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PMG2 chapter 47

Chapter 47: Broken Soul Di

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Bodhidharma could easily keep the broken soul under control. The broken soul couldn’t break free, so he didn’t struggle. He simply replied to the question.

“I am a strong cultivator from ancient times. I almost died during the Great War of the Hundred Regions’ Holy Shrines. I fell because of a plot,” replied the broken soul honestly. Bodhidharma was impressed.

A strong cultivator who had fallen during the Great War of the Hundred Regions’ Holy Shrines? And he was stuck in a crystal lens?

“Which Holy Shrine are you from? Who plotted against you?” asked Bodhidharma.

“I’m from the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine. A High-Level Holy Emperor called Yuan Kui plotted against me. He’s from the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. Do you know him?” said the broken soul to Bodhidharma. He looked furious.

Bodhidharma raised his head and looked at the broken soul, but he was wearing a mask, so it was impossible to see his expression. But there was indeed a Yuan Kui in the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine indeed. He was one of the twelve Dhammapala.

“The ancient battle was thirty thousand years ago. The High-Level Holy Emperor you’re talking about is probably much, much stronger now. And considering your current state, you won’t be able to get your revenge!” said Bodhidharma honestly.

The broken soul’s expression changed for a few seconds, but he already knew that. So much time had passed, things had changed. Yuan Kui used to be a High-Level Holy Emperor, he was probably much stronger now.

He was so furious, damn! Why had he ended up like that? He could have continued being a strong cultivator in a Holy Shrine. But he had been defeated and sealed inside the mirror space.

Now, the seal was broken, and some High-Level Holy Emperor had found him. What a miserable life! He had become Broken Soul Di.

Broken Soul Di was thinking when suddenly, Lin Feng shouted out. Broken Soul Di and Bodhidharma looked at him. Dazzling blue lights congealed around him. It was space strength!

Broken Soul Di looked panic-stricken. He remembered when he had been sealed in the mirror space. Had Lin Feng studied that time and space strength?

When Broken Soul Di saw that Lin Feng had understood the strength from the mirror space, he wanted to escape. He couldn’t stay here under these people’s control-

But a terrifying demon Qi surrounded him. He looked at Bodhidharma. Bodhidharma was staring at him silently. In the end, he gave up on the idea of escaping.

Escaping from a High-Level Holy Emperor? Impossible.


Lin Feng took a deep breath and opened his eyes. The blue lights disappeared from around him. He recalled the space strength into his body. He could now control level two demon and time Dao!

Lin Feng needed to evolve all his Dao to the second level.

When Lin Feng opened his eyes, he saw the broken soul in some surprise.

“Master, is this the broken soul who was stuck in the lens?” he asked Bodhidharma.

Bodhidharma nodded. Then, he waved at Broken Soul Di. Broken Soul Di had no choice but to obey.

“He fell thirty thousand years ago during the great battle of the hundred regions. He was a High-Level Holy Emperor from the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine,” said Bodhidharma.

Lin Feng was stunned. The Silver Region’s Holy Shrine?

Lin Feng still remembered that Xue Baguio had told him she was a disciple of the Silver Sect in the Silver Region, and the Silver Sect was under the orders of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine. Xue Baguio had also gone to the Continent of the Nine Clouds thirty-thousand years before. Did Xue Baguio and that broken soul know each other?

When Lin Feng thought of that, he was excited. He looked at the broken soul, holding his many questions.

When Broken Soul Di noticed Lin Feng was staring at him, he was even more scared.

Even though he was a High-Level Holy Emperor broken soul, he was only a broken soul, he wasn’t as strong as back then. However, he could defeat Lin Feng if he wanted to. But Bodhidharma was still there.

“Master Bodhidharma, can I spend some time with him?” asked Lin Feng, pointing at Broken Soul Di.

When Bodhidharma saw that Lin Feng was very interested in the broken soul, he was curious too, but he was also worried. If he left them alone, wouldn’t Broken Soul Di attack Lin Feng? After all, he had died thirty thousand years before, he was an old fox.

Thinking about that, Bodhidharma sealed Broken Soul Di. Broken Soul Di howled furiously and shrieked in pain. The demon seal fused together with his broken soul body.

“It’s a demon seal. If he dares do anything to you, I can destroy him instantly,” Bodhidharma told Lin Feng, Broken Soul Di naturally hearing him.

Lin Feng could safely chat with him this way.

Lin Feng rotated time strength and when it became stable, he left Bodhidharma’s small world with Broken Soul Di and went back into Bodhidharma’s palace.

Lin Feng arrived in the palace and took Broken Soul Di to his own world. They went to see Master Ox.

Broken Soul Di was happy to be away from Bodhidharma. Lin Feng was only a Half-Holy Emperor, and couldn’t pose a threat to him. He was safe.

Broken Soul Di hadn’t thought they’d go and see someone like the old ox.

Broken Soul Di couldn’t see how strong the old ox was, but he could sense that he wasn’t weaker than Bodhidharma. He looked at Lin Feng and wondered who this young man was. He was so young and knew some really strong people!

“Master Ox, this is the broken soul who was in the mirror space. He was a High-Level Holy Emperor. His name is Di, Broken Soul Di. He fell during an ancient battle, he was a strong cultivator from the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine back then,” said Lin Feng honestly. He didn’t need to lie about Broken Soul Di’s past, since he couldn’t do anything to him and Lin Feng wanted to know the truth.

When the old ox heard Lin Feng, he frowned and looked at Di.

Di felt a great pressure, he suddenly had the impression his soul was going to disperse. He shuddered with fear.

“Ma… Master, you…” Di’s voice trembled. He stared at the old ox.

The old ox waved and interrupted Di, asking, “You’re from the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine?”

“Yes, Master,” Di replied to the old ox. He was scared of the old ox already, but it wasn’t the same kind of fear he felt in front of Bodhidharma.

He was afraid of Bodhidharma because the latter had intimidated him. But the old ox didn’t need to do anything, he was naturally intimidating.

“What is your relation to Yin Xiong?” asked the old ox.

Di shuddered and stared at the old ox. He couldn’t believe it!

“Eh? What’s wrong? You don’t know Yin Xiong, or you don’t want to tell me the truth?” shouted the old ox furiously.

Di hastily shook his head and cupped his fist in the other before his chest, he asked, “Master, you know my teacher?”

“Teacher? Yin Xiong is your teacher?” When the old ox heard Di, his expression changed.

“Yes. Yin Xiong is my teacher. Unfortunately, I was a bad disciple and I made him lose face!” Di sounded extremely sorrowful.

The old ox looked at him and sighed. Yin Xiong was so nice to him back in the days. Now, he hadn’t seen him for a very long time, he hoped he’d see him again in the Supranatural Region or in the Silver Region.

“Lin Feng, you brought him here because you have questions, right?”

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