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PMG2 chapter 38

Chapter 38: Instantly Destroyed!

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As Lin Feng was thinking, an independent cultivator spoke up, sounding annoyed.

Lin Feng raised his head, sensing some abnormal Qi. The Qi was similar to the one they had seen in the sky as they were traveling, an offensive deployment spell.

Everybody looked at Prince Nan. Prince Nan looked proud, and didn’t say anything.

Tian Qiong glanced around and smiled. He came up next to Lin Feng and said jokingly, “Mu Feng, you also finished in the top three, but you’re the only one who didn’t do anything. Show us if you do anything against that deployment spell, otherwise people might believe you have an undeserved reputation.”

“Right Mu Feng, I ranked third and I managed to break the deployment spell in the sky. You ranked second, can’t you break this one?” said Prince Nan, trying to cause trouble for Lin Feng again.

Lin Feng didn’t think anything in particular when he heard that, but Tian Qiong was furious.

Prince Nan was also making fun of Tian Qiong, who had ranked first and hadn’t managed to break the deployment spell in the sky.

“Mu Feng, show us what you can do. Even if you fail, it doesn’t matter. Prince Nan can do it anyway.”

“Right, Mu Feng, show us. Even if you don’t manage to break the deployment spell, Prince Nan can help you.”

A few independent cultivators were looking at Prince Nan with respect and admiration. Lin Feng looked a bit angry.

Lin Feng let go of his women and rose into the air. He raised his left hand, a beam of light appeared and shot towards the deployment spell.

Everybody heard the explosions as the deployment spell disappeared instantly.

“It was such a simple deployment spell. Why would I need Prince Nan’s help?” said Lin Feng to the independent cultivators indifferently. Lin Feng, Meng Qing, and Tang You You flew towards the central area.

The independent cultivators who admired Prince Nan were stupefied. Prince Nan and Tian Qiong couldn’t believe their eyes.

One little attack? And the deployment spell had broken instantly? How?

Prince Nan pulled a long face, and clenched his fists. He banged the ground, but not even a single crack appeared. He was even more infuriated.

“There’s a defense deployment spell in there. The Holy Shrine’s leader cast it himself. You can’t break it, and I can’t break it either,” Xuan Yuan Mu told them off-handedly. He passed by Prince Nan and headed towards the depths of the central part. Yu Qing followed Xuan Yuan Mu. The independent cultivators followed after Lin Feng and tried to catch up with him. They started flattering him.

 Tian Qiong and Prince Nan looked even more furious.

“That Mu Feng is becoming more and more arrogant. He keeps making fun of us,” said Prince Nan watching Lin Feng disappear into the horizon.

“Hehe, he broke the deployment spell instantly. It took you five minutes, don’t you feel ashamed to call him arrogant?” replied Tian Qiong, smiling mockingly. Prince Nan grew even more furious.

“Are you qualified to talk about me? You can’t even break those deployment spells,” retorted Prince Nan derisively.

Tian Qiong rolled up his sleeves and walked away. Tian Han and the others followed him.

Prince Nan smiled disdainfully. He sat down in a new sedan chair, and the four women took him away.


After half an hour, everybody arrived in the city center. They were around a thousand li away from the Holy Shrine. Lin Feng sensed that Master Ox was getting excited in his small world.

Lin Feng also sensed some familiar Qi. It was a spiritual being’s Qi. He had inherited the knowledge from a god, he could easily recognize that kind of Qi.

Lin Feng also realized that the deployment spell outside of the Holy Shrine had been cast by at least a Spiritual Scholar. Apart from being selected to join the Holy Shrine, there was no other way to becoming a member.

But it didn’t matter, Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush. He wanted to become stronger first, and then he’d see. He was a Half-Holy Emperor, it was still a bit weak in the Supranatural Region.

How would those who hadn’t become Half-Holy Emperors, or even Holy Kings, react if they knew that Lin Feng was thinking that…

Xuan Yuan Mu told Lin Feng he could go to the Gods Sect, there was an exam going on in there, and those who passed would become the Gods Sect’s disciples.

Of course, Lin Feng, Tian Qiong, and Prince Nan had finished in the top three during the Great Deployment Spell Competition, so they were already qualified to become Gods Sect’s disciples and they didn’t need to take the exam.

Some famous people from powerful groups or even some famous independent cultivators could take the exam.

Being able to become a member of the Gods Sect was something great, as they were also protected by the Holy Shrine. Someday, they’d have the opportunity to become the Holy Shrine’s disciples. Then, anywhere in the Supranatural Region, people would look at them with admiration and respect.

Lin Feng didn’t need to take the exam. But Meng Qing and Tang You You also wanted to become disciples of the Gods Sect, therefore, they didn’t tell Lin Feng and went to take the exam.

Lin Feng didn’t know they were already taking the exam. Initially, he just wanted them to stay there as guests.

The Gods Sect was an extraordinary sect. When he saw the place, he instantly thought of Tiantai, because the two places were very similar.

The Gods Sect was a gigantic bright and white building. There were mountains around and flights of stairs around the main building.

The examinees had to get to the highest place possible, and the one who could climb up the most stairs would pass. The top ten cultivators would pass.

Xuan Yuan Mu was an elder of the Gods Sect, so he was there too. Yu Qing wasn’t next to him this time. Instead, there was a man with an iron mask.

He was on Xuan Yuan Mu’s left. Xuan Yuan Mu was treating him with admiration, which meant the man had a higher social status than he did.

“That’s Bodhidharma, you must give him face, don’t offend His Excellency Bodhidharma,” said Xuan Yuan Mu. The man wearing the iron mask sat down.

Lin Feng, Tian Qiong, and Prince Nan all looked startled.

Who was he? Bodhidharma from the Gods Sect?

 “Haha! Funny. I’m the young Patriarch of the Celestial Sect, do I need to give him face, too? Ignorant scoundrel! He can only hide behind his mask,” said someone mockingly. A man in white clothes appeared. He was pointing at the masked man with one finger and making fun of him.

Xuan Yuan Mu’s expression changed drastically. He wanted to bow and apologize, but he heard a horrible shriek. Everybody looked at the man who had just talked, who had disappeared instantly.

People’s hair bristled. He had said one sentence to provoke His Excellency Bodhidharma, and now he was dead, without leaving a body. How miserable!

Bodhidharma took his hand back and glanced at Xuan Yuan Mu. Xuan Yuan Mu hastily cupped his fist. “Your Excellency Bodhidharma, this will not happen again.”

“Indeed. If someone provokes me, I’ll kill your Patriarch and then I’ll choose a new one.”

The whole crowd was astonished. Their eyes and mouths were wide open.

Kill the Patriarch and choose a new one?

How frightening!

“Who is he? Why do I have the impression I know him?”

Lin Feng stared at Bodhidharma. Suddenly, Bodhidharma turned his head and looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had the impression millions of demonic insects had started nibbling on his body. He couldn’t afford to act recklessly. Lin Feng released forbidden strength and instantly, the impression vanished.

Lin Feng knew that Bodhidharma was stronger than Master Ox now.

Eh? As Lin Feng was thinking of the old ox, he suddenly realized that the old ox had cut off his connection to him.

“What’s going on now?”

Lin Feng didn’t understand. How strange. Bodhidharma had appeared, and the old ox had cut off his connection to him on purpose?

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