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Chapter 884: Evil Methods

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Chapter 884: Evil Methods
There was a beautiful legend in Xue Yue. Back when the king of Xue Yue, Lin Feng, was about to be married with Duan Xin Ye, he discovered a conspiracy. The imperial family invited Lin Feng, his family, and his friends because they wanted to kill them all. After that, the woman whom Lin Feng loved the most used her full strength of the Tian Qi layer to defend against Duan Ren Huang.
She defeated Duan Ren Huang, but in the end, she turned into a beautiful celestial beast: Xue Ling Long.
After watching that, Lin Feng became furious and turned into a demon. He then killed Duan Ren Huang and a few others. Since their king had come back they had heard rumors that he was able to kill Tian level cultivators with one punch.
A moment before, Li Shang had sensed how powerful Lin Feng was and guessed that he wouldn’t be able to fight, so he left.
“What’s going on?” asked Lin Feng when he saw all those corpses and the terrified crowd.
“King Lin Feng, a slayer came here.”
“At the beginning, he said he would wait for you to arrive and meanwhile, kill a person each time an incense finished burning.”
“He raped lots of women and killed many others. ”
Lin Feng was furious. Since he visited Tianya Haige, Lin Feng knew that Li Shang was disturbed and that he was a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, but he wouldn’t have thought that he was so psychotic.
The crowd was obviously furious and hated Li Shang.
“What a bastard!” said Lin Feng. He then continued flying with his roc. He was flying with incredible speed, creating strong winds all around them.
The speed of Tian level beast was incredible. Very quickly, Lin Feng could see his enemy in the distance.
Li Shang’s heart was pounding. He regretted everything. What had made Lin Feng become so strong? He thought that even if Lin Feng was strong, he had just broken through to the Tian Qi layer and would definitely be unable to defeat him.
“Running away is useless.” said Lin Feng coldly. Li Shang knew that he wasn’t faster than the roc so he stopped and turned around to face Lin Feng and his roc.
Lin Feng’s face was filled with murder.
“As expected, first Tian Qi layer.” thought Li Shang. Even though Lin Feng had become quite strong, he had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer. That damn roc was a bigger problem.
“Lin Feng, I wouldn’t have thought that we would meet again. Since you left Tianya Haige, you became so much stronger! You even broke through to the Tian Qi layer, congratulations.” said Li Shang while smiling, but Lin Feng ignored him.
“Lin Feng, there’s no need to act like that. Even though I came to your world, aren’t we both similar? Why fight and harm ourselves because of a bunch of nobodies?” said Li Shang when he sensed Lin Feng’s terrifying energies. He was also slightly smiling.
“If I don’t kill you today, I don’t deserve to be called the king of Xue Yue.” said Lin Feng. “Roc, don’t kill him. ”
The roc threw himself at Li Shang and Lin Feng stayed in the air watching.
“Boom! Whirlwinds appeared around the roc who quickly approached Li Shang. It tried to grab Li Shang with its claws.
Li Shang shook his hands and at the same time, he dodged back. Li Shang could barely breathe in front of the roc.
“Slash!” The roc’s claws cut through the air, Li Shang moved in the other direction but then heard a sound. The roc had bombarded Li Shang with his other wing.
Li Shang looked deathly pale as he coughed up some blood. He shook his hand and his soul flag appeared. It seemed contain some potent death Qi.
“Die” shouted Li Shang furiously. It seemed like many dead souls were attacking the roc, their dead Qi was extremely dense.
The roc’s facial expression was sharp, it released some Qi which turned into a golden sword, a bestial sword of sorts.
“Crrr, crrr…” the sword was extremely sharp and capable of crushing the dead in a flash. At the same time, the roc threw itself at Li Shang again. It streaked across the sky and the soul flag seemed to be getting dimmer.
Li Shang could barely resist the roc as it crashed onto him, this time it grabbed him with its claws. Li Shang gave a horrible shriek as blood splashed. The roc’s claws were extremely sharp and immediately tore open his arm. If Lin Feng hadn’t told it not to kill him, then it would have beheaded him right there.
“Bzzz!” The roc brought Li Shang back to Lin Feng as blood kept spilling out of his arm.
Lin Feng was staring at Li Shang with complete disdain. Li Shang felt a million blades cutting him to pieces. Dying outright would have been easier than suffering like that.
Li Shang couldn’t bear the pain anymore. He looked at Lin Feng and tried to throw himself at him. He released some Qi and yelled, “You think that you’re so powerful but you’re just a tiny cultivator at the first Tian Qi layer. You shall die! ”
“Crrr… crrr… crrr…” a sword appeared and Li Shang released his evil Qi into the sword, feeding it. A vortex appeared and surrounded the sword. After that, Li Shang turned to Lin Feng and punched the air with his other hand in Lin Feng’s direction.
Lin Feng’s fist also launched out, making everything around them shake. His punch was terrifying. Li Shang had broken through to the third Tian Qi layer so if Lin Feng wanted to fight him, he had to possess a similar strength. But, Lin Feng’s muscles were extremely strong thanks to his Heruka strength.
“Kaboom!” an explosion sounded in the air. Not only was Lin Feng’s punch extremely powerful, it also contained sword Qi. Li Shang gave a horrible shriek again as his arm was completely torn to shreds. Even if he wanted to run away, he couldn’t do it anymore. Now, his arm was completely cut off and his blood splashed everywhere.
Li Shang was propelled backwards as Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique to continue his assault.
“For a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, you’re quite pathetic! ” said Lin Feng in a humiliating way.
“Boom boom!” a gigantic fist crashed onto Li Shang’s head making his entire soul shake violently. A little bit more strength and his soul would have been completely destroyed. He then crashed onto the ground.
“Slash!” Pain made Li Shang regain consciousness. His leg was cut off by Lin Feng’s sword Qi.
“I said it before, if I don’t kill you, I don’t deserve to be king.” said Lin Feng as he cut off Li Shang’s other leg.
“Kill me then.” said Li Shang who couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

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