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PMG2 chapter 31

Chapter 31: Entering the Passageway

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“Uncle Zi Jian, is there Divine Dao inside?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“No, there is no Divine Dao, but it must be an object related to Divine Dao, maybe a godly imperial weapon,” replied Zi Jian.

Lin Feng frowned and nodded slowly. It seemed that godly imperial weapons really existed. There were many strong cultivators here, probably for the godly imperial weapon. They hadn’t come because of the Great Deployment Spell Competition.

“Lin Feng, we will try and open the red lights afterwards. When they dim, some people will probably go in. I hope you can come in and help us find out what there is inside,” Patriarch Zi Jian said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised and asked, “Uncle Zi Jian, aren’t you going in?”

“We agreed to send our people inside. Since you have the talisman of the Sword Sect, you are an elder of the sect. I can send you in there. You’re a perfect choice for that,” Zi Jian replied.

Lin Feng wasn’t arrogant or proud, but he definitely wanted to go inside and see. Maybe he would benefit from it.

Zi Jian knew that Lin Feng wasn’t going to refuse. Anyone would have been tempted to see what was inside!

At that moment, two beams of light streaked across the sky and two more people appeared at the top of the mountain.

“Xuan Yuan Mu and his disciple, Yu Qing,” noted Zi Jian neutrally.

Lin Feng glanced at Xuan Yuan Mu and Yu Qing.

Initially, he was supposed to go to the central part of the Supranatural Region with Xuan Yuan Mu, but the plan had changed because of this thing. Nobody wanted to leave without knowing what it was.

When Xuan Yuan Mu and Yu Qing saw Lin Feng, they flew over and landed in front of the pair.

Xuan Yuan Mu looked at Zi Jian, stunned. He asked, “You broke through and became a Low-Level Holy Emperor?”

Lin Feng was extremely surprised when he heard Xuan Yuan Mu. He also looked at Patriarch Zi Jian. He was puzzled as well. Zi Jian had broken through and become a Low-Level Holy Emperor?

The Sword Sect would become extremely powerful!

However, Lin Feng was not impressed by Xuan Yuan Mu, nor Zi Jian. They were Low-Level Holy Emperors, so what? They had just understood level two Dao, that was nothing exceptional.

“Mu Feng, initially, we were supposed to go to the central part of the Supranatural Region today, but with what’s going on, I hope that you can stay here for a few more days. When we open the red lights passageway, I hope you can go in representing the disciples of the Gods Sect,” Xuan Yuan Mu said to him.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and said to Xuan Yuan Mu, “Master, I already promised Zi Jian…”

“It’s not a problem. You’re an elder of the Sword Sect, but you’re also a disciple of the Gods Sect,” replied Xuan Yuan Mu, smiling naturally.

Zi Jian was surprised. Xuan Yuan Mu usually wasn’t like this. He was usually fussy when it came to such things, what was going on this time? Was it because of the godly imperial weapon?

Zi Jian didn’t understand, and neither did Lin Feng. But no matter who he represented, he would benefit from the situation.

“Alright, the Tian Clan’s great elder is here,” said Xuan Yuan Mu, as Lin Feng looked thoughtful. Lin Feng came back to his senses and saw Tian Qiong, Tian Han, and an old man with a white beard. He seemed to move like a cloud.

Lin Feng looked at the old man’s way of moving. He closed his eyes and visualized it. A pale light appeared around Lin Feng.

Time and speed Dao appeared around him.

Patriarch Zi Jian and Xuan Yuan Mu glanced at each other, looking incredulous. Lin Feng had just looked at the old man of the Tian Clan, and understood his agility technique?

Lin Feng understood time and speed Dao. Therefore, he could learn from the elder of the Tian Clan by observing. It wasn’t enough to make his Dao reach the second level, but he understood a lot just by watching. Lin Feng was convinced that he would raise those two kinds of Dao to the second level too!

Lin Feng opened his eyes. Xuan Yuan Mu and Zi Jian shook their heads. What a genius! He could even study in such circumstances! What an incredible cultivator…

It was dangerous to be enemies with such people. Therefore, the two men already had their own ideas.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to them. He saw the elder of the Tian Clan raise his left hand, as the three people landed on the ground at the same time.

“Xuan Yuan, Zi Jian, let’s start,” said the elder of theTian Clan to the two.

Xuan Yuan Mu and Zi Jian rose up into the air and flew towards him.

The three strongest cultivators of Zhongzhuan City stood together and got ready to start.

“Let’s start,” said Xuan Yuan Mu, raising his left hand and casting a deployment spell with level two Dao strength. The sky around them changed.

Zi Jian raised both hands, bright sword Qi appeared. His level two time Dao had already attained the highest degree of perfection. The sword strength and Xuan Yuan Mu’s deployment spell quickly fused together. The deployment spell looked like a shield and Zi Jian’s sword looked like a spear…

“Time Flow Isolation!” shouted the Tian Clan’s elder explosively. His voice hurt people’s eardrums, including Lin Feng’s, as if someone had put needles in their ears.

The deployment spell and the sword lights were surrounded by a layer of Qi. The red lights brightened.

Suddenly, the red lights shook and flickered. Then they became even more dazzling. It was a beautiful sight.

But the three people didn’t give the red lights any chance. They became dimmer and dimmer under the Qi.

“Mu Feng, go in!” ordered Xuan Yuan Mu at that moment. Lin Feng reacted immediately and flew towards the red lights passageway.

“Where are you going?” said Tian Qiong and Tian Han, flying towards the passageway as well. One of them raised his fist, the other one raised his sword.

“Forbidden!” said Lin Feng. He raised both hands and counter-attacked, before he disappeared inside the passageway.

Tian Qiong and Tian Han also entered the passageway. They represented the Tian Clan.

“Yu Qing, go in too!” said Xuan Yuan Mu after that.

Yu Qing nodded and went into the passageway.

The four of them entered the passageway. The Ma Clan also sent some people in, but not Ma Nan. Nobody from the Chen clan could go in. Many independent cultivators went inside, however. More than twenty people went in. How many would come out alive, though?

“I hope they can come out in two hours maximum, otherwise, we won’t be able to suppress the red lights anymore…”

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