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Chapter 993: More and More People Around the Dragon!

Chapter 993: More and More People Around the Dragon!
“Yan Di!” Yan Di was a great emperor back in the day.
Qiong Qi looked domineering and majestic. His Qi looked extraordinary. Even the dragon felt like he could trust Yan Di. Even though Qiong Qi had lost his cultivation level and his powers, maybe he could recover them in the future. If such a day came, Qiong Qi would easily be able to kill and destroy some of the strongest living beings in the cultivation world.
“You guarantee that you won’t kill my child and will protect him?” said the dragon.
“I, Yan Di, promise you. Whenever we have the opportunity, we’ll even make your child come back to life.” said Yan Di again in a solemn and respectful way.
The dragon remained silent as his shadow became less and less distinct, as if he was going to disappear.
“Roar…” the dragon raised his head and roared. He had no choice. He had to seize that opportunity. Yan Di was a great emperor, even though the dragon couldn’t be a hundred percent sure Yan Di would protect his child, he had no choice but believe him. What could he do anyways? As Yan Di had said, even if he took his child out of Lin Feng, what could he do? Keep him imprisoned in a cave? With Yan Di, the dragon child would have many opportunities.
He had no choice!
“I believe you, please take care of my child.” said the dragon while lowering his head. He was submitting to Yan Di, for his child.
“Let me ask you one last thing. Without the seal, your blood could disperse and then you’d disappear. Can you put all your blood in his and make your blood and his fuse together, as well as all your strength? That way you’ll also be in his blood and you’ll even be able to protect your child forever.” Yan Di said in a solemn and respectful way. Lin Feng was on the sideline here, but was receiving all the benefits. At least the dragon didn’t want to kill him anymore. Lin Feng admired Yan Di. He was audacious, brave and strong. Yan Di really looked like an emperor at that moment.
“He’s a great emperor after all, I must remember to be nice to him in the future.” thought Lin Feng. If Yan Di had heard Lin Feng’s thoughts, he would have slapped him.
“That’s also a way of showing your gratitude, Lin Feng will remember that forever and take good care of your child.” continued Yan Di.
The dragon nodded and bowed in front of Yan Di. “Take care of my child. Thank you.”
Then, he looked at Lin Feng, roared and in a flash, all his blood started flowing into Lin Feng’s body.
His roar sounded a bit sad. The illusion slowly disappeared as it penetrated into his body. Lin Feng started shaking violently again.
“Cherish my child!” said a voice in Lin Feng’s head. The sensation was completely different this time. His blood felt like it was changing.
The dragon blood and strength penetrated into Lin Feng’s body. He was helping Lin Feng assimilate his blood. His blood was becoming Lin Feng’s blood.
“Boom boom!” The palace was already destroyed. That small room seemed like it was going to collapse as well.
“They’re here!”
Qiong Qi and Lin Feng glanced at each other. The dragon had roared so loudly that it drew people’s attention to them. They hadn’t come earlier because they were trying to take the heart. Lin Feng and Qiong Qi didn’t know if they had managed to take it or not by now.
Qi opened his mouth and spat out fire. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by flames. Qiong Qi was masking the dragon Qi around him.
“Hurry up and get to the surface. Wait for me there, I’ll clean the room in the meantime.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng nodded and rose up in the air. Qiong Qi continued spitting out fire everywhere to clean the room, removing any evidence of dragon energies. Even if someone found the room, they wouldn’t be able to tell what there was before.
“Boom boom boom!” Lin Feng took back his demon seal stone. His blood was still boiling, but it was properly covered up with the fire.
Then, Qiong Qi came out too. They mingled in with the crowd again. There were many Tian level cultivators in the room now. They had come in afterwards. They looked at Lin Feng and Qiong Qi unhappily.
The heart was still shaking violently. No wonder nobody had paid attention to what was happening underground.
The water and the dragon shadow had also disappeared. It was no wonder that it had attracted so many people. Nobody could take the heart though, only Zun cultivators could try taking it.
“What did you steal, show it!” said one of them coldly.
“If you want to steal our treasures, come and fight us. We’re at the bottom of the Tian Qi layer. But, we only fell into that room when the room collapsed. What could we get with our cultivation level?” said Qiong Qi pointing at the ruins around. However, those people smiled coldly. If those two couldn’t get treasures, why would they have come out then?”
“We all heard the dragon chant and you’re telling us you didn’t get anything? Who would believe you?” said those people with cold smiles.
“That came from the dragon scales. If you don’t believe us, go and see for yourself. Authentic dragon chants and scales can kill people, we would never get near.” said Qiong Qi pointing to some dragon scales.
“I’ll go and see.” at that moment, someone’s silhouette flickered. That person moved to the dragon scales, put some stones away and grabbed it.
A terrifying dragon roar spread in the air. In a flash, that person was dead. Everybody was speechless as they looked back at Qiong Qi.
“I told you that those dragon scales could kill people instantly. I didn’t try to fool you, if you’re too greedy, go and take a risk.” said Qiong Qi.
Lin Feng was calmly standing there. He had to pretend to be calm even though his blood was boiling. If he showed that he wasn’t feeling normal, people would guess he obtained something.
They all stared at Qiong Qi. He did warn them that touching those scales could kill people.
“We believe you for now.” said someone. He moved towards the scale. That was annoying, there were treasures, but they couldn’t take them.
Then, they all left but a middle-aged man. He looked at Lin Feng and Qiong Qi coldly.
“What’s wrong?” asked Qiong Qi.
“If I kill you both, I’ll know for sure if you got treasures or not.” said the cultivator with a cold smile. Without saying anything, he threw himself at Lin Feng.
“You want to die!” shouted Qiong Qi furiously. His red hair fluttered in the wind as he released fire energy. The cultivator’s facial expression changed drastically. He suddenly turned around, but it was too late, he was already surrounded by fire.
“Ah…” he gave a horrible shriek and suddenly looked terrified. That fire was burning him alive. In a flash, he turned into ashes.
Qiong Qi stopped next to Lin Feng and said, “Hurry up, you obtained such great treasures, and I still need to protect you.”
Lin Feng remained speechless. What was happening to him right now wasn’t his fault after all.

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