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PMG Chapter 207: No Choice but Death

Special thanks to Fluphy for sponsoring this chapter! The song appears again, I made a slight adjustment to it, however it’s horrible to translate and really does not hold a huge importance within the story. So feel free to skip it 🙂
Editor: Hakubruh
Enjoy xoxo

“General Divine Arrow, you have been protecting the Duan Ren Border for many years. That is a great military accomplishment, and you are a legendary figure. Nobody has ever been able to pass through the Duan Ren Border. I, Mo Jie, have always admired you for that. I am very happy to meet you today.” said Mo Jie while calmly sitting on his horse and looking towards Liu Cang Lan, slightly bowing in respect. He respected the General of Xue Yue.

“The general of a massacred army has no need for military accomplishments.” Liu Cang Lan sounded saddened. They had already lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers and it was his fault. His heart was still bleeding over his mistake.

“What happened is not your fault. If you decided to come over to my Mo Yue country, I, Mo Jie would welcome you and even grant you with the status of a Commander.” said Mo Jie in an extremely polite tone. Even though he had a high status, he was indeed a prince, there wasn’t the slightest bit of arrogance in his voice. He even bowed in front of Liu Cang Lan, wasn’t this a major event?

“A victory is a victory, a defeat is a defeat. What is the point in speaking about it?” said Liu Cang Lan while shaking his head. “Thank you for your kindness, but I refuse.”

“I will show you somebody and you will understand.” said Mo Jie while waving his hand. Someone next to him moved and then a few silhouettes appeared. Amongst them was a beautiful young woman who was trapped by a vine. She was brought to the front of others.

“Princess.” Lin Feng and Liu Cang Lan were completely astonished, especially Lin Feng. A thought flashed through Lin Feng’s mind. Was she a hostage?

How could this happen? How could the princess be in Mo Jie’s hands?

Could it be that the assassin who captured the princess wasn’t Duan Tian Lang but people under Mo Jie’s control?

But why had he been ambushed by soldiers of Duan Tian Lang, who wanted to kill him?

Lin Feng had no idea what was happening.

At that moment, Mo Jie looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said: “Your name is Lin Feng, right?”

Lin Feng was stupefied when he heard Mo Jie. Mo Jie slowly started speaking.

“In a towering rage, I rest under the whistling sound of rain.”

“Gazing into the distance, looking up to the heavens, I utter a long and loud cry. My chest feels painful.”

“Thirty soldiers now with the dust and earth, the moon and the clouds stretching as far as can see.”

“The young man’s hair turns white, he is filled with sorrow.”

“The humiliation of Duan Ren.”

“When the officials hate, they destroy.”

“On the back of the armored horses, going to the mountains armed with flowers.”

“With magnificent ideals in my mind yet starvation filling my stomach, I eat their flesh. To settle my thirst, I drink their blood.”

“Clearing from the beginning until the end, the mountains and lakes, moving towards the heavens.”

Mo Jie’s voice was solemn and respectful. His voice was filled with ardor and lofty sentiments. Liu Cang Lan and Lin Feng were stupefied.

“Those who can sing with such spirit. Lin Feng, if you are willing to come and join Mo Yue, I will welcome you as well. If you wish, we could even become sworn brothers.”

Welcome him and become sworn brothers…

The prince of Mo Yue, Mo Jie, surprisingly attached great importance to Lin Feng.

“If you accept my offer, I will, of course, not harm the princess. She will even become your wife.” continued Mo Jie while smiling. From Lin Feng’s expression, Mo Jie had understood that Lin Feng cared about the princess’s safety.

Liu Cang Lan looked at Lin Feng. He remembered that was the song which Lin Feng had sung. Surprisingly, Mo Jie knew about it as well. Even though they both remained brave, they were doomed. The Mo Yue troops were soon going to enter Duan Ren Border and kill them all.

“Are you the one who sent the assassins to kidnap the princess?” asked Lin Feng.

“You don’t need to doubt anything. I will show you, and you will understand.” said Mo Jie while clapping his hands. Someone moved to his side on horseback, raised his head and took off his helmet. When the face appeared, Lin Feng’s expression turned ice-cold.

“It’s you.” said Lin Feng whose eyes revealed clear killing intent. It was the high ranking soldier who had blocked Lin Feng’s path. He was the one who plotted against the princess.

“You understand now. I knew everything about your army, and even knew about the tensions which existed between you and Duan Tian Lang.” said Mo Jie indifferently. He sounded very calm.

Lin Feng looked at Mo Jie with a cold look and then slowly said: “You were able to create chaos amongst our army using such a tactic, it is indeed a very good method. You are clearly a fierce and ambitious person.”

Lin Feng wasn’t using a polite tone. Even though there was tension within their army, managing to create such chaos, that was a flawless attack.

The game of war was a deadly one. It was filled with people who would be stepped on like insects. Falling into someone’s trap could be fatal, one careless move and the whole game is lost. They had been careless once and gave Mo Jie a great opportunity. That had lead to the downfall of their army.

“If you and the General come to my country, you will both be heroes.” continued Mo Jie. He really wanted them to join him. Lin Feng and Liu Cang Lan were however both shaking their heads.

“I, Mo Jie, will welcome both of you at any time.”

Mo Jie then turned his head around and said indifferently: “Set up an encampment two kilometres from here.”

When he finished talking, his army began to move. For them, orders must be followed. Mo Jie was like their god.

“Xue Yue army, listen to my words, I want you to withdraw from the Duan Ren Border. In three days, if you haven’t followed my instructions, I will behead the princess.” Said Mo Jie in a loud voice. The whole army was shaking after hearing this.

Surprisingly, he wanted them to leave the Duan Ren Border or he would kill the princess.

“During these three days, I will not harm your precious princess. You have three days to think carefully.” said Mo Jie. Immediately after, the ground shook and only a cloud of dust remained as they left. Only the Xue Yue army was left and they were all in speechless despair.

There was no possibility of discussing terms with Mo Jie. Mo Jie had given his terms and there was no margin for error. He left as soon as he finished speaking.

While looking at Duan Xin Ye leaving, Lin Feng’s heart was laden with grief. Suddenly, he started feeling extremely guilty for what happened. If he was stronger, the princess wouldn’t have been kidnapped. Duan Tian Lang would also have had no reason to accuse him and trigger a civil war amongst their two armies. The blood of hundreds of thousands of soldiers would not have been spilled.

Of course, Lin Feng knew that he could not change the past. He was already endlessly furious. He couldn’t change anything that happened.

“Let’s go back to Duan Ren City.” said Liu Cang Lan while turning around and leaving. While looking at Liu Cang Lan’s silhouette, Lin Feng was shaking in anger. He knew that Liu Cang Lan was suffering more than anyone else.

All the soldiers who died were like his brothers.

At that moment, a few silhouettes rushed towards Liu Cang Lan and stopped in front of him.

“Liu Cang Lan, you triggered a war amongst the Xue Yue armies which led to the deaths of so many soldiers, even the princess was kidnapped… what should your punishment be?” shouted Duan Tian Lang who rushed towards Liu Cang Lan. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. That guy was no better than a beast.

His subordinate had been acting as an insider to capture the princess. It was Duan Tian Lang who didn’t want to give up the fight and wanted to harm Lin Feng no matter what. It was because of him that the situation became so chaotic and he refused to give up even as the Mo Yue troops were launching an assault. At that moment, he was still blaming Liu Cang Lan. What a despicable and shameless person.

“Liu Cang Lan, you killed hundreds of thousands of troops. That’s a crime that can only be settled with your death.” said Duan Tian Lang. Lin Feng’s face became ice-cold. Liu Cang Lan had been too lenient and was being treated unfairly. With their temperaments, life and death were really at stake.

“Duan Tian Lang, I really admire you for still having the audacity to talk in such a way here.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but speak. He then said coldly: “A real traitor to your country, using your power and authority allow the princess to get kidnapped while you avenge personal grudges. Your desire to kill me didn’t only cause the princess to get captured but you refused to stand down when the enemy bugles could be heard and continued to cause chaos within the army. When the Mo Yue troops arrived, you were still thinking about your own selfish interests which led to the loss of a huge number of troops. You came from the Imperial City with your troops and your son but when the enemy arrived, you were fastest people to escape with your tails between your legs. Amongst the soldiers who died, many of them were under your control… and surprisingly you still have the audacity to point your finger at Liu Cang Lan. If I were you, I would have died of shame a long time ago. I really admire you, as the Chief Commander, being able to do all of this without being ashamed is truly admirable.”

Lin Feng’s words were extremely cold. The army soldiers were surprised and looked towards Duan Tian Lang. He had a hideous expression on his face.

“Lin Feng, don’t forget that you’re the princess’ personal guard. The princess disappeared, you will not be able to escape your punishment.”

“Duan Tian Lang, don’t forget that you are the Chief Commander and the princess was kidnapped within your encampment and by your subordinate. I will not be able to escape my punishment? What do you even mean by that?”

Lin Feng replied aggressively.

“We will see who will die and who will live.” replied Duan Tian Lang with an evil smile on his face. He then turned around and abruptly left.

“You should kill me as long as you have the opportunity because if you let me live, that cowardly mutt that you call a son will die by my hands and then you will be next.” said Lin Feng while looking at Duan Tian Lang’s silhouette leaving. Lin Feng’s voice was like that of an evil demon. Lin Feng’s words came from the hatred within the bottom of his heart. If, in the future, he was allowed to grow strong, he would definitely kill Duan Tian Lang and his son, without hesitation.

Duan Tian Lang heard Lin Feng. He stopped for a second and then immediately continued walking. Lin Feng really planned to kill Duan Tian Lang and his son. If they didn’t die, he wouldn’t be able to live in peace.

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