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PMG2 chapter 40

Chapter 40: Encircled!

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“Alright, the top ten cultivators of the High-Level Holy Kings and the Supreme Holy Kings have already shown up. Those ten people will come into my deployment spell to fight. Only those who make it to the end will become the Gods Sect’s disciples. Inside, everybody’s strength will be restricted to the strength of the Huang Qi layer and you can’t kill people inside. Otherwise, you will be punished,” said Xuan Yuan Mu.

Everybody listened carefully. A group fight? Would High-Level Holy Kings and Supreme Holy Kings be together? They would all have the strength of the Huang Qi layer. The problem was that Supreme Holy Kings had more experience than High-Level Holy Kings.

But the cultivation world wasn’t fair, right?

Strength mattered. Fairness mattered for weak people.

Lin Feng glanced at Meng Qing and You You, who looked totally at ease, not nervous at all. They had experience and they were strong. It would be easy for them to succeed.

“Ten Thousand Evolution Deployment Spell,” said Xuan Yuan Mu, waving his left hand. He was holding a talisman in his right hand. Some words appeared in the air, a deployment spell a few thousand meters in size appeared. There were jungles, lakes, mountains…

“All those who passed the first round, go inside,” said Xuan Yuan Mu, raising his left hand. The Supreme Holy Kings entered the deployment spell proudly. They couldn’t imagine getting defeated by High-Level Holy Kings.

After the Supreme Holy Kings entered the deployment spell, Meng Qing and Tang You You followed with the other High-Level Holy Kings.

“Start. You have one hour. Those who are defeated within the allocated time must leave the deployment spell voluntarily,” said Xuan Yuan Mu. He waved, lights flashed, and everybody had the impression something had been taken from them. They were now all emperors.

Meng Qing and Tang You You jumped onto a mountain. Since it was a group battle, they had to take out some stragglers too. That way, they’d be under less pressure.

Meng Qing and Tang You You used a tactic Lin Feng used to use all the time back in the days. He was standing at the top of the bleachers and watching them. He was a bit worried, and kept staring at them.

At the same level, nobody could harm them, though.

He also needed to pay attention to the other High-Level Holy Kings of the Tian Clan who had also taken the exams. Some of them had had pretty good results. Lin Feng paid particular attention to them.

Tian Qiong had his hands clasped in his back. He was worried about the members of his clan. Besides, he also noticed the two women who were wearing plaited bamboo hats, and he started thinking they looked more and more like the two women who had come with Lin Feng.

Tian Qiong glanced at Lin Feng casually. He also noticed that Lin Feng was watching them. He smiled evilly, and a talisman appeared in his left hand. He wrote a few words on it, and the talisman disappeared. The members of the Tian Clan in the deployment spell received a message from him.

Lin Feng realized something was wrong because the members of the Tian Clan seemed to be looking at something. Were they cheating?

Lin Feng released some strength which moved towards the deployment spell space. He wanted to check what the members of the Tian Clan were looking at.

But at that moment, someone prevented his strength from moving forwards. Lin Feng recalled his strength, and noticed that Tian Qiong was smiling coldly.

“Mu Feng, it’s an exam, you can’t cheat,” Tian Qiong smiled coldly and mockingly.

Lin Feng frowned. He was convinced Tian Qiong had cheated, but he couldn’t guess how.

He didn’t say anything. He just stared at Meng Qing and You You. If anything happened, he’d be the first to notice it.

When Tian Qiong noticed that Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he took his hand back. He kept smiling coldly though.

Hehe, some really strong cultivators will definitely encircle your beloved women, what will you do then? Hehe!

Some time passed, everybody kept watching. Some people were eliminated in combat. They didn’t leave though, they stayed to watch, wanting to see who would succeed and become the Gods Sect’s disciples.

Thirty minutes passed extremely quickly. During those thirty minutes, the remaining twenty people didn’t fight, they did their best to hide and watch.

But Xuan Yuan Mu couldn’t wait forever. Therefore, he shook his hand and the mountains and rivers all disappeared, turning the zone into a flatland. Everybody could see everybody else.

“Hehe, the great battles are going to start!” Xuan Yuan Mu laughed indifferently.

As expected, the twenty cultivators started a group battle. Meng Qing was fighting against a man in black clothes. He was a Supreme Holy King outside the deployment spell, but now they were all emperors.

But Meng Qing was Xue Ling Long, an emblem of the Snow Clan. She had been following Lin Feng for a very long time, and she was extremely strong. As expected, the Supreme Holy King lost in a few seconds and left the deployment spell.

It was the first Supreme Holy King who had lost. He was furious and clenched his fists. How annoying, he had lost against a woman!

“The show is starting.” Tian Qiong smiled and narrowed his eyes.

Lin Feng looked at him angrily. He watched the people in the deployment spell, seven strong cultivators joined hands and encircled Meng Qing and Tang You You. In the blink of an eye, the two women were in a difficult position.

Lin Feng understood why Tian Qiong kept smiling happily. He had been plotting against them!

Lin Feng looked glum. Tian Qiong looked at him mockingly. Lin Feng wanted to punch him, and prove he was cheating.

Xuan Yuan Mu was surprised when he saw that eleven people were surrounding the two women who were wearing plaited bamboo hats. Interesting…

But Meng Qing and Tang You You kept calm. Meng Qing slapped a High-Level Holy King and eliminated him instantly.

Tang You You also used some attacks her teacher had taught her. She eliminated a Supreme Holy King.

Nine people were left around them now, including four High-Level Holy Kings of the Tian Clan.

Who would win in the end? People didn’t think Meng Qing and You You could possibly win.

Lin Feng looked furious. Tian Qiong looked proud and satisfied. Lin Feng couldn’t do much but watch. If they were eliminated, he’d have to pick them up and take care of them again!

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