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PMG2 chapter 46

Chapter 46: Level Two Time Dao

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“Hey, have you heard about it? Bodhidharma has a new disciple. He’s called Lin Feng.”

“I’ve heard about it. He’s also a demon cultivator. Apparently, he’s quite strong.”

 “Pffft, if he saw our prince, he’d be terror-stricken.”

“Haha, of course, everybody is afraid of Prince Unicorn!”

On a small road outside of Bodhidharma’s palace, a few young men in black clothes were talking about Lin Feng. They sounded scornful and made fun of him. They didn’t know that Lin Feng was precisely smiling and looking at them.

The few men noticed someone in front of them and stopped.

“Who are you? Which group are you from?” asked the leader of the group coldly.

They were under the orders of a patriarch, and their patriarch didn’t think highly of anyone but holy people. He was extremely proud.

Lin Feng glanced at these people, who were all Peerless Holy Kings. It was the first time Lin Feng had seen Peerless Holy Kings since he had arrived in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Peerless Saints were considered extraordinary cultivators.

But in this world, Peerless Holy Kings were almost ordinary. Lin Feng even knew some High-Level Holy Emperors now. Nothing was impossible there.

“Which group are you guys from?” asked Lin Feng, not replying to them. They were all furious.

“How insolent. Show respect!” shouted the leader of the group, pointing at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng said indifferently, “I don’t like it when people point at me with their fingers. Put it down.” 

The young man was surprised, but then he burst into laughter. He continued pointing at Lin Feng and smiled mockingly, “Who the fuck do you think you are? Even if I point at you, what do you think you can do?”


The young man wasn’t even done talking.

Lin Feng disappeared. When the young man saw that, his expression changed drastically. Lin Feng was a Holy Emperor? How was that possible?

“Ah, ah… my finger!” shouted the young man suddenly. White lights flashed around his finger and blood sprayed out. His finger fell to the ground. He stepped backwards, his face ghastly pale. He was furious.

“You… you dared injure me?” shouted the young man furiously. His expression was hideous.

“Who are you? How dare you act like that?” asked the leader of the group. He was convinced nobody would dare attack him like that if they didn’t have a high social status.

“Me? Hehe, I’m the guy you were just talking about,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

The few young man’s expressions changed drastically, abruptly panic-stricken.

“Spare our lives, Master! We didn’t mean to offend you,” said the few young men, kneeling down hastily. They had dared talk about Lin Feng that way, but they knew he had accomplished great things. He had injured a Half-Holy Emperor, killed another one, and they knew he could easily destroy Peerless Holy Kings.

Lin Feng was now their teacher’s fellow disciple. Their teacher was a patriarch of the Gods Sect, Prince Unicorn, and having a powerful teacher didn’t prove that they were extremely strong!

“You’re all under the orders of a patriarch?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

 “Indeed, Uncle Lin Feng,” said the young man nodding. He didn’t dare lie to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded and said, “You can go. In the future, behave. Being under the orders of a patriarch is nothing exceptional.”

“Understood, we will remember, Uncle,” said the men, nodding hastily. They stood up, bowed, and left quickly.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and watched them leave. He probably wouldn’t have good relations with their group in the future, as they wouldn’t leave the matter at that.

As expected, the few young men stopped somewhere where Lin Feng couldn’t see them and stopped.

“Brother Wu Lin, how can we leave the matter at that?” asked one of the young men angrily.

Wu Lin was the leader of the group. He clenched his fists and shouted, “Of course we can’t! He cut one of my fingers off! He must die!”

Wu Lin looked hideous and ferocious. His eyes were bloodshot, staring at his bleeding fist.

“But Brother Wu Lin, he’s one of our teacher’s fellow disciples, Bodhidharma’s chief disciple. He has a higher social status than our teacher. What can we do?” asked a Supreme Holy King.

Wu Lin remained silent first and then smiled coldly. He whispered a few sentences to his friends and explained his plan.

After a short time, they all smiled evilly, as if they had already reached their goal, before leaving.

Shortly after they left, a man in black clothes wearing a mask appeared and watched them leave.

“My chief disciple is quite cruel!” said Bodhidharma, looking at the blood on the ground in satisfaction he disappeared again.

Lin Feng went to Bodhidharma’s small world. He sensed some pure demon energy.

He had practiced cultivation for many years, and he had met many demons in his life; Feng Mo, demon kings, Buddhist demons, Cheng Mo… Those people were all incredible demons.

Even though Bodhidharma’s demon energy also contained some righteousness, it was mostly an energy of destruction and chaos. It was similar to Lin Feng’s demon Qi, actually.

“Lin Feng, you already have a cultivation problem?” As Lin Feng was thinking, he heard a voice which brought him back to his senses.

Lin Feng turned around and saw Bodhidharma, standing there proudly. The Qi of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer was floating around him.

“Master, I do want to ask you something.” said Lin Feng honestly.

Bodhidharma was surprised, but smiled happily. He rolled up his sleeves and punched his small world, a hole appearing.

“Go in,” said Bodhidharma. They went into his own small world, Lin Feng following him. The passage to Bodhidharma’s small world disappeared behind them.

Bodhidharma’s small world was very simple. It was extremely vast, but there were books and alcohol bottles everywhere on the ground.

“I don’t like rules and authority. I like chaos and freedom. I hope you don’t mind,” said Bodhidharma when he saw Lin Feng looking around.

Lin Feng smiled, but didn’t say anything. He took out the crystal lens and handed it to Bodhidharma.

Bodhidharma took the crystal lens and looked at Lin Feng strangely. He asked, “Where did you find it?”

“Zhongzhuan City’s red mountain. There was a red light passage. I went inside and I found it there,” Lin Feng replied honestly.

Bodhidharma nodded, releasing some demon energy with a hum of power. Something roared. Lin Feng shuddered with dread. Master Ox was right, there was really a broken soul with the strength of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer inside. .

“There’s a broken soul inside, a High-Level Holy Emperor,” said Bodhidharma releasing level two demon Dao. The crystal lens instantly broke apart. Pure space and time Dao spread out. It was so pure it reminded Lin Feng of the fresh air in the morning in the middle of a forest.

Bodhidharma looked at the empty space Dao, about to take care of it, but then he saw Lin Feng closing his eyes and sit down cross-legged, studying the space and time Dao.

“This little boy…” Bodhidharma was amazed. He smiled wryly and shook his head. How many kinds of Dao did this little boy understand?

“Alright, since it can help you, I’ll help you evolve your space and time Dao!” shouted Bodhidharma. He raised his left hand and lights flashed, surrounding Lin Feng, Lin Feng absorbed all the time Dao without wasting a slightest iota.

Bodhidharma raised his right hand and a broken soul appeared. It quickly took on a human shape.

“Where are you from, High-Level Holy Emperor? How did you become like that?”

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