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MPG Chapter 917: Beat Around the Mountain to Scare the Tiger

MPG Chapter 917: Beat Around the Mountain to Scare the Tiger
Qiong Qi came back after a long time. The old man was surprised to see that Lin Feng had an ancient beast with him. He stared at Qiong Qi, as if trying to read through him.

Qiong Qi sensed that the old man was trying to inspect him so he roared loudly and lowered his head. He didn’t want to stare at the old man.

“That old man is extremely strong, especially his godly awareness.” thought Qiong Qi. He used to be an emperor and still thought that the old man was extraordinary. He wasn’t a high level Zun cultivator but his awareness was incredible, his blood too. The old man had a very strong blood strength.

The old man had the feeling that there was something strange about Qiong Qi but he couldn’t tell what. He gave up and used telepathy to talk to Lin Feng, “Little Lin Feng, there’s something strange about that beast.”

“I know. Don’t worry, teacher, I know it quite well.” He didn’t want to hide anything from his teacher but Qiong Qi’s story was very sad so there was no need to tell everyone about it. If strong cultivators heard the story, it could get dangerous for the both of them. He was an emperor, that was more precious than any item in the world. If people knew about him, they would go insane.

“Since you know about it already, there’s no need to talk about it. I’m off.” said the old man. He then disappeared in the darkness of the night.

“My teacher is going into the tiger’s den.” thought Lin Feng looking at his teaching disappearing in the darkness. He hoped nothing would happen to him and that nobody would recognize him.


“Have you heard about what happened to Shen Gong?” someone said in a bar.

“Of course, who hasn’t? Tian Chi is a very powerful group and they are rising up it seems. Sending strong cultivators to destroy Shen Gong is an act of bravery. I think it’s one of the hottest pieces of gossip in Gan Yu.”

“Indeed. Shen Gong was also one of the most powerful groups in Gan Yu but in one night, they collapsed. Apart from Mie Qing and the strong cultivators he brought here, the others were all killed by Tian Chi. As of today, it almost doesn’t exist anymore. Getting back to what they used to be will be extremely difficult in the future.”

“Tian Chi’s people are brutal. Someone from Tian Chi went to Shen Gong and killed so many of their strong cultivators. Then he left without any resistance. He also said that next time, he would come back with more Zun cultivators and that’s what he did! He went to Shen Gong and destroyed them completely, in one night!”

Everybody was talking about the same things. Shen Gong had been destroyed by Tian Chi, what incredible news!
“Shut the hell up.” shouted someone furiously from inside the bar. The walls of the bar were trembling from his voice. People turned around and looked at the one who had just talked. They wanted to make fun of that person but that person’s Qi was so scary that the crowd remained silent. That person was probably from Shen Gong, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been that furious.

Lin Feng was also in that bar. He heard all the stories about Shen Gong and so on. Finally, Lin Feng understood what price Mister Bai was talking about. Tian Chi had started their assault.

After news of this spread, many strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace and Jade Heaven hurried back to their country. They were worried that Tian Chi would do the same to them, destroy their group while they were away.

Many influential groups weren’t as confident anymore. They seemed to forget that Tian Chi’s Zun cultivators were alive and could walk, if they wanted, they could leave Tian Chi and take advantage of this meeting.

The crowd understood Tian Chi’s message, by annihilating Shen Gong, they were telling everyone that participating at the great sect meeting would make them enemies.

Because Shen Gong was involved in the meeting, many people were starting to leave. They didn’t want to end up like them

However, at that moment, an extremely loud voice spread in the air. “The great sect meeting is starting earlier! Everybody go to the meeting point in Asoka Mountain, right now!”

“Early?” people raised their heads.

Shen Gong had been destroyed. The other influential groups were scared and wanted to start the meeting earlier. New problems cropped up unexpectedly because they were wasting time. Nobody could say that they could defeat Tian Chi on their own, therefore, they needed this meeting.

The voice resonated everywhere in Asoka Mountain and everybody heard it. Although everybody was surprised, they understood that Tian Chi forced some hands to be played.

Everybody walked towards the meeting point. They didn’t know how many groups would participate in destroying Tian Chi.

Lin Feng was in the crowd as well. He remained absolutely silent.

“My friend.” said someone who tapped on Lin Feng’s shoulder.

Lin Feng turned around and saw a young man and a young woman smiling at him, the Hua Shi siblings.

“What’s your name again, my friend?” asked the young man. He was talking in a simple way but he looked extremely rich.

“My family name is Lin.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Lin?” the young man frowned and smiled, “Lately, a certain person whose family name is Lin and first name is Feng is at the center of all conversations. Brother Lin, do you know that Lin Feng?”

“I’ve heard of him but I’ve never seen him.”

“I’ve never seen him either. There are many rumors about him, I wish I could see him someday.”

“Maybe you will see him today.” said Lin Feng jokingly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. What trick did you use last night to release sealing strength and oppress Tian Lin’s soul?” whispered the young man. How could Lin Feng who had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer dominate Tian Lin who had broken through to the third Tian Qi layer? That was absolutely rare.

“Haha, that was nothing powerful, you managed to push us both, Tian Lin and I, away. That was scary.” replied Lin Feng.

“What are you talking about.” said the young man shaking his head, “Brother Lin, if we have great opportunities because of this great sect meeting, I hope that you’ll obtain some great treasures as well.”

After that, both of them remained silent. The young man seemed like he knew what was going to happen during the great sect meeting.

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