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PMG2 chapter 29

Chapter 29: Godly Weapon’s birth?

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“Destroy!” shouted Cheng Mo furiously. He raised his fists and demon Qi continued filling the space. The blue sky of the city went black. It was horrifying and made people’s flesh creep, especially when the air became corrosive. Many Holy Kings and people who were weaker could barely breathe. The demon Qi felt like poisonous Qi, and was unbearable.

Cheng Mo raised his fists, purple demon Qi rolling around him. He threw out his hands at Lin Feng, aiming at his chest. This attack definitely had to injure Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was concentrating, he took half a step backwards, raised his left fist, and threw it forwards. His forbidden strength exploded and made the whole town tremble as it blocked Cheng Mo’s corrosive demon Qi.

“Your demon Dao is not very effective against me. Therefore, Cheng Mo, no matter what, you won’t injure me,” declared Lin Feng. He threw out his left hand again, condensing demon and forbidden strength and pushing the corrosive demon Qi back a thousand meters.

Cheng Mo ground his teeth and took another hundred steps backwards. His face paled as he watched his purple demon Qi disappear. He didn’t know what to do, and it made him furious. He realized that no matter what he did, it wouldn’t work!

“I have lost this battle! In the future, I will definitely defeat you, Mu Feng! I’m going to leave the Cheng Clan now and I will focus on cultivation! Mu Feng, next time we meet, two incredible demons will fight!” shouted Cheng Mo furiously.

His voice resonated everywhere in Zhongzhuan City. He recalled his purple demon Qi and disappeared, leaving the Cheng Clan.

Cheng Zhe’s face stiffened. He tried to run after Cheng Mo, but he had already disappeared. He couldn’t do much but come back. Cheng Mo had left the Cheng Clan, so it had suddenly become weaker. Slowly, the two other main clans of the city would take them over.

Cheng Zhe had thought Lin Feng would accept getting married with his daughter. With such a son-in-law, the Cheng Clan would have become much more powerful, but Lin Feng had refused. Now he couldn’t kill Lin Feng anymore, because Lin Feng was a Half-Holy Emperor too!

“Mu Feng, look out for yourself. Let’s go back!” shouted Cheng Zhe. He rolled up his sleeves and left, followed by the other members of the Cheng Clan.

Lin Feng watched them leave and landed on the ground. At that moment, Cheng Shan came up to him, holding a talisman out to him. Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“Lin Feng, this is the talisman of the Silent deployment spell. I hope you can understand it, what you saw on the other day were just the basics,” said Cheng Shan, handing the talisman over to Lin Feng. He couldn’t follow Lin Feng. He was a member of the Cheng Clan, after all.

But Cheng Shan really wanted to show Lin Feng he liked him as a friend. He had been polishing that talisman since his childhood. Unfortunately, he hadn’t managed to understand the deployment spell in depth. He knew it would be more useful to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stood there and watched Cheng Shan leave. He had mixed feelings. Cheng Shan was his friend, but also a member of the Cheng Clan. Cheng Shan was the first friend he’d made in the Continent of the Gods.

And now, even as Lin Feng was about to leave, Cheng Shan even gave him a gift, a precious item of the Cheng Clan. Lin Feng felt a bit guilty.

“Brother Cheng Shan, today you gave me a talisman, someday I’ll give you a territory!” said Lin Feng, watching Cheng Shan disappear in the horizon. He put the talisman away. He now wanted to go to the municipal area to meet Xuan Yuan Mu.


Lin Feng started flying away and after a short time, he suddenly heard the sound of explosion. Zhongzhuan City was suddenly in a state of chaos. Many strong cultivators had surrounded a mountain situated a dozen li away from Zhongzhuan City.

“What’s going on there?”

Lin Feng saw people rushing over there. Even Cheng Zhe was heading to the mountain.

Lin Feng also flew towards the mountain.

Lin Feng arrived at the mountain near where the explosion had occurred. He saw some dazzling red lights flashing. Even Lin Feng covered his eyes with his sleeves.

“Have you heard of the birth of Godly weapons?”

Lin Feng heard some people talk at the foot of the mountain. Their conversation drew Lin Feng’s attention.

“Yes, a Godly weapon was definitely born. I’ve heard that the deployment spell competition was organized so that people wouldn’t pay attention to it. So many influential groups came here, it can’t be for the sole purpose of watching the Great Deployment Spell Competition. They probably came for the Godly weapon.”

“Right, otherwise, why would have Mister Xuan Yuan Mu come back to manage the competition? And as expected, something happened.”

Lin Feng listened carefully. Those people realized Lin Feng was listening, though, and they didn’t look happy.

The leader of the group was a man in blue clothes. He shouted, “Piss off now! If you continue listening to people’s conversations, you’ll die!”

The man in blue clothes looked menacing and aggressive.

Lin Feng frowned and glanced at those people, but then ignored them. He didn’t show them he was a Half-Holy Emperor because it wasn’t necessary. If a Godly weapon was really about to appear, people like Xuan Yuan Mu or Zi Jian would compete over it. Half-Holy Emperors would only be able to watch. Even if they had the opportunity to get involved, it would only be to compete over Holy King’s weapons.

Those people were even more furious when they saw that Lin Feng was ignoring them. They clenched their fists, about to attack Lin Feng.

At that moment, there were whistles of motion, and a Half-Holy Emperor appeared. His skin was snowy white.

A few people recognized the man and looked at him with careful respect as they withdrew.

Lin Feng looked at the man in white clothes, but didn’t move backwards, which angered the man in white clothes.

“Damn little boy, he doesn’t move back when he sees Prince Tian Qiong?”

“Prince Tian Qiong’s Qi now has the strength of a Half-Holy Emperor. He managed to break through to the Half-Holy Emperor layer. That young man really wants to die,” whispered some people. Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just stood there.

Tian Qiong was riding a gigantic bird, a great imperial beast. It wasn’t weak.

Tian Qiong glanced at the cultivator in black clothes at the top of the mountain: Lin Feng!

Tian Qiong had become a Half-Holy Emperor half an hour before, and his Qi was unstable. He didn’t know that Lin Feng had become a Half-Holy Emperor as well.

Tian Qiong was furious because of all that had happened before.

He threw out his hand, and dazzling lights flashed. It was a deadly deployment spell, since he had also condensed his level two speed Dao into it!

Tian Qiong understood both slow and fast Dao, both were level two.

When those who had threatened Lin Feng saw that Tian Qiong was attacking him, they smiled coldly and mockingly. Lin Feng wanted to bring about his own destruction; a Half-Holy Emperor had shown up and he hadn’t shown proper respect.

Tian Qiong was proud. He was angry because he hadn’t been able to teach Lin Feng a good lesson before, now he wanted to show him how strong a Half-Holy Emperor was!

He was convinced he would injure Lin Feng in one strike. Tian Qiong didn’t want to kill Lin Feng, he wanted to humiliate him.

“You attacked first, so don’t blame me,” said Lin Feng coldly. His eyes were filled with killing intent. He looked very angry. He jumped backwards and thrust out his hand.

He also had the strength of a Half-Holy Emperor. His attack contained forbidden strength and level two demon Dao!

When Lin Feng threw out his hand, Tian Qiong’s expression changed for the worst. But the most stricken were the people behind Lin Feng, those who had made fun of him. They were shocked with fright and fell down on their knees.

“He… he… he’s also a Half-Holy Emperor?!”

“He is, he is!”

The few people gulped down. What if Lin Feng wanted to take revenge?

But Lin Feng didn’t care about those buffoons.

Lin Feng and Tian Qiong’s fists collided. The whole mountain shook violently. All the strong cultivators paid attention to them. Surprisingly, two cultivators who had become Half-Holy Emperors a short time before were fighting. Interesting!

“You broke through? How surprising,” said Tian Qiong coldly. He looked unhappy.

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