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PMG2 chapter 42

Chapter 42: Bodhidharma’s Chief Disciple

Edited by RED


“Master Bodhidharma, you…?”

When Xuan Yuan Mu heard Bodhidharma, he was astonished. Bodhidharma had recruited Lin Feng as a disciple?

Bodhidharma was Xuan Yuan Mu’s elder, and he was also Xuan Yuan Mu’s teacher. If Lin Feng became Bodhidharma’s disciple, it meant that Xuan Yuan Mu and Lin Feng would become fellow disciples. One could well imagine what it meant for Prince Nan and Tian Qiong.

“I’ve been a cultivator for three thousand years. I remember when I was still a cultivator of the Qi layer. I progressed step by step. I practice demon cultivation. Demon cultivation is my path. People often consider demon cultivation something strange. I’ve never recruited a disciple in my life. Now, Lin Feng is here, which means he’s also my first disciple! He can also be considered as a chief disciple!” declared Bodhidharma.

Everybody was shaken. Chief disciple? Bodhidharma’s chief disciple?

What an incredible title! Tian Qiong and Prince Nan clenched their fists. They wanted to rip out Lin Feng’s flesh and muscles.

Lin Feng was astonished. Bodhidharma was extremely strong. Even Xuan Yuan Mu looked at him with admiration and respect.

Bodhidharma was a High-Level Holy Emperor, the highest cultivation level Lin Feng had ever seen since he had arrived in the Continent of the Gods.

Outside of the Holy Shrines, they were probably extremely rare.

But Lin Feng was surprised, not excited. Besides, Lin Feng didn’t really want to accept and become Bodhidharma’s disciple, he already had teachers: Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu!

“Lin Feng, what are you waiting for? Come and greet your teacher,” said Xuan Yuan Mu to Lin Feng when he saw that he didn’t say anything. Even Bodhidharma looked at Lin Feng in a strange way, what was wrong with him?

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Bodhidharma, he cupped his fist apologetically and said, “Master Bodhidharma, I will always remember your good intentions and kindness. Thank you for thinking highly of my humble self. However, I already have teachers, I can’t have a main teacher. I’m extremely sorry. Thank you for your understanding.”

He didn’t look nervous. He was firm. Surprisingly, Lin Feng refused. It was incredible.

As expected, when Lin Feng said that, Bodhidharma instantly stopped smiling. He even looked angry.

“Say that again?” shouted Bodhidharma furiously, pointing at Lin Feng..

“I can’t have a new teacher, otherwise that would be disrespectful for my teachers,” said Lin Feng fearlessly.

Bodhidharma asked, “Where are they? How strong are they?”

“Master, they are not here. I don’t know where they are. They are Low-Level Holy Kings,” said Lin Feng honestly.

When Bodhidharma and the others heard Lin Feng, they all burst into laughter. Most people looked at Lin Feng mockingly. Regarding Bodhidharma’s laughter, people didn’t understand what it meant.

“Lin Feng, your teacher ares only Low-Level Holy Kings. They can’t help you anymore. Why would you still consider them teachers?” asked Bodhidharma. He was curious. He didn’t understand Lin Feng’s state of mind.

Lin Feng didn’t need to think to reply, he instantly replied, “Because a teacher is like a father!”

“Hahaha! Alright, good, good! A teacher is like a father!”

Lin Feng wasn’t even done talking when Bodhidharma burst into wholehearted laughter. People didn’t understand whether he was happy or furious.

Xuan Yuan Mu didn’t understand, either. All he could was watch.

Lin Feng looked at Bodhidharma. Bodhidharma nodded approvingly and smiled, “You will definitely become an overlord someday. Regarding a teacher as a father is something beautiful. You’re a good boy.”

“Therefore, please forgive me, I can’t have a new teacher,” said Lin Feng.

Bodhidharma nodded and said, “Indeed. You already have a teacher, so you can’t have a new one.”

“Hehe, you don’t know how to differentiate good from bad. A High-Level Holy Emperor wants to recruit you as a disciple, and you surprisingly refused.” said Tian Qiong, glancing at Lin Feng and smiling mockingly.

Many people sneered to themselves, but didn’t show it, they didn’t want to offend Bodhidharma.

Bodhidharma heard Tian Qiong’s sarcastic remark, he glanced at him and asked indifferently, “If I wanted to recruit you as a disciple even though you already have a teacher, how would you react?”

Tian Qiong was startled. The thought of being recruited by a High-Level Holy Emperor itself made him feel excited. Tian Qiong didn’t dare take time to think, he replied hastily, “My teacher wouldn’t mind if I became Master Bodhidharma’s disciple. I don’t need to be worried about what he thinks.”

“Oh? Hehe!” When Bodhidharma heard that, he smiled strangely.

“And you, if I wanted to recruit you as a disciple even though you already have a teacher, how would you react?” asked Bodhidharma to Ma Nan.

The thought also made Prince Nan excited, but he looked calmer than Tian Qiong.

“I would ask for his permission, then I’d stop being his disciple, and I’d become yours.”

Everybody sighed when they heard Prince Nan’s reply. People were all different.

When Bodhidharma heard those two people, he smiled coldly. He glanced at Lin Feng again, having more and more esteem for Lin Feng.

“Even though you are both talented, you are not good people, I would never recruit people like you as disciples. Even if Lin Feng wanted to become my disciple now, I would refuse,” said Bodhidharma, smiling mockingly.

Tian Qiong and Prince Nan’s expressions changed drastically. They were furious, but they didn’t dare say anything, all they could do was clench their fists. They looked at Lin Feng angrily.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Bodhidharma gave him a reason to do something against them, but even if he hadn’t, he would have definitely taken his revenge at some point.

“Lin Feng, you can be my chief disciple, but you don’t need to consider me as your teacher. You can consider me a Master and call me Master Bodhidharma, what do you think?” Bodhidharma asked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng could refuse that, but he smiled and said, “Thank you for thinking highly of me, Master. I agree.”

“Haha, good! So from now on you’re my chief disciple. I will show everybody in the Gods Sect that my chief disciple is a person of high morals! Hmph!” said Bodhidharma, laughing loudly and opening his arms, demon Qi rolled in waves around him.

People hastily retreated. They were afraid the demon Qi would reach them. Xuan Yuan Mu also stepped back. Only Lin Feng stayed where he was. He closed his eyes and sensed Bodhidharma’s demon energy.

When he saw that Lin Feng was studying his demon energy, Bodhidharma was startled. He smiled happily and thought it was great to have such a chief disciple!

“Little boy, demon cultivation is incredible. Demons are free and fearless. Demons are natural and unrestrained!”

Bodhidharma’s voice resonated in Lin Feng’s head, but other people didn’t hear him. However, some people were jealous of Lin Feng, while some others looked at him with admiration.

Tian Qiong and Prince Nan were furious and ground their teeth. They only wanted to kill Lin Feng!

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  1. Rassum May 4, 2019 at 10:32 am - Reply

    I don’t understand. This chapter establishes that Xuan Yuan Mu is Bodhidharma’s disciple, which would make Lin Feng his second disciple. But then in the next paragraph Bodhidharma declares “I’ve never recruited a disciple in my life”.

    • Gray May 30, 2019 at 2:10 pm - Reply

      I think its like a paid respect to Bodhidarma, since the Xuan Yuan is already have title “Elder God Sect” but Bodhidarma is higher than him, so he look at Bodhidarma as a Teacher (or what other people see this hierarchy) so with that in mind, he can be a disciple (but unofficial) on the outsider.

      But i might be wrong, since it just my opinion.

    • Fritz July 14, 2019 at 4:49 am - Reply

      Lin Feng has been chosen as a direct disciple and will be instructed personally by Bodhidharma

      Xuan merely studies under Bodhidharma and other teachers of the sect.

      As a student Xuan is a disciple of the sect while Bodhidharma is a teacher of the sect, so those are the correct respect titles. Similar to familiarly addressing any elder as uncle/aunt or grandfather/grandmother. These titles do not mean they are actual family elders.

      Lin Feng is the first direct disciple Bodhidharma has ever taken.

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