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PMG2 chapter 36

Chapter 36: Going to the Central Part of the Supranatural Region

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Patriarch Zi Jian had told Lin Feng that the more kinds of level two Dao a cultivator understood, the stronger they were.

The number of Dao a cultivator could study depended on their talent. People who did understand several sorts of level two Dao were considered extremely strong.

Lin Feng admired Xuan Yuan Mu’s disciple. Yu Qing was always unblinking and impassive, and always listened to his teacher’s orders. Yu Qing didn’t seem to have his own ambitions.

“Enough. We’re going to the central part of the Supranatural Region now,” said Xuan Yuan Mu.

Lin Feng nodded. Prince Nan looked at the members of the Ma Clan and the four women on the ground. They grabbed another sedan chair.

He looked at Lin Feng coldly before he jumped onto the new sedan chair. The four women lifted him again.

Xuan Yuan Mu and Yu Qing rose higher in the sky. A ship appeared above them, a thousand meters long. It was surrounded by an incredibly powerful defense deployment spell. An incredible Eminent Scholar had created it.

“Come on in!” Xuan Yuan Mu said to the crowd.

Tian Qiong glanced at Tian Han and the other strong cultivators of the Tian Clan and nodded before jumped onto the ship. Tian Han and the others followed.

Prince Nan was in his sedan chair, the women took him onto the ship.

Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing and Tang You You, then grabbed their hands and moved like the wind.

“Alright. Let’s go!” ordered Xuan Yuan Mu. Yu Qing nodded and they set off. The ship slowly rose higher into the air.

“See you, brother!” shouted Lin Feng at that moment. He noticed Cheng Shan and waved at him.

Lin Feng smiled resplendently. He had a friend in Zhongzhuan City. Even though he didn’t have good relations with the Cheng Clan, Cheng Shan was a good friend.

Lin Feng took out a jade pendant and threw it at Cheng Shan. Cheng Shan grabbed it. It was a communication jade pendant. If Cheng Shan was in trouble, he could break it and Lin Feng would know about it.

“Thank you very much, brother!” said Cheng Shan happily, but the ship had already disappeared from the sky of Zhongzhuan City. Cheng Shan smiled wryly and continued waving.

“See you, Lin Feng…”


The ship streaked across the sky. It was dark and there were many stars in the sky. Lin Feng was in the ship with his wives, drinking. They were finally getting closer to the central part of the Supranatural Region.

On Tian Qiong’s side, there were only men. Women carried Prince Nan’s sedan chair, but they had nothing to do with Meng Qing and Tang You You, who were amazing.

“Brother Mu Feng, why don’t you make your wives dance for us?” Tian Qiong smiled.

Everybody turned to them. Yu Qing glanced at Lin Feng. Trouble again…

When Lin Feng heard Tian Qiong provoke his wives, he looked glum.

“If you want to die, you can try,” said Lin Feng indifferently sipping on his drink.

“Hehe, how aggressive. Dancing is something joyful, we’re all bored on this ship. Don’t you think it’d be great to have some women dancing?” said Tian Qiong, smiling mockingly and provokingly. He wanted to see where Lin Feng’s limits were.

“Mu Feng, you have two wives, lend me one, alright?” added Prince Nan, after he saw Tian Qiong was provoking Lin Feng.

“Since you want to die, I will help you,” said Lin Feng. Prince Nan didn’t have time to say any more, Lin Feng was too furious. He immediately threw his fist at Prince Nan.

Prince Nan’s expression changed. Lin Feng attacked quickly, but Prince Nan wasn’t afraid of Lin Feng. He threw his fist out as well. His eyes were filled with killing intent. He wanted to crush Lin Feng!

Lin Feng smiled mockingly. When their fists collided, Prince Nan’s arm suddenly went numb.

“Overlord Punch!” said Lin Feng angrily. He released forbidden strength. Prince Nan didn’t have time to react. Lin Feng’s fist reached his chest.

Prince Nan coughed up blood and was blown away. The four women holding his sedan chair fell down on the ground and the chair exploded again. Prince Nan was a Half-Holy Emperor, so the attack couldn’t do much against him.

He landed on the ship easily, but then another punch reached him and injured him.

“You want to die. You dare attack our prince!” The members of the Ma Clan were furious when they saw that Prince Nan was injured. Three Holy Kings clenched their fists and looked at Lin Feng.

“You want to die that bad?” said Lin Feng mockingly. He slapped one of them away. If he wanted, he could kill them all instantly.

Because they were flying above the atmosphere, there were large objects flying around them. The heavy objects were equivalent to an ordinary Peerless Holy King’s attacks.

If Half-Holy Emperors were struck by those attacks, they could get injured, and Holy Kings would die instantly.

Lin Feng looked at Prince Nan aggressively, “If you humiliate my wives again, I will kill you, even if I have to use my full strength.”

Everybody sensed the temperature rising on the ship. Lin Feng released some demon Qi. Nobody dared say anything.

Prince Nan glared at Lin Feng coldly. He wouldn’t forget about Lin Feng. In the central part of the Supranatural Region, he would look for people to deal with him!

Tian Qiong didn’t say anything either, anymore. He now knew Lin Feng’s limit with his wives. He didn’t continue provoking Lin Feng. He also thought that Prince Nan was stupid to provoke Lin Feng like that.

Xuan Yuan Mu watched them coldly, but didn’t intervene. He knew those people’s tempers.

Even though Tian Qiong looked calm, he wasn’t calm on the inside. When people provoked him or humiliated him, he felt furious.

Prince Nan was proud. He didn’t care whether people were stronger than him or not, unless someone’s background was powerful enough to make him submit.

Lin Feng was determined and aggressive. If anyone humiliated his wives, he didn’t care, he did his best to kill them. He was also extraordinarily talented.

What would happen in the central part of the Supranatural Region? The Gods Sect was about to receive some incredible cultivators.

Xuan Yuan Mu scratched his beard. He smiled deeply and meaningfully. People couldn’t see what he was thinking.


Boom, boom, boom…

Kacha, kacha, kacha…

Xuan Yuan Mu stopped smiling. The ship had started shaking violently. Some people shouted in fear. Yu Qing looked vigilant as he slowed down.

“What’s going on?” Xuan Yuan Mu demanded. He looked out of the protective curtain, and his expression suddenly changed.

“Idiot! It’s an attack from the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, fuck! How did it penetrate into the defensive deployment spell?” Xuan Yuan Mu’s face paled in anger.

Lin Feng also sensed deployment spell Qi surround the whole ship.

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    Aren’t they on good terms with the Holy Shrine

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      Maybe that Xuan Yuan Mu is another “Diviner” and Holy Shrine saw through him quicker?

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