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PMG2 chapter 41

Chapter 41: Try and Punish Me…

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“You’re surrounding us, two women. If you agree and stop, no matter who wins or loses, when we go out, you’ll all get Holy King’s weapons, what do you think?”

Meng Qing and Tang You You knew perfectly well the Tian Clan had been plotting against them. They knew they had to find a way to convince the four members of the Tian Clan. Tian Qiong had probably promised them something for surrounding them.

Therefore, Meng Qing also used the same method, because these people care about their own personal interests above all. The Tian Clan probably couldn’t offer them Holy King’s weapons.

As expected, their eyes twinkled.

“Really?” asked a Supreme Holy King.

“Of course, it’s a promise,” said Meng Qing. Her ring gleamed and a Holy King’s weapon appeared.

The Supreme Holy King instantly jumped forwards, but Meng Qing wasn’t stupid, she knew he’d try to steal it as quickly as possible. As soon as he jumped, she recalled the Holy King’s weapon.

“If you want this weapon, I can give it to you when we go out. If you don’t accept, you won’t get anything. I don’t care, I can even give up the exam, ”declared Meng Qing. The Supreme Holy King looked thoughtful, glancing at the others.

“Alright, we accept. We won’t encircle you, but there are only seven open positions, what do we do?” asked the Supreme Holy King to Meng Qing.

Meng Qing smiled softly and gently and said indifferently, “Very easy. Defeat those four people and there’ll be seven people left!” said Meng Qing, waving at the four members of the Tian Clan.

The expression of the four Tian Clan’s members changed drastically, and they jumped away.

“Where are you going?” said the five Supreme Holy Kings. For Holy King’s weapons, they were ready to do anything!

Even though they only had the strength of the Huang Qi layer in there, they had more experience and they were braver, so they had the advantage.

Tian Qiong looked nervous, he took out a talisman and started writing things on it.

Lin Feng couldn’t give Tian Qiong any such opportunity. He raised his left hand and released forbidden strength. He released absorbing strength with his right hand, and the talisman was dragged towards him.

Tian Qiong’s expression changed drastically. He wanted to take the talisman back, but Xuan Yuan Mu prevented him from doing so.

“You can’t fight during the exam,” said Xuan Yuan Mu. Tian Qiong clenched his fists and looked at Lin Feng angrily.

Lin Feng looked at the talisman and what was written on it, “promise to give them two Holy King’s weapons each if they encircle the women.”

“Hehe, Tian Qiong, I will not forget what you did during the exam!” said Lin Feng. He erased what was written on the talisman and threw it back at Tian Qiong, smiling coldly.

Tian Qiong groaned icily. Fire appeared and the talisman disappeared.

“Remembering what happened doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get your revenge,” hissed Tian Qiong, smiling coldly. Then he looked at Xuan Yuan Mu, “We give up.”

“Alright, it’s the end of the exam,” shouted Xuan Yuan Mu when he heard Tian Qiong. The deployment spell vanished.

When the deployment spell vanished, Lin Feng released forbidden strength around his wives, and brought them to him.

Lin Feng was worried that Tian Qiong and his people would attack them.

The Supreme Holy Kings also recovered the strength of the Supreme Holy King layer. They didn’t pay any attention to Lin Feng.

“We have a deal. Now, give us Holy King’s weapons!” said the leader of the group, looking at Meng Qing.

Meng Qing smiled and looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded. He gave the five cultivators a ring each.

“These are your Holy King’s weapons,” said Lin Feng to the five cultivators.

The five cultivators took their weapons and looked at Lin Feng’s ring.

“One is not enough, right?” said the man smiling coldly. He cast greedy eyes on Lin Feng’s ring.

Lin Feng frowned and said indifferently, “What else do you want?”

“Give us one more each and we won’t cause trouble. Otherwise, give us your women!” replied the man, casting greedy eyes on Meng Qing and Tang You You, staring at their figures. They had stunning bodies, and that man probably hadn’t had a woman for a very long time.

The five Supreme Holy Kings weren’t afraid because they were together. Even though Lin Feng was a Half-Holy Emperor, five Supreme Holy Kings together were supposed to be stronger, so they dared act out.

Lin Feng was furious. Especially when those men talked about his wives, again!

Lin Feng turned to Xuan Yuan Mu and said, “I’m going to kill those five people. Don’t blame me.”

“No, you…”

When Xuan Yuan Mu heard Lin Feng, his expression changed drastically. He started talking, but it was too late. Lin Feng had attacked already.

When the five cultivators saw Lin Feng attack, their expressions changed drastically. They raised the Holy King’s weapons Lin Feng had given to them to strike back.

How could Lin Feng’s things be so easy to steal?

Lin Feng raised his left hand and released forbidden strength, absorbing strength surrounded those people. Their faces paled.

“Please spare our lives, Master. We were wrong.”

“Please, Master, forgive us. We don’t want the weapons!”

The men were pleading, begging for their lives.

Lin Feng continued releasing forbidden strength. Absorbing strength surrounded them, and they fell down on their knees, their Qi gone. They became useless pieces of trash.

“You cast greedy eyes on my weapons and my women, how could I forgive you?” swore Lin Feng. He raised his left hand and white lights flashed. Five trails of blood splashed, and the five cultivators died.

They had cast greedy eyes on Lin Feng’s women, and Lin Feng killed them. It was a way to warn everybody else that if they dared cast greedy eyes on his women, they’d die!

Lin Feng was holding his God’s Sword, blood dripping from it. He took a deep breath and ignored the corpses on the ground.

“Mu Feng, you…” Xuan Yuan Mu was furious.

Recruiting disciples for the Gods Sect wasn’t easy, and Lin Feng had killed them!

“Master Xuan Yuan, Mu Feng killed some of our people. That’s a terrible offense!” said Tian Qiong, smiling coldly.

“Indeed. Master Xuan Yuan, Mu Feng doesn’t listen to your orders. You can’t forgive him. He’s capable of killing his fellow disciples!” Prince Nan joined in.

The two of them were trying to infuriate Xuan Yuan Mu.

“Mu Feng, what do you have to say!?” said Xuan Yuan Mu furiously.

Lin Feng shook his head and said indifferently, “In the worst case, I can leave the Gods Sect. If you want to punish me, you can try, too.”

Lin Feng sounded proud. Many people were astonished by his reply.

‘You can try’? How arrogant!

Xuan Yuan Mu’s face began to cycle through a few colors. “Alright, I’ll punish you, let’s see what you intend to do!” he shouted furiously. Lin Feng was too indifferent and arrogant for him.

“Xuan Yuan Mu, if you try and punish him, I’ll kill you,” interjected someone neutrally. Everybody heard him. Who dared say they would kill Xuan Yuan Mu?

Everybody raised their heads and were astonished when they saw who had just spoken.

Xuan Yuan Mu saw Bodhidharma stand up, and looked worried. Then he cupped his fist respectfully, “Master Bodhidharma, you…?”

Xuan Yuan Mu wanted to ask what Bodhidharma meant, but he was too scared to talk.

Bodhidharma looked at Lin Feng in amusement and asked, “Little boy, what is your name?”

Everybody looked at Lin Feng, knowing he had concealed his real name.

Lin Feng looked at Bodhidharma, he was startled and didn’t know what to say at first, but he still replied, “My name is Lin Feng!”, cupping his fist.

Bodhidharma laughed wholeheartedly. He raised his left hand, and black Qi surrounded Lin Feng. Xuan Yuan Mu stared at Bodhidharma.

“Master Bodhidharma, you…?” he stammered.

Bodhidharma glanced at Xuan Yuan Mu and the others. When he saw that everybody was astonished, he said calmly, “Lin Feng, from now on, you’re my disciple!”


Everybody’s hair bristled!

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