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Chapter 902: Strong cultivators’ death

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Chapter 902: Strong cultivators’ death
A short while after, Lin Feng arrived outside of the palace. There was a group of people proudly standing in the sky. Their Qi was so cold that ordinary people would freeze if they approached them. Because of Lin Feng, people from Shen Gong and more precisely, people from East Shen Gong and North Shen Gong, had disappeared in the mysterious world.

Xi Jue Tian, West Shen Gong’s leader and his group of people had come to Yangzhou City, but have also disappeared. Out of four districts, only one remained, South Shen Gong.

“Lin Feng.”

Lin Feng had already seen the leader of that group. It was the Zun cultivator who had once taught Lin Feng a few things. After the Great Competition of Xue Yu, they travelled back to Shen Gong and met with a Zun cultivator.

“Lin Feng, long time no see. You’ve already killed the leaders of three districts from Shen Gong. What should I do with you?” said the Zun cultivator in cold way. Lin Feng looked at his interlocutor in a neither haughty, nor humble, and neither servile nor overbearing way, “Mister, you should understand my position, I had no choice. If I hadn’t killed those people, they would have killed me. Did I have a choice?”

“And me? Do I have a choice? You’ve killed so many of my people… I obviously can’t forgive you. So what? Do you want to kill me too?” said the Zun cultivator, staring at Lin Feng. His voice contained an incredible energy. He didn’t sound furious but he did sound majestic.

“Mister, you know that I had no choice. However, even though we met only once, you taught me some things, I would never want to kill you. Therefore, I hope that you can just leave of your own free will.” said Lin Feng as if he had been talking about something normal. However, people from Shen Gong were flabbergasted.

So, according to Lin Feng, the thing is… he didn’t wish to kill the Zun cultivator? He wanted the Zun cultivator to leave on his own free will…?

How arrogant. How audacious.

The Zun cultivator was just astonished. He looked at Lin Feng in a strange way.

“How can you be so confident?” the Zun cultivator was intrigued. Lin Feng, surprisingly, stated that he didn’t want to kill him.

“I like to be magnanimous. I never wanted to be enemies with Shen Gong. However, Shen Gong keeps chasing me. As far as you and I are concerned, we are not enemies at all. Therefore, I don’t want to fight you and I wish even less for your death. So the best thing for the both of us is for you to leave.”

Lin Feng sounded friendly, neither proud nor arrogant. He was just calm.

“It seems like you really obtained incredible treasures in the mysterious world. Xi Jue Tian and the others came and you killed them all. Now, you sound like you’re defying the laws of the universe. What kind of deadly weapons have you obtained to act so confidently? I really wish I could see them.” said the Zun cultivator.

“Uh?” the other people from Shen Gong were surprised and looked back at Lin Feng. The Zun cultivator was right. Xi Jue Tian and the others had come and had been killed by Lin Feng. On top of that, Lin Feng really sounded self-confident, he wasn’t pretending. Therefore, he really might have obtained a deadly weapon. Everybody was suddenly even more interested in Lin Feng.

Mister, I have already said everything I wish to say on the topic. If you keep insisting and really want to kill me, then I will not be able to remain magnanimous. I will have to kill you.” said Lin Feng calmly.

The Zun cultivator sighed, “It’s too bad before, Bei Ming had eyes but couldn’t see. He made a terrible mistake. I don’t want to be your enemy but because of Shen Gong, I have to kill you. Never mind, I really want to see the Jade Emperor’s precious treasures too.”

“As you wish.” said Lin Feng. If they had a clear conscience and really wanted to kill him, he had done his best to solve the situation peacefully.

The Zun cultivator didn’t attack immediately. He looked around before saying in a detached way, “Since everyone is already looking at us, no need to hide the head and show the tail.”

From the horizon, many people appeared and flew over.

Their Qi was incredible. However, they were not from Shen Gong.

“Jade Heaven, the East Sea Dragon Palace, it seems like you’ve been spying on us for quite a long time.” said the Zun cultivator. Surprisingly, both Jade Heaven and the East Sea Dragon Palace had sent a Zun cultivator. That proved that they considered Lin Feng a threat. The Zun cultivator from Shen Gong knew that those influential groups had been spying on them since the beginning. They just wanted to use Shen Gong.

However, they were unable to conceal themselves. They were afraid that the Zun cultivator from Shen Gong would kill Lin Feng and leave with the treasures if they were too far away.

“Hehe. Of course, we also want to see Lin Feng’s precious treasures with our own eyes.” said the leader of the group from the East Sea Dragon Palace. He didn’t sound upset, just majestic. He was looking at Lin Feng in a strange way. At the same, he confirmed what the Zun cultivator from Shen Gong had guessed, Lin Feng definitely had a deadly weapon.

“Same here.” said Jade Heaven’s leader. He also thought that Lin Feng had obtained a precious treasure from the Jade Emperor’s palace.

He really wanted to know what his ancestors had left behind and what happened in the mysterious world. Huang Feng had a map of the Jade Emperor’s palace, how could he lose to Lin Feng? All this was a mystery that only Lin Feng could explain.

“Shen Gong, the East Sea Dragon Palace, Jade Heaven.” Lin Feng glanced at them all. “Someday, when I reach the clouds, I will pay you all a visit in order to express my gratitude for your kind attitudes.”

“You are facing three Zun cultivators and surprisingly, you’re still thinking that you will reach the clouds someday. I wonder if your self-confidence is really founded or if you are just ignorant. Even if you have an amazing weapon, I doubt it could help you defeat three Zun cultivators.” said the Zun cultivator from the East Sea Dragon Palace , “One strike and you could die.”

Lin Feng glanced at him and fearlessly said, “Many people from the East Sea Dragon Palace have told me such things before. However, they’re all buried now. Maybe that it’s your turn now.”

Lin Feng abruptly turned around and ran back into the palace.

“Where are you going? Do you think you can escape?” said the Zun cultivator. An incredible amount of strength from the Earth and sky appeared in his hand.

“Die!” At the same time, the Zun cultivators from Shen Gong and from Jade Heaven followed him. They wanted to see what kind of treasure Lin Feng would use to fight against three Zun cultivators.

How could Lin Feng fight against three Zun cultivators?

However, at that moment, it seemed like some mysterious marks started to glow. In the blink of an eye, they became dazzling and everything in the palace was wrapped up in those dazzling lights. It seemed like they had been cut off from the outside world.



“Tshh, tshh…”

The wind whizzed, flames roared, ice and frost were freezing the atmosphere, sword Qi was lacerating the firmament. In the palace, a terrifying fire strength suddenly started flowing through the mysterious marks, an apocalyptic strength.

“What’s going on?”

The facial expression of the three Zun cultivators suddenly changed and they looked nervous. They could sense that their Qi was constricted by the abstruse energy.

Fire and sword abstruse energies were attacking them and it seemed like it was the end of the world.

“Kacha, kacha…” people’s hearts were pounding. Tian level cultivators were terrified, especially those who were near the Zun cultivators. Their bodies had already started to disintegrate.

“What kind of strength is that?” many people were shouting desperately. What kind of sorcery was that?

“We’re doomed.” They were doomed and they knew it!

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