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PMG2 chapter 44

Chapter 44: Han Xianzi

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Lin Feng knew that after killing that Half-Holy Emperor, nobody else would dare challenge him. Therefore, it didn’t matter whether he stayed or not, nobody would challenge him anyway.

He was now sure nobody would replace him as a chief disciple. Therefore, he didn’t need to stay there. It would be best not to waste time. If Bodhidharma could show him where he could practice cultivation that would be ideal. He also wanted Meng Qing and You You to go and meet Han Xianzi.

Bodhidharma knew what Lin Feng was thinking. He didn’t feel like staying there, either. Every year, he went to the event and until now he had never found a disciple. He was happy he had found Lin Feng.

Bodhidharma walked away, followed by Lin Feng and his two wives.

Coincidentally, at that moment, the man in blue clothes who was climbing up the flight of stairs managed to reach the ten thousandth step. As a result, he became the fourth disciple of the Gods Sect.

He watched the other Half-Holy Emperors challenge Tian Qiong and Ma Nan.

Lin Feng glanced at the man. Lin Feng thought he looked quite strong, but he didn’t know why.

The man watched Lin Feng leave. His eyes gleamed evilly for a millisecond.

Bodhidharma and the three others arrived in front of an ice-cold palace. The cold pierced through to their bones. Lin Feng was freezing and shivering.

“It’s Han Xianzi’s palace. I’ll call him,” Bodhidharma said to Lin Feng. He shouted, “Old beast, come OUT!”

OUT, Out, out…

The palace started flashing. An iceberg flew towards them extremely quickly. Lin Feng couldn’t even see it clearly because it was so fast. It flew towards Meng Qing and You You.

Lin Feng jumped forwards, wanting to protect his wives, but Bodhidharma raised his left hand and black lights surrounded Lin Feng. The iceberg melted.

“Old beast, that’s my disciple and his wives. Don’t mess with me!” shouted Bodhidharma furiously.

“Tee-hee! You old ghost, you’re so boring. Boring!” said a ghostly voice. It was impossible to tell whether it was a man or a woman.

But when Lin Feng saw Han Xianzi, he immediately thought of a few words he had heard on Earth, epicene!

Blue lights flashed and a skinny man appeared at the top of the palace. His hair reached his waist. He was wearing a woman’s dress and had makeup on, with snowy-white legs. There was ice floating around him. He looked like a demonic beast.

“That’s Han Xianzi…?” whispered Tang You You. She was astonished.

Lin Feng looked embarrassed and smiled wryly, scratching his head. He didn’t know how to react. He glanced at Bodhidharma.

Bodhidharma coughed and glanced back at Lin Feng. By coughing, he meant to tell Lin Feng not to say anything.

“Han Xianzi, I came to give you two disciples. They are my disciple’s wives,” said Bodhidharma, pushing Lin Feng forwards. Even though they were wearing plaited bamboo hats, they had incredible figures. Han Xianzi’s eyes twinkled when he saw them.

“Pfew, how hot. Having such hotties as disciples is a great thing. Thanks, silver fox!” said Han Xianzi. He raised his left hand and two Ice Winter Hunting Dogs appeared in front of Lin Feng’s wives. They howled and barked furiously, glaring at the women.

“Jump on them. When you get on their back, then I’ll consider you my disciples. If anyone causes trouble to you, I will crush them!” said Han Xianzi in a tender, womanly voice. Meng Qing and Tang You You glanced at each other and then looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded, so the two women walked towards the ice winter hunting dogs with the greatest care.

Ice Winter Hunting Dogs were supreme beasts in the world of ice cultivation.

But Meng Qing was Xue Ling Long, a Holy Snow Fox, dogs couldn’t compare.

The dog which Meng Qing walked towards instantly sensed she was an incredible snow creature, and immediately submitted. It lowered its head and emitted a short and low bark. Han Xianzi was stupefied and paid more attention to Meng Qing.

“You’re… Xue Ling Long?”

Han Xianzi’s mouth was open as he stared at Meng Qing.

Meng Qing knew that her real social status had been uncovered. She couldn’t lie to the two High-Level Holy Emperors who were standing in front of her. Therefore, all she could do was nod.

Han Xianzi didn’t say anything and walked over to Bodhidharma. Then she (Translator’s note: so far, Han Xianzi can be referred to using “he” or “she”) kissed Bodhidharma. Lin Feng was astonished.

“Oh Heavens…” Lin Feng was speechless. Bodhidharma was speechless and astonished too, and then furious. He even punched Han Xianzi.

Han Xianzi smiled tenderly. He tapped Bodhidharma’s shoulder and walked to Meng Qing, smiling, “Xue Ling Long, how incredible, what a delight to meet you!”

“Master, you’re exaggerating,” said Meng Qing smiling indifferently, yet blushing.

Han Xianzi looked proud and said mincingly, “Call me Sister Han, don’t call me master. I’m not that old.”

Blood spurted out of Lin Feng’s nose. He had never met someone like this before…

“Uhhh, Sister Han,” Meng Qing smiled wryly.

“Hehe, good, you’re my direct disciple from now on,” said Han Xianzi with a smile. Then she looked at Tang You You and smiled, “You have a special body, nice little birdie.”

“Silver fox, those two hotties are awesome. Thank you for introducing them to me,” said Han Xianzi, smiling at Bodhidharma. Bodhidharma’s face turned green, but all he could do was clench his fists.

Han Xianzi smiled naturally. Then she grabbed Meng Qing and You You’s hands and smiled at Lin Feng, “Little boy, I’m going with your wives. If you want to see them, you can come to the Ice Palace. And you should be careful, because those holy men might cast greedy eyes on your wives, hehe!”

She jumped onto an Ice Winter Hunting Dog as well, and they all left.

Lin Feng watched Meng Qing and You You disappear inside the palace. He was relieved. With Han Xianzi, they were safe and they would probably become Supreme Holy Kings soon.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Bodhidharma, whose face was still green. Lin Feng looked at him strangely.

Bodhidharma looked away when he saw Lin Feng’s expression.

“Hehe, Master, what is your relationship to Han Xianzi?” Lin Feng asked teasingly.

Bodhidharma shouted furiously, “You want to fight, little boy?!”

“Hehe, don’t be angry. I’m just joking,” said Lin Feng. Joking with Bodhidharma was risky, so he stopped talking.

“He’s actually a man. But his body changed when he started practicing ice cultivation. Now he’s an epicene,” Bodhidharma sighed. He glanced at the ice palace and left.

“Little boy, she wasn’t joking when she talked about those holy men. When they are bored, they come to the Ice Palace to harass the women. Watch your wives,” said Bodhidharma while walking away.

Lin Feng blinked. He wouldn’t forget that. If holy men harassed his wives, he would kill them, and if he couldn’t kill them, he’d ask the old ox for help!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng took a deep breath and followed after Bodhidharma.

Han Xianzi’s palace was magnificent, Bodhidharma’s palace would probably be incredible too.

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