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PMG2 chapter 37

Chapter 37: Destroying the Deployment Spell!

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“Tian Qiong, you’re the champion of the Great Deployment Spell Competition. Hurry up and destroy that deployment spell,” Xuan Yuan Mu ordered Tian Qiong.

Tian Qiong looked at the deployment spell. It was extremely powerful. If they didn’t manage to break it, the ship would explode within ten minutes.

That deployment spell had been created by an incredible Eminent Scholar. It was easy to protect oneself from it, but it was extremely difficult to destroy it.

Tian Qiong looked at Xuan Yuan Mu. Xuan Yuan Mu looked back at him hopefully. Tian Qiong felt pressured. If he broke that deployment spell, Xuan Yuan Mu would notice it, and it might be beneficial in the Gods Sect…

Thinking about that, Tian Qiong took action. A purple umbrella deployment spell appeared in the sky and surrounded the ship. The crowd heard thunder, and some golden lightnings also appeared.

In the blink of an eye, the space around the ship changed. Apart from the Holy Shrine’s deployment spell, there was also terrifying thunder and lightning.

Tian Qiong wanted to use thunder and lightning to break that deployment spell. The people around were extremely anxious.

Tian Qiong shouted out. He condensed even more energy in the umbrella. It was shaking violently. Thunder roared continuously.

When the lightning struck the deployment spell, the ship shook even more violently. The space turned dark. Tian Qiong pulled a long face. The deployment spell didn’t break under his attacks. On the contrary, it was becoming more and more resistant.

“Tian Qiong, lightning improves the resistance of that deployment spell. Stop using them!” shouted Prince Nan. He flew over to Tian Qiong.

Tian Qiong didn’t want to admit it, but it was the truth. Not only didn’t the lightning destroy the deployment spell, but they made it tougher.

Tian Qiong grunted icily and raised his left hand. The umbrella disappeared and stars appeared all around the ship. There was no lightning anymore.

“Come and try,” said Tian Qiong to Prince Nan. He looked glum. He had won the Great Deployment Spell Competition, so could the one who had ranked third destroy that deployment spell?

Xuan Yuan Mu looked at Tian Qiong and then at Lin Feng. Lin Feng and the two women were still chatting and smiling. They didn’t even pay attention to what was happening, as if the danger had nothing to do with him.

Xuan Yuan Mu was amused.

Prince Nan rolled up his sleeves, and five Prince Nans appeared, all holding fans. They opened the fans and attacked. Energies emerged from the fans and turned into deployment spells.

“Five Angle Great Deployment Spell?” When Xuan Yuan Mu saw Prince Nan’s deployment spell, he was flabbergasted. It was a high-level deployment spell the Ma Clan had. Prince Nan already knew it? No wonder he was one of the geniuses of Zhongzhuan City.

Tian Qiong looked at Prince Nan’s deployment spell and pulled a long face. He could see how powerful it was, the Holy Shrine’s deployment spell was already weakening.

“A few minutes and the deployment spell will be broken,” said Prince Nan, smiling at Xuan Yuan Mu. He also glanced at Tian Qiong mockingly.

Tian Qiong grunted icily, but said nothing. Xuan Yuan Mu smiled and nodded.

As expected, after five minutes, the crowd heard explosions and the deployment spell broke into millions of pieces. Everybody looked at Prince Nan in admiration. In only five minutes, he had crushed the Holy Shrine’s deployment spell!

“Alright, let’s continue,” said Xuan Yuan Mu to Yu Qing.

Yu Qing nodded and started the ship again. They were only about a hundred thousand li away from the central part of the Supranatural Region. They would arrive in less than ten minutes.


Everybody was still amazed by Prince Nan’s talent.

“Prince Nan, you are extremely strong. You should have ranked first during the competition.”

“Indeed. Indeed. The deployment spell was so powerful. You’re incredible.”

“We wish we could become like you. You’re such an amazing cultivator and deployment spell caster,” a few independent cultivators flattered him.

Lin Feng and the others weren’t the only people on the ship. Those independent cultivators had paid to travel with them, with weapons and other cultivating tools. They did all they could not to miss this opportunity, and now they were nervous because of what had happened.

Tian Qiong was seated next to the other members of the Tian Clan, watching as the independent cultivators surrounded Prince Nan and complimented him. He was furious.

Tian Qiong glanced at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t look at him. He didn’t care about those independent cultivators, either. He just smiled and chatted with his wives.

“Alright, we’re here. We’re in the central part of the Supranatural Region. You can all go down,” said Xuan Yuan Mu.

Everybody stood up. Lin Feng followed suit and glanced around.

As expected, the central part of the Supranatural Region didn’t look ordinary. It was completely different from the many places he had seen in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Continent of the Nine Clouds didn’t look that incredible anymore…

The city was boundless. There were fogs of purple Qi in the sky. There were magnificent buildings, some of them tens of thousands of meters high and reaching the clouds.

Lin Feng had never seen such incredible scenery. It was spectacular. No wonder many people wanted to go to the central part of the Supranatural Region. It was so nice here!

The central part of the Supranatural Region was spectacular, what did the central part of the Continent of the Gods look like, then? Lin Feng was curious. He wanted to explore the whole world!

“Meng Qing, You You, let’s go down.” said Lin Feng, holding hands with his wives. He jumped off the ship and descended from the sky.

When he landed on the ground, he could see around more clearly. He saw the top of the buildings reaching the clouds. He picked out the tallest building in town.

“That’s the Holy Shrine,” Xuan Yuan Mu said to Lin Feng calmly.

Lin Feng looked at the building. The Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine? The place where the old ox’s master was?

Were some of his old friends there? Which friends? Lin Feng was skeptical.

“There’s a deployment spell here too?”

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