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PMG2 chapter 49

Chapter 49: Prince Unicorn

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“Di, you’re a broken soul now, what can we do for you to recover?”

Lin Feng didn’t need to be worried that Di would become too strong and harm him. The old ox supported him, as did Bodhidharma. Even if Di recovered, he’d only be a Low-Level Holy King. He wouldn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng. If Lin Feng helped him do something as incredible as recovering, Di would be happy and gladly help Lin Feng.

When Di heard Lin Feng, he was delighted. If Lin Feng asked, it meant he was ready to help if he could. He felt touched and moved.

Even if he could recover half the strength he had thirty thousand years before, it would be incredible.

“Brother Lin Feng, I was attacked by surprise back in the days, Yuan Kui stole around one-third of my soul. If I want to recover my full strength, I need to get it back,” Di informed Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled wryly.

“It’s not very realistic,” said Lin Feng to Di.

Lin Feng didn’t know how strong Yuan Kui had become, but if he was a High-Level Holy Emperor thirty thousand years before, he had probably become much, much stronger.

“I know it’s not realistic. There is another option to help me recover a little bit,” said Di.

“What solution?” asked Lin Feng.

“Cold fire, Empty Void, hell lightning, one of these three elements can help me recover some of my soul strength,” said Di. He looked a little bit excited.

Lin Feng was surprised. Cold fire, Empty Void, hell lightning; one of these three kinds of strength. Lin Feng had one of them, cold fire! He had obtained it in Zhongzhuan City.

But did he need Di to recover that quickly? Lin Feng thought it over and gave up on the idea. He needed to understand Di’s situation a little bit better first. After being sure Di didn’t pose a threat to him, he would think about it again, and maybe give him the cold fire.

Lin Feng looked at Di and said, “I’ve heard about the first kind of strength. When my cultivation becomes stable, I’ll get some for you.”

“Really? You know where to find cold fire?” asked Di. His eyes were wide, and he looked delighted.

Lin Feng nodded but didn’t say anything. Di was pleasantly surprised. He cupped his fist to express his gratitude.

“Alright, stay in my ring space for now. I have things to do.”


Di went into Lin Feng’s space ring. Lin Feng left Bodhidharma’s palace and headed down a small road in the Gods Sect.

The Gods Sect looked spectacular. There were many gigantic and grandiose buildings, the urban planning was great, everything had been meticulously planned. All the small paths of the city seemed to lead to the different kwoons.

(Translator’s note: “kwoon” is the equivalent of a “dojo”, a training hall or field for martial arts).

The Gods Sect had eight great palaces and eight pavilions. Those buildings and structures were connected by gigantic ladders and flights of stairs. The Patriarchs lived in the eight pavilions. The eight pavilions were like precious treasures.

It was said that in the eight pavilions there were ancient cultivators’ vestiges. People who were talented could easily break through in there. Therefore, people didn’t live in there forever. Every year there was a competition, and the winners obtained the right to live within.

It was something Lin Feng had heard in the Gods Sect, he found it interesting.

There’s a pavilion there, I’ll go and have a rest, thought Lin Feng. He saw a small pavilion in a park with nobody inside. Lin Feng walked there and sat down on a stone bench underneath. He took out some liquor from You You’s family. The scenery was beautiful, it was perfect to drink.

The reason why the Gods Sect is the biggest sect in the Supranatural Region is that the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine supports it. Uncle Zi Jian is strong, the Sword Sect has power and influence, but it isn’t as powerful as the Gods Sect.

When I was in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Shrines were the most powerful entities. But the sects didn’t have to submit to them. The Shrines were mysterious in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. But in the Continent of the Gods, they are different. Everybody knows about them.

Holy Shrines are the way they are because they have many strong cultivators who are stronger than people in the outside world, and they control entire territories. People live dominated by the strongest cultivators of the Shrines, how could anyone try and take over?

Lin Feng was thinking, smiling as he did so. All the strongest cultivators gathered in Holy Shrines in that world, how could they be worried about other people causing trouble? With the sects under their jurisdictions, people who were strong, but not as strong as the Holy Shrine’s leaders, also had power and influence over people who were weaker than them.

Apart from thirty thousand years before when all the Holy Shrines had started a war because of the young person who controlled Divine Dao, nothing could pose a threat to the Holy Shrines, it seemed.

Lin Feng finished his bottle and left the pavilion. He headed to the ice palace to see Meng Qing and You You.


“Master Unicorn, you can rest here.”

As Lin Feng was about to leave, he heard some familiar voices. He raised his head and saw the few men whom he had taught a lesson. And if Lin Feng remembered right, the one whom he had cut a finger off of was called Wu Lin.

Those young men were all smiling around a man in purple clothes with a topknot. He looked like a valiant hero with intense Qi.

The men around him treated him with immense respect. He probably had a very high social status.

Lin Feng stood up and left the pavilion.

Wu Lin had seen Lin Feng. He recalled when Lin Feng had cut off his finger and it instantly made him furious again, twisting his face. But Lin Feng was Bodhidharma’s chief disciple, which meant he was their teacher’s fellow disciple, so to say. What could they do?

But Prince Unicorn was different. He was the real little brother of one of the four holy cultivators. He had a very high social status, with both potential and power. He could teach a lesson to Lin Feng if he wanted to.

Thinking about that, Wu Lin smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Uncle Lin Feng, I hadn’t thought we’d meet again so quickly.” Wu Lin smiled broadly and looked at Lin Feng respectfully.

But Lin Feng knew that Wu Lin wanted to cause trouble.

As expected, Wu Lin called Lin Feng Uncle, so Prince Unicorn frowned and glanced at Lin Feng. He smiled mockingly, “You’re Lin Feng? Bodhidharma’s chief disciple?”


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