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PMG2 chapter 35

Chapter 35: Killing Luo Ze

Edited by RED

Luo Ze had walked up to Lin Feng and said that with a smile, as if they had never had tensions and he wasn’t afraid of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and looked at Luo Ze. This idiot continued provoking him? Would he never stop?

Luo Ze saw that Lin Feng was staring at him angrily. His heart twitched. Lin Feng was a Half-Holy Emperor. He could crush him with one punch. But he wanted to cause trouble anyway, so he dared provoke Lin Feng.

He was gambling. Lin Feng admired Luo Ze for his audacity. Just to humiliate him and cause trouble, he dared risk his life!

“What’s wrong, Brother Mu Feng? Why aren’t you saying anything? You think we’re not qualified to see how beautiful your wives are?” said Luo Ze, after Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He was trying to draw people’s attention and get people’s support.

As expected, when Luo Ze said that, many independent cultivators looked angry.

“What? You despise us?”

“Why can’t we see the women behind you?”

“You think you’re extremely strong? You think you can afford to offend us all?”

Many people were angry and looking at Lin Feng. Tian Qiong and Prince Nan giggled. They wanted to see how Lin Feng was going to deal with the situation.

Lin Feng glanced at those independent cultivators coldly. Luo Ze then walked back to Prince Nan and took a deep breath.

He was done. Now, he just had to watch!

Meng Qing tapped Lin Feng’s back, and he shook his head. He didn’t want her to take reckless actions.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at all the independent cultivators, they looked at him angrily, “Those who want to see my wives’ faces can take a step forward.”

“I want to see her,” said a man wearing a robe made of beast skin. He was also a Half-Holy Emperor.

People didn’t have time to react, Lin Feng’s hand flickered and a sword flashed. It instantly pierced through the man’s chest. He wanted to use his level two Dao, but it was being restricted. His eyes were wide as he stared at the God’s Sword in his chest.

“Ah, ah, ah!…” the man shrieked. He fell onto the ground and had no Qi anymore.

When the man fell to the ground, everybody stopped moving, especially the independent cultivators who had provoked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his left hand, still holding his God’s Sword. He said, “Anyone else!?”

His voice sounded like thunder. Who would dare come to him in such circumstances? Lin Feng had easily killed a Half-Holy Emperor. Who would dare continue looking for trouble?

Initially, Luo Ze had managed to stir up excitement, but Lin Feng was truly overwhelming. Now, who would dare continue offending him?

Lin Feng grunted coldly and looked at Luo Ze. Luo Ze’s face paled.

“Luo Ze, I will definitely kill you today!!!”

Lin Feng’s God’s Sword shot straight towards Luo Ze.

Luo Ze’s face paled. Lin Feng had killed a Half-Holy Emperor in one sword strike, so he could easily kill a High-Level Holy King like Luo Ze. Luo Ze looked at Prince Nan, hoping he would help.

Prince Nan frowned and grunted coldly. He threw out his fan.

Lin Feng recalled his God’s Sword.

Prince Nan recalled his fan too.

“Mu Feng, Luo Ze is now my footman. Killing him wouldn’t be respectful to me,” said Prince Nan. He didn’t believe Lin Feng was going to kill Luo Ze. Even though he didn’t have an incredible background, he had an important position in the Ma Clan, and Lin Feng had to give him face.

Lin Feng didn’t care about such things, though. He was good to people who were good to him, and he didn’t care about people who weren’t good to him. No matter how strong they were, he always did his best to take his revenge on them.

Now that Lin Feng was in a bad mood, Prince Nan was threatening him? How stupid!

Lin Feng grunted coldly, and ignoring Prince Nan, he raised his left hand again. His God’s sword streaked across the sky and moved towards Luo Ze quickly. Blood splashed as he beheaded Luo Ze. His body softly fell to the ground, his blood spraying across Prince Nan’s sedan chair.

“I killed him, what do you intend to do now?” said Lin Feng casually, recalling his God’s Sword.

Prince Nan’s expression changed drastically. He clenched his fists and slammed them down on his sedan chair. It exploded, and the four women all fell down to the ground.

“Mu Feng, you’re going to far, you want to die!” shouted Prince Nan furiously. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would really kill Luo Ze. Blood had even stained his sedan chair.

He was a clean and strong cultivator, he couldn’t let other people make his sedan chair dirty. It was disrespectful!

Prince Nan threw out his fist, which contained level two Dao.

Prince Nan’s level two Dao surrounded Lin Feng. He was faster than Tian Qiong.

Lin Feng threw his fist out as well. It contained forbidden strength. Forbidden strength was a very powerful kind of strength, and had the advantage on most kinds of Dao.

Forbidden strength and level two strength collided. The whole area shook, and the stage exploded. Everybody was pushed away, weaker people crashing onto the ground, stronger ones flying up.

Xuan Yuan Mu and Yu Qing rose up in the air and watched Lin Feng and Prince Nan’s battle.

“Yu Qing, stop them,” said Xuan Yuan Mu.

Yu Qing nodded. He rolled up his sleeves and appeared between Lin Feng and Prince Nan. Yu Qing raised his hands and stopped them.

Lin Feng’s punch moved towards him. Prince Nan’s kick got closer, too.

Yu Qing remained focused. His expression didn’t change. He released a lot of strength to block Lin Feng and Prince Nan’s power.

Lin Feng shouted furiously as he released forbidden strength. He was pushed backwards, while Prince Nan fell from the sky onto the ground.

Everybody was astonished. Prince Nan, who controlled level two Dao, had been pushed away violently by Yu Qing.

Yu Qing’s Dao was level two as well, but he understood two sorts of level two Dao. It proved how strong he was.

Lin Feng stared at Yu Qing.

He controlled two sorts of level two Dao?

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