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PMG2 chapter 28

Chapter 28: Leveling Up While Fighting

Edited by RED


Lin Feng laughed mockingly.

Cheng Zhe was furious, but Cheng Ya Nuo was even angrier. She shouted proudly, “Mu Feng, you’re so mean! You keep humiliating me!”

“I am not humiliating you. You’re humiliating yourself!” shouted Lin Feng furiously.

“Hmph! You have a glib tongue! Since you don’t want to get married with her, die!” shouted Cheng Zhe furiously. He threw out his hand, his strength of the Half-Holy Emperor layer moved towards Lin Feng swiftly.

Lin Feng’s expression changed as he moved back hastily.

This time, Lin Feng didn’t want to summon the old ox, he wanted to eliminate the danger himself. Of course, what Lin Feng intended to do was to sense Cheng Zhe’s level two Dao.

Cheng Zhe released Qi. Lin Feng could smell it. Cheng Zhe’s Dao was slaughtering Dao!

A terrifying Qi surrounded Cheng Zhe, and his eyes were filled with murder. His Qi contained some level two Dao, unlike Zi Jian, who had released pure level two Dao.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged to sense the Qi. He released demon strength to envelope himself.

“He’s… He’s insane. He closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged. Isn’t he afraid to die?”

The battle drew the attention of many people from Zhongzhuan City, including some strong cultivators. When they saw that Lin Feng’s eyes were closed as he was fighting against Cheng Zhe, they were shocked.

When Cheng Zhe saw that Lin Feng had closed his eyes, he thought Lin Feng was trying to provoke and humiliate him.

“Slaughtering Eyes!” Cheng Zhe shouted furiously. Explosive lights emerged from his eyes and speared at Lin Feng’s chest.

He’s doomed. That little boy is so scared his body probably feels numb. He’s going to die, thought everybody. Cheng Shan rushed over, and when he saw that, his face turned pale.

“Lin Feng, hurry up and dodge!!!” howled Cheng Shan hoarsely.

“Dodge? Die!” shouted Cheng Zhe furiously. His expression was hideous. The lights of the Slaughtering Eyes attack turned into gigantic swords and moved towards Lin Feng swiftly.

“Brother Lin Feng!” shouted Cheng Shan. His face was as white as a sheet of paper. He couldn’t do anything but watch his new friend get slaughtered.

As everybody thought Lin Feng was going to be slaughtered, a black demon Qi suddenly appeared and rolled in waves around Lin Feng. It turned into granules, looking like stars from hell, before turning into dazzling death stars.

At that moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes and shouted explosively, “Level two demon Dao!!!”

Boom, boom, boom!

Three loud sounds spread. Lin Feng’s body disappeared in an explosion of demon Qi and death stars. Cheng Zhe’s Slaughtering Eyes attack instantly dispersed.

“He… broke through? How is that possible?” Cheng Zhe stared at Lin Feng’s demon Qi. His expression changed drastically, and his heart started pounding. He was stunned.

Lin Feng had suddenly broken through? He now controlled level two Dao? He had become a Half-Holy Emperor?!

“Codger, you thought you were incredible because you’re a Half-Holy Emperor, and you wanted to kill me. Now I am a Half-Holy Emperor, too. Let’s see how you intend to kill me! Or am I the one who’s going to kill you?” stated Lin Feng, standing up in the air.

His Tian Ji Sword suddenly appeared and flashed. He was surrounded by roaring demon energies. Everybody in Zhongzhuan City could hear him clearly.

The Ma Clan and the Tian Clan even sent some strong cultivators to see what was going on. When they saw Lin Feng, their expressions suddenly changed drastically.

Lin Feng was now a Half-Holy Emperor?! And he wanted to kill Cheng Zhe, the leader of the Cheng Clan?!

When Cheng Zhe heard Lin Feng shout furiously, he was even more infuriated. Someone was threatening him, the leader of the Cheng Clan?!

“Mu Feng, come and die!” shouted Cheng Zhe furiously, and threw out his hand. It contained the power of the earth and the sky. His hand was as sharp as a gigantic sword, as it swept towards Lin Feng quickly. Blood splashed. He wanted to chop Lin Feng to death!

If Lin Feng hadn’t broken through, Cheng Zhe would have easily injured him, but now Lin Feng was really strong, too!

His demon strength had already reached the second level. Could he injure Cheng Zhe, though?

Lin Feng pointed one finger at Cheng Zhe. He slashed the space, and blood splashed. Cheng Zhe grunted with pain and took a step backwards.

Lin Feng then threw out his fist. His demon Qi became even thicker, he was now completely surrounded by a thick pitch-black demon Qi. He looked like a demon king.

Cheng Zhe retreated again. He was the leader of the Cheng Clan, he felt humiliated, and his face was twisted. He was being pushed back by an ordinary Half-Holy Emperor! How humiliating!

Lin Feng’s demon energy was just too thick, though. Now that his Dao had reached the second level, it was even better!

Boom, boom, boom!…

At that moment, the ground shook. A demon dragon roared out, and a purple demon Qi emerged from one place in the Cheng Clan as a house exploded and turned into ruins.

A purple demon silhouette appeared there. That silhouette looked like a peerless demon king. His dark purple demon Qi seemed to be able to corrode everything around him, including people. People could sense the energies from thousands of meters away. Some strong cultivators even used Qi to protect themselves.

Cheng Zhe noticed that someone else had just become a Half-Holy Emperor, as well. It was a demon, but that guy was from the Cheng Clan: Cheng Mo!

Cheng Mo had also managed to become a Half-Holy Emperor, and like Lin Feng he had succeeded relying on demon Dao. His demon Dao was now level two, as well!

Cheng Zhe retreated hastily. He hoped Cheng Mo and Lin Feng would fight, he knew they hadn’t finished their previous duel.

As expected, when Cheng Zhe retreated, Cheng Mo arrived, releasing his demon Qi.

Cheng Mo and Lin Feng’s demon Qi were very different. People were a bit scared, but at the same time, they were excited to see such battles. When two Half-Holy Emperors battled, it was much more impressive than when Supreme Holy Kings fought. Everybody could benefit from watching, Supreme Holy Kings, High-Level Holy Kings, Saint Emperors…

“Mu Feng, should we continue our fight?” said Cheng Mo angrily. He looked like a demon as he shouted hoarsely. His voice made the whole town vibrate.

“I thought you had forgotten about that battle, but you haven’t,” said Lin Feng, not replying to Cheng Mo’s question directly, but the crowd understood that he had accepted continuing their duel.

Cheng Mo seemed ready to fight.

His Qi was extremely thick, but it didn’t affect Lin Feng’s demon Qi. When Cheng Mo’s Qi reached Lin Feng’s Qi, it became invisible and intangible.

Cheng Mo’s Qi could corrode other people’s Qi, but Lin Feng’s demon Qi contained forbidden energy  and could absorb people’s Qi, including Cheng Mo’s demon Qi.

Since they had both become Half-Holy Emperors, no other Half-Holy Emperor dared come and interrupt them. Their demon Qi was terrifying. They were both extraordinary fighters.

The leader of the Ma Clan, and the leader of the Tian Clan, Tian Ao, as well as Tian Han, arrived as well.

When Tian Han saw that Lin Feng had become a Half-Holy Emperor, he was furious. He couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng anymore. He could only clench his fists and contain himself.

“Tian Han, Qiong is also about to become a Half-Holy Emperor. With the help of the Ancestor, his Dao will also reach the second level soon,” Tian Ao said to Tian Han calmly.

Tian Han controlled himself and replied, “Indeed? If the Ancestor helps, Tian Qiong, that little boy, will soon break through to the Half-Holy Emperor layer. Then, he’ll easily be able to defeat Mu Feng and Cheng Mo.”

“I’ve heard that Prince Nan was also about to become a Half-Holy Emperor. Is it true, Brother Ma?” asked Tian Ao of the leader of the Ma Clan with a smile.

The Ma Clan’s Leader smiled politely. “You’ll see that tomorrow.”

“Hehe, right!” Tian Ao nodded. He would see on the following day.

Everybody continued watching Lin Feng and Cheng Mo’s battle.

Cheng Mo and Lin Feng were high up in the sky. Corrosive demon Qi and absorbing demon Qi kept exploding in the sky of Zhongzhuan City. People were amazed and captivated by the battle.

Cheng Mo howled furiously. His purple demon Qi condensed and turned into a demon dragon. It descended from the sky and moved towards Lin Feng’s head. It opened its mouth, trying to swallow Lin Feng in one bite.

Lin Feng shouted and threw his fists out, releasing forbidden strength. The demon dragon roared and suddenly disappeared. Lin Feng’s demon Qi had absorbed Cheng Mo’s purple demon Qi again!

Cheng Mo stepped back a hundred paces, focusing. He released more purple demon Qi in waves. It turned into a hurricane, and the sky of Zhongzhuan City turned dark. Many people were frightened.

Cheng Mo couldn’t afford to lose. He had always been a proud demon cultivator since he was a child. Now Lin Feng was here and Cheng Mo wanted to use him as a stepping stone. He had to destroy Lin Feng to progress.

Therefore, he couldn’t lose this fight!

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