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PMG2 chapter 45

Chapter 45: Mystery of the Lens

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Lin Feng arrived at Bodhidharma’s palace, it truly was incredible. It was magnificent, grandiose. Even the Shrines’ buildings in the Continent of the Nine Clouds were not as incredible.

Even though the buildings were magnificent, they were also surrounded by a cold and desolate demon energy. Ordinary people were afraid when looking at it. It felt like a lifeless place.

“Lin Feng, there’s demon energy everywhere here. If you don’t understand something, come to the small world to find me. I’m off,” Bodhidharma said to Lin Feng. He rolled up his sleeves, turned into black smoke, and disappeared. Lin Feng understood that the palaces around were those people’s small worlds. Bodhidharma’s palace was a small world. Han Xianzi’s palace was also a small world.

Lin Feng shuddered with anxiety and even dread when thinking about Han Xianzi. The thought of going to see his two wives and bumping into Han Xianzi worried him.

Lin Feng glanced around and then entered the palace. It was empty. Lin Feng found a room appropriate to practice cultivation. Lin Feng was now strong, and he could live in his own world. He didn’t need much.

But now he was Bodhidharma’s chief disciple. It was a high social status, even Xuan Yuan Mu considered it prestigious.

Even though Xuan Yuan Mu wasn’t a supreme elder’s chief disciple, they had granted him the power of recruiting new disciples, an important task.

Lin Feng walked into the room and sealed it from inside using empty space Dao strength.

Lin Feng took out the crystal lens he had taken from the mirror space the other day and examined it. It was glittering and translucent. Lin Feng could sense a powerful space and time Dao emerging from it.

It was like the space and time inside had been sealed.

Lin Feng had been in that world for a little while and understood a few things. If he wanted to become stronger, he needed to understand and control more kinds of level two Dao.

The more kinds of level two Dao strengths he controlled, the stronger he would become. Yu Qing controlled two sorts of level two Dao, that was why he was a stronger type of Half-Holy Emperor and had a higher social status than many people.

Thanks to his special body type, Lin Feng had the ability to understand several types of strengths. Therefore, he wanted to make all his Dao strengths reach the second level. In doing so, he would be able to surpass all other people at the same level.

The space and time Dao strength in the crystal lens seemed enigmatic and unfathomable. Lin Feng needed to suck it out and study it. He hoped that that way, his space and time Dao would reach the second level.

But the seal was quite resistant. It would be extremely difficult for Lin Feng to break it on his own.

Even though Bodhidharma had recruited him as his chief disciple, he would still need to see how Lin Feng would evolve in the future, so Lin Feng didn’t trust him. The only person he trusted fully was the old ox.

“Master Ox, can you show up?” had asked. The old ox had cut off his connection to Lin Feng. He probably had a plan, or maybe he feared Bodhidharma.

As expected, the old ox appeared in front of Lin Feng with a strange expression.

“Lin Feng, never contact me if Bodhidharma is around,” said the old ox. Lin Feng was worried. As expected, the old ox probably knew Bodhidharma.

“Lin Feng, the relationship I have with Bodhidharma is complex. Therefore, he can’t find out I exist. However, I can tell you one thing, it’s a great thing that you became his chief disciple. You can trust him,” said the old ox. He understood how Lin Feng felt.

Lin Feng was relieved.

“Master Ox, can you help me check this crystal lens out?” Lin Feng took out the crystal lens and gave it to the old ox.

The old ox glanced at it and back at Lin Feng, asking, “Did you find it the other day in the mirror space?”

“Indeed, I found it on that day. I haven’t told anyone,” Lin Feng nodded. He sat down on the bed in the room.

The old ox grabbed the lens and closed his eyes. Some blue lights appeared around the crystal and a powerful space and time Dao appeared. Lin Feng was delighted and started studying it right away, but the old ox then stopped releasing strength and gave it back to Lin Feng.

“What are you doing, Master?” said Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. Why did the old ox stop?

“There’s a High-Level Holy Emperor’s broken soul inside. Don’t break the seal, otherwise, you’ll be in great danger,” said Master Ox.

Lin Feng looked stupefied and nodded, “Alright, I understand. I will break it when I am strong enough.”

Lin Feng initially wanted to break it, study its space and time Dao strength, evolve his own space and time strength to the second level, and then kill Tian Qiong and Prince Nan.

But the plan fell through.

The old saw that Lin Feng was disappointed. He smiled, scratched his beard and said, “Don’t be disappointed. You’re Bodhidharma’s chief disciple. You can go and ask him for help.”

“Ask Bodhidharma for help?” Lin Feng was surprised.

“He’s a High-Level Holy Emperor. A broken soul of the same level poses no threat to him. Besides, if you have him break the seal, he’ll think even more highly of you because it’ll prove that you trust him. He will be patient with you and teach you many things. Don’t forget that you’re my master’s heir, you must continue becoming stronger.”

“We’re in the Gods Sect now. I can tell you the truth, I know many people in the Gods Sect, including Bodhidharma and Han Xianzi. Back in the days, my master taught them many things; they wouldn’t be who they are now if they hadn’t met him in the past. You’re my master’s heir, so you MUST become stronger than them!” stated the old ox.

Lin Feng felt a sudden pressure when he heard that, but he didn’t fear pressure. Since the very beginning in Yangzhou City, he had been under pressure. The best way to deal with problems was to approach them step by step.

He had reached the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, a little bit more pressure didn’t scare him!

“Master Ox, don’t worry. I will not disappoint the god.”

“Good. I’m going back, then. Go and see Bodhidharma. Nobody can learn about me, so I can’t help you,” said the old ox. He disappeared from the room, back inside Lin Feng’s world. A few minutes later, he was having a good time chatting with Yue Meng He, Lin Hai, and Liu Fei.

Lin Feng glanced around in his own world and sighed. His parents had a natural and unrestrained life. The old ox imitated them.

But wasn’t it awesome to have some who could protect his parents and spend time with them?

Lin Feng put the crystal lens away and left the room.

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