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PMG2 chapter 33

Chapter 33: Crystal Lenses!

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That place was much bigger than the others, with bright red lights. Under his feet were transparent crystal lenses the red lights could pierce through.

Lin Feng walked up to the lenses. His inner strength started boiling and increasing. It felt warm, as if he had a volcano on the inside. He hastily released forbidden strength to isolate himself from the red lights and cool down.

“These lenses must be the core of the space. What would happen if I took them?” he murmured. He released forbidden strength around his hand and got ready to grab some crystal lenses. At that moment, Lin Feng sensed a strong wind behind him. He spun around and threw out his fist.

Phwap, phwap…

Lin Feng saw Tian Han, who had tried to attack him by surprise. Tian Han’s eyes rolled and he was blown away, out of that space. He disappeared in a mirror. Lin Feng looked glum.

“Tian Han, I didn’t kill you and you’re trying to infuriate me!?” Lin Feng looked angry and shouted at the mirror. But Tian Han had already disappeared.

People like Tian Han were shameless. When he was stronger than Lin Feng, he was arrogant and bullied him. Now Lin Feng was a Half-Holy Emperor and Tian Han either avoided him or attacked him by surprise.

So, let’s try and take some crystal lenses first, thought Lin Feng, taking a deep breath. He walked over to the lenses and took one. Nothing happened around him.

“I can leave now.” Lin Feng put the crystal lens away and flew towards the exit.

Two hours had almost passed anyway. Many people had already come out, including Tian Qiong, Tian Han, and some independent cultivators. Lin Feng was one of the people who hadn’t come out yet.

Patriarch Zi Jian and Xuan Yuan Mu were worried and staring at the exit. At that moment, Lin Feng came out and rose up into the air.

“Little boy, we were worried to death. I was about to go in if you hadn’t come out,” said Zi Jian to Lin Feng, sighing with relief and smiling.

Lin Feng cupped his fist and smiled, “Thank you for your help, Uncle Zi Jian!”

“What did you see inside, Mu Feng?”

Zi Jian was more interested in Lin Feng’s safety, while Xuan Yuan Mu was more interested in what he had found inside.

Lin Feng glanced at Xuan Yuan Mu, then at the passageway, “There are mirror spaces inside. They are densely packed, it looks like a beehive inside. There are red lights too, just like outside.”

“That’s amazing!” said Patriarch Zi Jian when he heard Lin Feng. His mouth was wide open. He glanced at Xuan Yuan Mu and the Tian Clan’s elder, who all looked perplexed.

“What kind of space?” wondered Xuan Yuan Mu.

“We should go inside and see,” said the Tian Clan’s elder, scratching his beard.

Zi Jian and Xuan Yuan Mu were a bit worried. If they went in, who would suppress the red lights?

Zi Jian looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was a Half-Holy Emperor, he couldn’t suppress the red lights. They needed at least five Half-Holy Emperors to do the job.

“Yu Qing, suppress the red lights while the three of us go inside,” ordered Xuan Yuan Mu. Yu Qing nodded.

“Lin Feng, I…” Zi Jian didn’t know how to ask Lin Feng, but Lin Feng interrupted him.

“Uncle Zi Jian, go in. I will also help suppress the red lights.”

“Alright, thank you,” said Zi Jian cupping his fist and smiling. He looked at Xuan Yuan Mu and smiled.

“Tian Qiong, Tian Han, come here,” said the Tian Clan’s elder. They were also Half-Holy Emperors, and could also help suppress the red lights.

Tian Qiong and Tian Han walked over to the Tian Clan’s leader. They cupped their fists and bowed.

“Suppress the red lights while the three of us go inside,” ordered the elder. The two didn’t say anything and nodded.

The three cultivators then glanced at each other and went into the passageway.

Since the red lights had been suppressed before, it wasn’t difficult for Lin Feng and the others to continue holding them.

But at that moment, Tian Han attacked by surprise again. He used one hand to suppress the red lights and the other to attack Lin Feng, throwing his fist at him. Lin Feng smiled mockingly and coldly. Tian Han was even more furious.

Lin Feng had warned him inside already. If Tian Han attacked him by surprise again, he would kill him. And now Tian Han was provoking him again?

“God’s Sword!!!” shouted Lin Feng. Everybody’s eyes widened. White lights suddenly flashed. The lights contained sword and forbidden strengths, and cut straight towards Tian Han’s chest.

Tian Han’s expression changed drastically. He was initially suppressing the red lights with one hand, but now he took back his hand and retreated quickly.

“Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Tian Han couldn’t escape. The God’s Sword appeared in front of him and drilled straight towards his chest. Tian Han’s face paled. He regretted his actions, why had he provoked Lin Feng? He initially thought that Lin Feng would have no time to react since he was suppressing the red lights, but he had failed!

Tian Han tried to block the God’s Sword, but it didn’t work. It even contained forbidden strength. Tian Han looked hopeless and devastated.

Tian Qiong was under pressure, using his full strength to suppress the red lights. He now had to suppress the red lights for both Lin Feng and Tian Han. He couldn’t intervene and help Tian Han. As for Yu Qing, he remained absolutely motionless.

Tian Han had to die!

Lin Feng was furious, he released his God’s Sword and roared out. He accelerated, and his sword pierced through Tian Han’s chest.

In the blink of an eye, everybody saw the God’s Sword pierce through Tian Han’s body. There was no blood, but Tian Han’s body became illusory, transparent and finally disappeared.

Lin Feng frowned, it was only a shadow!!!

Who had saved Tian Han? Who had acted so quickly? The God’s Sword was extremely quick, so the person who had helped was definitely incredibly strong!

“Who are you?! Come out!” shouted Lin Feng, glancing around. Lights streaked across the sky. Tian Han appeared high up in the sky. He looked panic-stricken, and had cold sweat on his forehead. If nobody had helped him, he would have died!

“Thank you very much for saving me, Ancestor,” exclaimed Tian Clan, cupping his fist. Lin Feng glanced around and finally noticed the Ancestor of the Tian Clan.

He was wearing fine blue clothes, extremely old, and seated cross-legged on a dragon. His Qi was thick and dense. He was holding a horsetail whisk.

Horsetail whisk!

It was the first time he had seen a horsetail whisk. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had never seen anyone use one as a weapon either, because only Taoist priests or supernatural beings had horsetail whisks.

The Continent of the Gods was really amazing. Lin Feng couldn’t wait to become stronger and do more things here.

“Don’t cause trouble again, I won’t save you next time!” said the Tian Clan’s Ancestor, ignoring Lin Feng. Tian Han didn’t dare contradict him, he just nodded a few times.

The Tian Clan’s Ancestor nodded, then he whipped his dragon and disappeared.

Everybody was amazed by the Ancestor’s presence. Lin Feng was certain that the Tian Clan’s Ancestor wasn’t any weaker than Xuan Yuan Mu and the others. He was also stronger than the Tian Clan’s elder.

As Lin Feng was thinking, the three cultivators came out of the passageway and landed on the top of the mountain.

“Tian Clan, we’re going back!”

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    LoL i thought Lin Feng become soft.. And merciful hahahaha.. If so then there is no reason for continuing reading this Novel.
    Cause what makes Lin Feng stronger is how he Merciless his enemy (people who try to kill and provoked him).

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