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PMG2 chapter 50

Chapter 50: Provocation? Trouble?

Edited by RED


“Who are you?” Even though Lin Feng knew that guy’s social status was probably quite high since Wu Lin called him prince, he didn’t know him personally.

Lin Feng sounded indifferent. Prince Unicorn looked angry and shouted, “I am Prince Unicorn!”

“Oh, I’m very pleased to meet you,” said Lin Feng, smiling neutrally. He was ready to leave again. He didn’t feel like spending time with these people.

Lin Feng didn’t want to argue, but those people thought differently. Prince Unicorn stopped Lin Feng. The other men also obstructed the exit of the pavilion. Even though they were afraid of Lin Feng, with Prince Unicorn around, they had to act accordingly.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and asked, “What’s this supposed to mean?”

“Nothing! I just feel like chatting with you, fellow disciple!” Prince Unicorn said mockingly and disdainfully. He opened his arms to prevent Lin Feng from passing.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have much time, Brother. I’m off,” said Lin Feng cupping his fist politely. Then he pushed one of Prince Unicorn’s arms down. The other men narrowed their eyes and shuddered with fear as they awaited Prince Unicorn’s reaction.

Unicorn looked particularly glum. Lin Feng was now behind him, Unicorn didn’t turn around, he shouted, “Lin Feng, in the Gods Sect, everybody gives me face. Are you sure you want to leave this way?”

“I don’t want to crush your face, Unicorn. Besides, we don’t know each other, so your face doesn’t exist to me. See you!” replied Lin Feng indifferently. He continued walking away without turning around.

“Hmph! I gave you face, you refused, stop now!” shouted Unicorn furiously. He turned around and watched the other men stop Lin Feng. “Lin Feng, if you don’t apologize today, you won’t leave the pavilion. What will you do?” shouted Unicorn.

Lin Feng looked annoyed. He glanced at Unicorn, who looked arrogantly proud. Then he glanced at the men around him. They were all looking at Lin Feng mockingly. Unicorn was ready to cause trouble for Lin Feng. He dared act like that because of his particular social status.

Not many people dared offend Bodhidharma in the Gods Sect, and Lin Feng was now his chief disciple, so not many people dared offend him, either. But Prince Unicorn dared offend him, which meant only one thing… he was related to a holy cultivator.

Lin Feng was thinking. Once again, he was facing someone who relied on his social status to harass others. He had met many people like that in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Unicorn noticed that Lin Feng remained silent and thought it was because he was scared. He smiled coldly and said, “People don’t like offending me, believe me. Lin Feng, think carefully, you should apologize, you know?”

Unicorn sounded disdainful. He sat down on the stone bench. His men stayed behind Unicorn and looked at Lin Feng, including Wu Lin.

Wu Lin glared at Lin Feng mockingly. Lin Feng couldn’t do anything to him if Unicorn was there!

Hmph! You think you can do anything because you’re Bodhidharma’s chief disciple, you think you’re the best in the world?, thought Wu Lin angrily.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Wu Lin. He had noticed Wu Lin looked at him coldly. Wu Lin was stirring up trouble.

Wu Lin noticed Lin Feng was staring at him. He instantly lowered his head, and didn’t dare look Lin Feng in the eyes.

If Lin Feng offended Unicorn, then he’d offend the four holy cultivators as well! That wasn’t a good thing to do.

He had to apologize.

Wu Lin was sure his scheme was perfect, because if Lin Feng offended Unicorn, then Bodhidharma would be furious, too.

But that’s just what he was thinking. He didn’t know anything about Lin Feng. If he knew everything Lin Feng had done in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he wouldn’t have dared do half of what he had done. He would have shut up like a good little boy!

Lin Feng glanced at Unicorn, then he glanced at Wu Lin again, then he cupped his fist and said indifferently, “I’m off.”

“Bastard, if you make half a step, I’ll kill you!” said Unicorn when he saw Lin Feng didn’t care. He was flaming with rage.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly, “So, apart from your social background, what makes you qualified to talk to me like that?”

“Lin Feng, you really want to die!” shouted Unicorn furiously. He stood up, clenched his fists, and released Qi.

Unicorn released level two massacre Dao, no wonder he was so arrogant.

“Unicorn, I don’t want to cause trouble, I hope you won’t cause trouble either,” said Lin Feng wisely. It was his last warning. If Unicorn didn’t stop, then saying anything else would be useless.

As expected, Unicorn wasn’t wise, he decided to attack.

“I will make you kneel down and beg me! You will understand you can’t offend Prince Unicorn!”

Unicorn threw out his fist, Qi rolling around him and distorting the space.

His punch destroyed the pavilion, which exploded into a thousand pieces.

Massacre Dao was terrifying. But against Lin Feng, it wasn’t very effective. Lin Feng controlled life and death Dao, massacre Dao was just a tiny part of death Dao.

Lin Feng moved neither too quickly nor too slowly, he punched out and released level two time Dao, pushing the massacre Dao punch away.

Unicorn was stupefied. When he saw Lin Feng controlled time Dao, he took half a step backwards before he disappeared. Where was he?

“Level two speed Dao?” When Lin Feng saw that Unicorn had disappeared, he understood it was probably speed Dao.

Suddenly, lights flickered behind Lin Feng. An immense punch strength slammed towards him quickly. Lin Feng’s expression changed instantly.

Unicorn looked ferocious, he had a rictus grin, anticipating the sight of killing Lin Feng.

Unicorn released even more strength, his eyes filled with murder. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, everybody watching could already imagine Lin Feng’s body exploding!

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