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PMG2 chapter 43

Chapter 43: Accepting Challenges

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“Thank you, Master Bodhidharma,” said Lin Feng, cupping his fist respectfully. Bodhidharma’s demon energy allowed Lin Feng to understand different aspects regarding demon cultivation. Lin Feng’s demon level two Dao improved instantly.

“You’re welcome. I am like a teacher to you, even if you don’t consider me as such,” said Bodhidharma with a smile. He raised his left hand and recalled his demon Qi.

Demon Qi disappeared. Everybody looked at Lin Feng and Bodhidharma. They didn’t really understand what was going on.

Tian Qiong and Prince Nan looked at Lin Feng, sensing that his Qi had increased. Bodhidharma had already taught Lin Feng a few things!

“Alright, Master Bodhidharma has already recruited a chief disciple, you two can become my disciples.” Xuan Yuan Mu said to Tian Qiong and Prince Nan.

What could they say? They could only accept becoming Xuan Yuan Mu’s disciple. Lin Feng had become their teacher’s fellow disciple! They were furious, but what could they do? Nothing. The best they could do was wait for an opportunity to kill him!

“Brother Lin Feng, are these your wives?” Xuan Yuan Mu asked, looking at Meng Qing and Tang You You. He sounded much nicer now.

“Indeed, they are my wives,” said Lin Feng honestly while taking his wives’ hands.

Xuan Yuan Mu nodded and said, “They passed the exam. They can become Han Xianzi’s disciples, what do you think?”

“Han Xianzi?” Lin Feng looked at Xuan Yuan Mu in a strange way, who was Han Xianzi?

“No problem. They can become Han Xianzi’s disciples,” said Bodhidharma. Xuan Yuan Mu nodded. Bodhidharma thought it was a good idea, so Lin Feng didn’t take risks by disagreeing.

Lin Feng looked at Bodhidharma skeptically, though. Bodhidharma noticed that and started explaining things to Lin Feng.

“In the Gods Sect, there are many factions. Xuan Yuan Mu’s teacher is a great elder. Xuan Yuan Mu and I are of the same level. Han Xianzi is the leader of another faction, and we are of the same level. She only recruits women. Your wives can be her disciples, you don’t need to worry.”

“There are only those few factions?” asked Lin Feng.

“Of course not. Apart from those three, there are other factions, supreme factions and holy factions. Supreme Factions’ Leaders’ disciples are patriarchs, while Holy Factions’ leaders are of the noblest kind, they are from the Holy Shrine. They have very high positions in the Gods Sect!” explained Bodhidharma patiently. Everybody else heard him.

Xuan Yuan Mu was a supreme elder’s disciple. Supreme elders’ disciples were current patriarchs. So, wasn’t Lin Feng a patriarch now, too?

Tian Qiong and Prince Nan looked at Lin Feng with hatred. Lin Feng now had a high social status in the Gods Sect. They were only low-rank disciples now!

Lin Feng understood what it meant, and was startled. What a high social status! His fellow disciples were Gods Sect’s patriarchs!

“Alright, everybody, good luck with your cultivation. When the exam is completely finished, I’ll bring you to your residences. You’ll be able to practice cultivation there,” said Bodhidharma. He sat down on his chair again, and looked like a statue again.

Xuan Yuan Mu was relieved.

“The Half-Holy Emperors’ exam can start. There are two ways to be qualified. The first option is to climb up the stairs.

“The second solution is to challenge one of these three, if you win, you will replace them,” said Xuan Yuan Mu, glancing at Lin Feng.

He now understood that Bodhidharma might want to use those people to see whether Lin Feng could compete with them or not. If he failed, he wouldn’t be qualified to be Bodhidharma’s disciple.

Lin Feng understood that as well. He had become Bodhidharma’s chief disciple, many people envied him and wanted to replace him!

Tian Qiong and Prince Nan smiled coldly. Lin Feng’s situation could be great, but it could also bring about his destruction. How many Half-Holy Emperors would challenge him now?

“Those who want to climb up the stairs can start now,” said Xuan Yuan Mu.

Xuan Yuan Mu sounded rather impassive. At that moment, the whole crowd was stupefied because only one Half-Holy Emperor started climbing up the stairs. He was wearing blue clothes.

That man knew Lin Feng and the others were extremely strong.

Now, he decided to go up the stairs. The others Half-Holy Emperors were waiting. Xuan Yuan Mu sighed. Some people were ready to take all risks for their own benefits.

“Now, challengers, battles to death are possible!” shouted Xuan Yuan Mu, adding a new rule.

Two Half-Holy Emperors instantly retreated when they heard that. They wanted to climb up the stairs instead, but Yu Qing prevented them from doing so.

They could only challenge people.

“First challenger, say whom you want to challenge clearly.” said Xuan Yuan Mu to the crowd.

“I’ll come first, I want to challenge Lin Feng!” said a middle-aged man in white clothes, pointing at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was focused. He said indifferently, “I accept the challenge.”

“Hmph, I’m going to become the chief disciple, then!” shouted the man furiously. He threw himself at Lin Feng, raising his fist.

Water Dao. That man controlled one of the five elements, water. His water Dao was also level two.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. This guy really overestimated his own abilities!

Lin Feng raised his fist and threw it out. A terrifying demon energy appeared and surrounded the water Dao. The man’s expression changed drastically, and he hastily stepped back.

But how could Lin Feng give him any opportunity? He released speed Dao and disappeared.

The man’s expression changed as he paled. He sensed a presence behind him, but he didn’t have time to react though, blood splashed instantly, he was blown away and crashed onto the ground. A crater a few meters wide appeared around him.

“The first challenger failed!” said Lin Feng loudly.

“I’ll come now!”

Lin Feng provoked the other challengers and hurt their dignity. Someone came and challenged him instantly.

He was relatively young and wearing black clothes. The man had an arched sword in his back. It was a powerful Holy King’s weapon, a half-God’s weapon.

His blade instantly streaked across the sky, a black trail appearing in the sky. Lin Feng jumped backwards as quickly as possible. Lights passed next to him.

That person was stronger than the previous challenger. Lin Feng also took out his God’s Sword. It was also a half-God’s weapon.

“Broken Space!” shouted the man furiously. The blade moved towards Lin Feng again. It contained an aggressive sharp Dao strength which chopped at space. The space was cut into two different parts.

The man started laughing, as if he had already won.

It was useless against Lin Feng, though. Lin Feng had spent hundreds of years in Ganges Time, Mister Time had told him that space and time were unfathomable kinds of Dao strength.

Lin Feng raised his left hand, and the level two space strength disappeared. His God’s Sword streaked across the space. The man’s head flew away, and his body fell down onto the ground.

It was the first Half-Holy Emperor who died!

“The second challenger lost. Who else wants to try?!”

Lin Feng was standing in the sky holding his God’s Sword, blood dripping from it. He looked like a war god. His voice made people’s hearts twitch. Nobody dared challenge Lin Feng again.

Challenging him to become the chief disciple was too risky!

“I’ll challenge Tian Qiong.”

“I’ll challenge Prince Nan.”

After a few minutes of silence, some people finally decided to challenge Tian Qiong and Prince Nan instead of Lin Feng. A cold smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face, He glanced at Tian Qiong and Prince Nan to see their expressions. They both pulled long faces.

“Master, can we leave now?”

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