheng Shan shaking his head and smiling. He was straightforward and good-natured.

Lin Feng felt touched and guilty. Fortunately, he wasn’t a bad person, otherwise Cheng Shan would have regretted it.

“Actually, Cheng Shan, my real name is not Mu Feng, it’s Lin Feng,” said Lin Feng. Telling Cheng Shan his real name was a way to tell him he now considered him a real friend.

“Haha, Brother Lin Feng, I feel very happy, you now consider me a real friend. Thank you.”

Cheng Shan laughed and clapped Lin Feng’s shoulder, looking simple and honest. He was from the Supranatural Region, he knew the family name “Mu” didn’t exist.

Lin Feng had taken the initiative to tell him the truth. Cheng Shan felt really happy. Lin Feng now considered him a real friend!

“Cheng Shan, let’s go and see Cheng Zhe. I’ll talk to him,” said Lin Feng, glancing at Cheng Shan and frowning. He walked towards the door to leave the room.

Cheng Shan looked worried suddenly, he quickly jumped in front of Lin Feng and shook his head, “Forget it, Brother Lin Feng, no need to do that for me.”

“Cheng Shan, move. Cheng Zhe wants to punish you because of me. I have to talk to him,” said Lin Feng, pushing Cheng Shan aside.

He flew straight towards Cheng Zhe’s courtyard. Cheng Shan’s face paled with worry, and he ran towards Cheng Zhe’s residence. He hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t infuriate Cheng Zhe.


Cheng Zhe was in his courtyard with his daughter Cheng Ya Nuo. They were talking about Cheng Shan’s punishment.

“Father, you think it’s good solution? I don’t think forcing people to do things they don’t want to do is a good solution?”

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