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PMG2 chapter 32

Chapter 32: Mirror Space!

Edited by RED

Zi Jian, Xuan Yuan Mu, and the Tian Clan’s elder continued suppressing the lights. They were well aware that if the cultivators didn’t come out within two hours, then they wouldn’t be able to hold out any longer. They needed lots of Qi to do this!

Lin Feng was the first one to arrive inside. As he arrived, he realized there were many mirrors around, and spaces behind them. Just making a few steps, one could arrive elsewhere.

Lin Feng didn’t see Tian Qiong and Tian Han. He didn’t see anyone else, either, and proceeded alone inside. He looked at the few mirror spaces.

“What are these things?” Lin Feng was uncertain, but continued walking forwards anyway.

He entered a mirror space and suddenly saw the dazzling red lights, the same as he had seen outside. Lin Feng sealed his own veins and released forbidden strength to protect himself from the red lights.

“What mysterious mirror spaces.”

At that moment, Lin Feng’s spirit world surged, and the old ox came out and looked around.

“Mysterious mirror spaces?” repeated Lin Feng, looking at the old ox. He was puzzled.

The old ox nodded and said, “You’re from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You don’t know the mirror spaces. They were made by a strong cultivator who controls light strength, just like your small world. His world is a mirror world.”

“A strong cultivator who controls Divine Dao and made a mirror world?” repeated Lin Feng.

“No, it’s only one space in the mirror world, I guess. They must be separated,” mused the old ox, glancing around and shaking his head.

Lin Feng understood. This was one of the spaces of the mirror world. Had the strong cultivator left any treasure in here, though?

“Master Ox, have you ever seen a strong cultivator who controlled Divine Dao?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

The old ox shook his head and replied honestly, “I’ve never seen one. I don’t think my Master has ever seen one, either. I think it’s been a very long time since a strong cultivator who understood Divine Dao emerged.”

“I see,” said Lin Feng. He was happy to have the old ox with him. He was like an encyclopaedia. If he had been on Earth, he would have been as omniscient as Wikipedia.

Lin Feng sighed. He really missed the Earth, and was convinced that there had to be a way to go there. Since he could travel to the Continent of the Gods from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there had to be a way to reach the Earth.

“Master Ox, they said there was possibly a godly imperial weapon in here, can you sense any?” asked Lin Feng. The old ox burst into laughter.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Why was the old ox laughing?

The old ox pointed at the mirrors and laughed. “Those are godly imperial weapons! You’re inside a godly imperial weapon now, too!”

Lin Feng looked around again; the space mirror were godly imperial weapons? How was that possible? It was an empty world, how could he be inside a godly imperial weapon?

The old ox noticed that Lin Feng looked perplexed.

“Little boy, at this level, weapons aren’t solid things anymore. They are invisible. A stary sky could be a godly imperial weapon. There’s nothing strange about it.”

“Is my spirit world a godly imperial weapon?” asked Lin Feng.

The old ox shook his head and smiled mockingly, “How could that be possible? You’re not a High-Level Holy Emperor yet. How could you make a godly imperial weapon?”

Lin Feng understood. Only those who had broken through the to High-Level Holy Emperor layer could make godly imperial weapons in the form of worlds.

“Lin Feng, someone is coming. He’s about as strong as you. I’m going back, I need to sleep. I lost too much weight recently!” said the old ox, before he disappeared.

Lin Feng was surprised, since when did the old ox have a sense of humor?

He probably spent a lot of time with Lin Feng’s relatives, such as Meng Qing, and had learned how to joke from them. But it didn’t matter, at least the old ox was warming up. He had been in a sealed world for untold millennia and had become cold, it was normal.

Lin Feng looked around. The space distorted a bit; as expected, someone was coming!

“Here we meet again!” said Tian Qiong. Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road. They both looked at each other angrily.

“I didn’t want to see you that much,” said Lin Feng indifferently.

“Since it’s that way, piss off!” shouted Tian Qiong, throwing his hands out at Lin Feng. He didn’t use speed Dao. He had already tried fast and slow strength against Lin Feng, and it hadn’t worked.

Therefore, he used as much physical strength as he could. Who was stronger in terms of physical strength?

Close combat physical battle?

Lin Feng couldn’t help but rejoice when he saw what Tian Qiong was trying. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, nobody could compete with him in terms of physical strength, and now Tian Qiong was trying this?

Lin Feng clenched his fists and threw them at Tian Qiong as well. At the impact, both flew away and crossed three different mirrors and the resulting different spaces. In some spaces, there were independent cultivators who were startled when they saw two people fighting. They followed after.

“Thousand Dragons Punch!” shouted Tian Qiong furiously, throwing another fist at Lin Feng. Lin Feng punched Tian Qiong’s fist. Tian Qiong suddenly grunted with pain and was pushed outside of the space.

Lin Feng followed him into the other space. He saw even more people in there. The others all seemed to be independent cultivators.

Some of them were Half-Holy Emperors. Of course, they weren’t from Zhongzhuan City, they had heard about this place and had come for it.

“Lin Feng, I didn’t think you’d be so strong in close combat as well!” said Tian Qiong. Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and just looked at him mockingly.

“I’m sure we’ll meet again!” Tian Qiong didn’t want to stay around Lin Feng too long. There were so many spaces to explore here. He didn’t want to waste all his time fighting, and since he couldn’t win quickly, he gave up.

Lin Feng didn’t force him to fight, either, and didn’t chase him. It was time to look for historical remains.

Lin Feng moved from space to space, he saw Tian Han a few times, but he fled each time he saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng found him ridiculous.

When Lin Feng wasn’t a Half-Holy Emperor, Tian Han kept provoking him, and now he was hiding from him. It was truly amusing.

Lin Feng soon arrived in an unknown space. When Lin Feng crossed the mirror, his inner strength increased.

“What’s that?”

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    Back then in PMG1, LF never really cared about his earth. Now, after thousands and thousands of years, he seemingly to miss that earth so much that he wants to connect scientific world with cultivation world. I hope the author scraped this dumb idea.

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