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PMG2 chapter 51

Chapter 51: Holy Fourth

Edited by RED

When Unicorn threw out his fist, his expression suddenly changed. One second later, he was coughing blood and blown away.

Everybody’s expression suddenly changed. Wu Lin rushed over to Unicorn and helped him stand back up.

Unicorn looked ghastly pale, still bleeding from his mouth. He glared at Lin Feng furiously.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly. He said mockingly, “I control level two time Dao. I can do whatever I wish with time. You can use your full strength against me, it’s not effective at all. I can also make your attacks move towards other people, but I don’t want to hurt the innocent, so I made your own punch go back to you. How does it feel to get punched by yourself?”

“You, Lin Feng, want to die!” shouted Unicorn, attacking in fury again. He couldn’t believe that Lin Feng was stronger than him.

When Lin Feng saw Unicorn was attacking again, he felt even more amused. Controlling time strength was powerful. If the enemy controlled time strength also, then it was naturally better to understand it… but if the enemy didn’t understand time strength at all, then understanding it was a huge advantage!

If Unicorn had controlled time strength, it would have been a very, very difficult battle, because Unicorn was about to break through.

This was the advantage when one understood a higher quality of Dao than others!

Unicorn opened his arms and Qi swept out. He released blood strength, his Qi deadly.

Lin Feng’s expression finally changed. Unicorn was really using his full strength. What would happen if Lin Feng continued using time strength, wouldn’t it be dangerous?

Unicorn really wanted to kill Lin Feng!

“Die now!” shouted Unicorn furiously. A terrifying energy surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng clenched his fists and got ready to counterattack.

“Unicorn, how dare you attack and injure my disciple?!” shouted an icy voice suddenly. The fearsome strength instantly disappeared, as if it had never existed.

Bodhidharma appeared, wearing a frightening black mask.

Unicorn groaned coldly. By using his full strength, both sides would have suffered losses, because Lin Feng would have thrown it back at him, anyway.

“Piss off!” Bodhidharma shouted at Unicorn.

He sounded like a demon, his voice made Unicorn’s heart twitch. Unicorn stepped back.

“Bodhidharma, your chief disciple bullies my little brother, he doesn’t give me face!” shouted a voice as Bodhidharma stepped back. A young man in white clothes appeared. Bodhidharma and Lin Feng looked glum.

“A Low-Level Holy Emperor dares talk like that? Who is he?” Lin Feng didn’t understand why the young man in white clothes dared act so arrogantly.

“Holy Fourth, you protect your little brother a little too much, an accident can happen quickly to those who can’t deal with their problems on their own,” Bodhidharma said to the young man in white clothes.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was stunned. The young man in white clothes was Holy Fourth, the fourth holy cultivator. No wonder Unicorn dared act so arrogantly, he was a holy cultivator’s little brother!

Holy Fourth was a Low-Level Holy Emperor. How strong was Holy First? Lin Feng was curious now.

“Bodhidharma, I protect my little brother too much? So what can we say about your chief disciple?” shouted Holy Fourth furiously.

“Holy Fourth, my disciple didn’t offend Unicorn. Unicorn provoked him first. There isn’t much to say since we both know that,” retorted Bodhidharma. He looked expressionless behind his mask, but he was probably angry.

Why did Unicorn think he could humiliate Lin Feng as he wished?

“Hmph! You think you’re imposing and awe-inspiring!” said Holy Fourth when he heard Bodhidharma. He didn’t want to admit the truth, and looked at Bodhidharma disdainfully.

Bodhidharma shouted furiously, “Even though you’re the fourth Holy cultivator, you’re just a puny Low-Level Holy Emperor, and you dare humiliate me? I could cripple you and make the Holy Shrine choose another Holy cultivator!” snarled Bodhidharma.

Holy Fourth’s expression changed, and his Qi suddenly weakened.

Bodhidharma was a High-Level Holy Emperor. Holy Four was just a Low-Level Holy Emperor. He only relied on his social status to compete with Bodhidharma, but Bodhidharma was a supreme demon in the Gods Sect!

“Hmph! I won’t forget what happened today. You will regret it!” shouted Holy Fourth angrily. He didn’t look at Bodhidharma though, he looked at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, you better behave! If you don’t, I won’t let you off!” shouted Holy Fourth menacingly.

Lin Feng frowned and replied fearlessly, “I do whatever I want. I don’t care about you.”

“If you dare disobey me, I will kill you!” said Holy Fourth. Lin Feng just looked at him disdainfully, infuriating him further. He threw his hand out at Lin Feng.

Bodhidharma frowned and clenched his fists. He just watched for the moment, wanting to see how strong Lin Feng was.

Lin Feng smiled when he saw Bodhidharma’s reaction. Since Bodhidharma wanted to see how strong he was by watching his battle against Holy Fourth, why not?

Lin Feng shouted loudly and released demon strength. His eyes were bloodshot as he used his full strength. His demon strength absorbed everything around him.

Holy Fourth’s energy was already greatly weakened by the time it approached Lin Feng.

When their energies collided, Lin Feng ground his teeth and was pushed backwards a few dozen steps.

Holy Fourth’s face paled in fury.

Holy Fourth had used his full strength and Lin Feng had resisted it. Lin Feng was dangerous, he had to get rid of him!

“Hmph! Let’s go!!” Holy Fourth said angrily to Unicorn and the others.

Unicorn and the others followed Holy Fourth, and they all left.

Bodhidharma watched them leave, he looked hesitant and a bit worried.

Lin Feng had been able to resist Holy Fourth’s attack after he had used his full strength, what did that mean? Lin Feng was a Half-Holy Emperor and wasn’t weaker than Holy Fourth, if there was a battle to death, who would win?

Lin Feng posed a threat to Holy Fourth because the five holy cultivators’ competition would start soon. If Lin Feng was chosen as one, Holy Fourth wouldn’t be able to fight against Lin Feng anymore.

Therefore, this period was the most dangerous one… but Bodhidharma didn’t intend to get involved. Being in danger was good for Lin Feng. Danger made people progress quickly!

“Lin Feng, you have to be careful. Holy Fourth is a petty person, he has a bad temper. He’s not weak,” said Bodhidharma, flashing over next to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded and replied, “I understand, Master, I will be careful.”

“Alright, good. I need to meditate in seclusion for a while. I want to see if I can break through to the Peerless Holy Emperor layer. Take care.”

“You’re going to become a Peerless Holy Emperor, Master?” Lin Feng stared at Bodhidharma.

Bodhidharma smiled wryly, “It’s not that easy. I tried to break through four time in the last five hundred years, but I failed each time. I’m probably going to be stuck at the High-Level Holy Emperor layer forever!”

“Good luck, Master. Nothing is impossible!!!” said Lin Feng cupping his fist and smiling.

Bodhidharma nodded and disappeared.

Lin Feng watched Bodhidharma disappear and then headed to the ice palace.

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