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MG Chapter 1860: Blue Uptala Lotus

PMG Chapter 1860: Blue Uptala Lotus

“Brother Lin Feng, it’s a huge city. Where do you want to go? I can guide you,” said Wang Zhuo politely.
“I want to go to a place where we can see ancient scriptures, spells, skills and techniques,” Lin Feng told him straightforwardly. The city was gigantic, but he wanted to see how different their books were.
“You already know some powerful skills, why would you want to study more?” Qin Yao asked coldly. Lin Feng’s Deva-Mara Kalpa skills were incredible. Even though she didn’t know what kind of skills Lin Feng knew, she knew they were powerful.
“This place is extraordinary, there must be some incredible and mysterious skills. Why not go and see them? I like books! Of course, if we can’t go, I don’t mind,” Lin Feng answered calmly. He didn’t even glance at Qin Yao while talking. He had defeated her, why couldn’t she get over it?
“There are many libraries in the external district. Disciples study there. Lin Feng, you’re free to travel in the external district, so you can also go, of course!” Wang Zhuo informed him cheerfully.
There were 108 armies in the city. 36 were composed of great emperors, 72 were composed of emperors. Apart from those people, most folk lived in the external district. Those who were under the orders of Great Emperor Song definitely had incredible scriptures and skills!

Wang Zhuo and the two others raced along and headed into the depths of the city. After a short time, they arrived in front of a library, designed as a lofty pavilion.
Lin Feng and the others entered the building freely. It was very dark inside. That was an attribute of Hell, and the libraries were no exception. Otherwise, the difference between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and Hell wasn’t big.
“Even those who are members of the army can’t easily come in here. Brother Lin, because you won against the nine champions, you are free to come in here. Qin Yao can come in because Minister Kalasutra is her father!” Wang Zhuo explained patiently.
“Hmph! I will also deserve it, I will also have privileges thanks to my strength. Even though Minister Kalasutra is my father, apart from a few scriptures and spells, I don’t have any other privileges. In this city, only strength matters!” Qin Yao said coldly.
This girl was annoying and Lin Feng was started to lose patience with her.
“Jian Mang is here too!” Wang Zhuo mentioned, gazing into the distance. The blind swordsman had a talisman in his hand. He was blind, so he could only use talismans to study, since he couldn’t read books.
Lin Feng looked at him, took out a talisman which contained a book, and projected his godly awareness inside.
“Netherworld Celestial Fire Scriptures.” Lin Feng read the title of a book, it contained skills which used shadowy fire cosmic energies. Lin Feng looked at Qin Yao and smiled. “You have Hellfire, this skill is good for you. You should study these scriptures, Princess.”
Lin Feng put his talisman away and took another one. Time passed slowly. Lin Feng read some books. He realized that books in Hell all involved Hell strength. Many of them also involved netherworldly fire. There were also some powerful skills which involved powerful Hell strength.
There were millions and millions of spells, techniques, and ancient scriptures for all kinds of cultivators. Like in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, people in Hell could also have different specialties and different techniques.
“You really like to chill!” Qin Yao spoke up. After a long time, Lin Feng was still reading. He was a good cultivator and read books carefully. Qin Yao was losing her patience.
“I am not very intelligent. I need to broaden my knowledge!” replied Lin Feng patiently. “If you’re bored, you can leave. You don’t need to worry about me and spend time with me.”
Qin Yao looked at Lin Feng icily. “Spend time with you? You’re ridiculous. I just want to see what the one who defeated me enjoys doing in his spare time.”
“I see. Then please don’t disturb me,” Lin Feng answered indifferently as he continued reading. He found a powerful skill book. He put his entire godly awareness into it and memorized the whole book. For those who could come in the library, it wasn’t a priceless book but in the outside world, it was.
Of course, the people who could come to that library were all incredible.
After a long time, Wang Zhuo had no time to wait anymore. He smiled at Lin Feng and left. Lin Feng was very patient. After half a day, he still didn’t want to leave.
However, Qin Yao didn’t leave. She stayed with Lin Feng and also read some books.

“Lin Feng!” Lin Feng turned his head and noticed a very pale woman.
“Princess Qing Qing! What are you doing here?” asked Lin Feng. It was Princess Qing Qing, Minister Uptala’s daughter.
“I wanted to find some Ancient scriptures,” said Qing Qing, smiling gently. “Lin Feng, how long have you been here?”
“The whole time!” Lin Feng answered honestly.
Qing Qing was startled and asked, “The whole time? You didn’t visit other places?”
“Indeed!” Nodded Lin Feng.
Qing Qing smiled and blushed. “You’ve been here long enough then. You should come to my dad’s office. He really likes you. He wants to teach you how to use the Blue Uptala Lotus.”
“Princess Qing Qing, have you already found books you needed?” asked Lin Feng. Qing Qing nodded and Lin Feng said. “Since it’s that way, I can’t refuse your offer then.”
“Great. My father will be so happy. And also, don’t call me Princess Qing Qing, just call me Qing Qing, that’s fine.”
They both laughed and left. Qin Yao was astonished. She watched them leave and glared at Lin Feng furiously. Those two…!
When Lin Feng left, he noticed that Jian Mang was still in there, that guy was also a hard worker.
“Lin Feng, you stayed in the pavilion because you don’t like visiting places?” Qing Qing asked him. She was very curious. He knew nothing about the city and only appeared to have the strength of a Zun cultivator.
“Apart from the army buildings and the libraries, what else is interesting here?” asked Lin Feng.
“There are some interesting places!” smiled Qing Qing. “But now we’re going to see my dad, you won’t be disappointed.”

The two headed towards the private district. It was a place people normally couldn’t go freely. Of course, there were some exceptions, as Qing Qing took Lin Feng to a strange place inside it.
The Uptala office seemed to be an empty field. It was covered by a white layer of energy, and almost invisible. It was also very calm and quiet.
When Lin Feng arrived, Minister Uptala was seated there cross-legged and his eyes were closed.
“Lin Feng!” Minister Uptala suddenly opened his eyes, then smiled and nodded at Lin Feng.
“Minister, I didn’t want to disturb you,” Lin Feng said to him. This man was nice and easy to get along with. Qing Qing was the same.
“I’m happy to see you.” said Minister Uptala. “Come, let’s go and see the lotuses.”
Lin Feng walked with the Minister to some lotus fields. They were all beautiful and contained the Qi of the ten thousand things of creation. Lin Feng felt extremely good, buoyant and uplifted in soul.
“What a strange Qi!” sighed Lin Feng.
Minister Uptala smiled. “That’s thanks to Blue Uptala Lotuses. Take out your lotus and look at it.”
Lin Feng nodded and took out his Blue Uptala Lotus.
“Release cosmic energies,” instructed Minister Uptala.
Lin Feng released cosmic energies. In a flash, he sensed an incredible Qi surround him, made up of all sorts of cosmic energies, as if the lotuses contained all the cosmic energies of the world.
“That Blue Uptala Lotus contains the Qi of the ten thousand things of creation. You can control several sorts of cosmic energies. If you practice cultivation using the lotus, your cosmic energies will fuse together even better when you attack,” explained Minister Uptala.
Lin Feng’s heart started racing. He hadn’t thought the Blue Uptala Lotus would be so incredible!

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