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Chapter 656: Monstrously Strong Cultivators, The Prologue!

PMG Chapter 656: Monstrously Strong Cultivators, The Prologue! 

“There are some people with them, they must be cultivators from Shen Gong.” thought the crowd when they saw that there were more than fifteen people in the sky. There were beautiful girls there.

The strong cultivators had gone to Shen Gong and were returning with Shen Gong girls… They were incredibly beautiful and were also extraordinarily strong female cultivators. The fifteen finalists also looked different, as if they had changed.

“It seems like they have greatly benefitted from the excursion…” thought the crowd. The fifteen finalists’ eyes were twinkling. They were the strongest cultivators from the thirteen countries of Xue Yu. Everybody was wondering how strong they had become now that they had benefitted from Shen Gong’s treasures. 

“They had obtained jade keys with numbers from the second round. Lin Feng and Tang You You had finished first and second, but they would probably fall in the rankings during the final round… 

“Boom!” all the cultivators landed on the fighting stage as an incredible Qi dashed to the skies. The crowd could sense how strong their Qi had become.

“Lin Feng has become stronger. This time, he will astonish everybody…” thought Han Man, staring at Lin Feng from his bronze mask. 

“Ling Xiao, Yu Xiao Xiao.. What a glory for you, you are such dazzling cultivators!” in the distance a voice rolled in the sky. The crowd was surprised as they turned their heads. There were a group of people flickering in the sky. The leader had a golden chang pao and looked domineering. He held a zither and a sword, he was probably skilled at using them.

“Teacher.” said Ling Xiao and Yu Xiao Xiao, surprised. That old person was their teacher and the Patriarch of the strongest sect in the Magnolia Empire: the Yun Xiao Sect. In Magnolia, the Yun Xiao Sect was even stronger than the Imperial City Clan of Magnolia. The Yun Xiao Sect also made most of the more important decisions in their country. 

The crowd was happy to see Ling Xiao and Yu Xiao Xiao’s teacher. They were both amazing cultivators in Xue Yu and they were the two most outstanding cultivators of Magnolia… Their teacher had come to Mi Chen, so he must really care about the results of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

The Patriarch of the Yun Xiao Sect nodded to them and said, “No need to pay attention to anyone else, just focus and try to be the most dazzling ones!”

“Yes teacher.” they said together. They had joined the Great Competition of Xue Yu to win! 

“Could Magnolia ever dazzle anywhere…” asked a cold voice. That voice came from far away where a black cloud had appeared in the sky. It was surrounded by a monstrous evil Qi. 

“What a terrifying Qi…” thought the crowd, they were shaking… Even though the person who spoke was still far away, their Qi could be felt by everybody there. It seemed like they were going to drown it it, how terrifying. 

“Mister Yin Sha…!” several people had recognized that old man. He was the Patriarch of the Tian Sha Sect, Mister Yin Sha. His cultivation was terrifying.

And not far from him was someone else… That person was extremely skinny, like a skeleton… And it seemed like everything was dying around them… 



Xue Sha and the Dead Tree both shouted that word at the same time. Two strong cultivators from Black Wings had arrived, Xue Sha’s teacher and the Dead Tree’s teacher. 

Their teachers had come to see them because they also attached great importance to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

“Hmph. Walking corpses… Utterly worthless vegetating people…” said the Patriarch of the Yun Xiao Sect mockingly when he heard Mister Yin Sha. Mister Yin Sha was smiling strangely and most evilly. 

“The first of the competition will be Di Ling.” said a loud voice at that moment. Several people from Firmament had arrived too. There was a middle-aged man in a dragon robe, his Qi was something like a warlord. It seemed like everybody disappeared when they near him, as if they had to submit themselves. 

Di Ling’s Qi was very similar. 

“Father!” shouted Di Ling to the middle-aged man. Di Ling’s eyes were twinkling as he said, “Dad, I will finish first!”

“I’m waiting to see that. I hope so.” said the middle-aged man full of confidence. Di Ling represented the Firmament Empire, how could he lose? He was the best!

Yu Mo’s teacher also arrived with some people from the Firmament Empire, but he just nodded to Yu Mo. Di Ling was the most important person there. Even though Yu Mo was extremely strong, nobody could offend Di Ling. Yu Mo didn’t have the firmament blood like Di Ling, so there was a huge difference. The difference between the two might be defined by their blood alone. 

He wasn’t aiming for the first place, but for second. The Firmament Empire had to dazzle! 

After that, people from Magnolia and Black Wings also arrived and surrounded the fighting stage.

Everybody wanted to watch the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Those geniuses were the future of Xue Yu. A few dozens years later and they would become the leaders of their empires and countries. They had to be monstrously strong then or else their empires would crumble.

But there was someone else, and he was smiling faintly. That person looked calm and indifferent towards everyone else there.

However, that person’s Qi was that of a king…

Why wasn’t he saying anything? He just looked at Jun Mo Xi, and remained standing in the middle of the crowd… It seemed like he was communicating something, Jun Mo Xi turned around to look at him too… A faint smile appeared. That person was his father, the Emperor of Dragon Mountain. 

“They’re all here, the strongest cultivators from Xue Yu came…” The crowd was absolutely speechless this time, it was also a gathering of the strongest cultivators of Xue Yu and the gathering of geniuses… Everybody had come for the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

“It seems like the competition is going to be something to remember.

The crowd was extremely excited with their their fists clenched into balls. It really proved how important the competition was.

Everyone could watch the future leaders of Xue Yu improve during the final round of the competition. After it ended, nobody knew what they would do to continue progressing. 

“Hehe. Everybody has come to Mi Cheng for the Great Competition of Xue Yu, what an honor it is for us from Xue Yu to host this competition. However, Xue Wu Chang had things to add. Even though these cultivators are your offspring, no matter what happens you cannot intervene. I am talking to the extremely strong seniors now. Otherwise, Shen Gong will come to punish you.” threatened Xue Wu Chang calmly. Everybody shivered, Xue Wu Chang was incredible, he was stronger than those emperors and powerful patriarchs… They all respected and feared Shen Gong. Not everybody could win the competition so Xue Wu Chang was warning them in advance. 

“How aggressive, Shen Gong is too scary.” thought the crowd surprised. Even those strong cultivators didn’t dare defy Shen Gong.

Everybody remained silent.

“Alright, let’s just watch calmly. The Great Competition of Xue Yu is a fair and equitable competition!” said Xue Wu Chang indifferently. He looked to the candidates and said, “Alright, let’s get ready for the last battles!”
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