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PGM Chapter 1738: Piss Off!

PGM Chapter 1738: Piss Off!
Princess Yu Wen is defending Shang Yu! The crowd was startled. Shang Yu’s brother was already a student at Champion University, it had already been almost two years. He was quite famous too, the Yu Wen Clan were good friends with them. Thus, Princess Yu Wen wanted to protect Shang Yu. It was normal and in any case, it wasn’t a big deal either, she just had to say that once and anyone would listen.
Especially since she had never heard of Lin Feng, a Zun cultivator. He wouldn’t dare disobey her.
Princess Yu Wen was extremely famous. In the Holy City, everybody respected her, she had a high social status. Lin Feng had to give her face.
In the Holy City, everybody did. Princess Yu Wen was powerful. If they were Lin Feng, they would have never considered the possibility of contradicting her. Strength was the most important thing, weak people couldn’t afford challenging people who were too strong and powerful. Lin Feng was weak.
“Interesting.” The young man with the immortal strength looked amused. Shang Yu was in Lin Feng’s hands. However, Yu Wen Jing had told him to stop. So would Lin Feng kill that guy, or not?
Lin Feng glanced at Yu Wen Jing, he looked as if he didn’t care about anything in the world, as if he was used to going against orders anyway. He didn’t like women like that, Yu Wen Jing reminded him of Qi Jiao Jiao. She also thought everybody had to obey her.
“Do I know you?” Lin Feng asked Yu Wen Jing indifferently.
“Eh?” When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they frowned. Lin Feng was insane! He didn’t give face to the princess?!
Yu Wen Jing looked at him coldly. “Don’t you know who I am?”
“I’ve heard of you, Princess Yu Wen, but I don’t know you,” Lin Feng replied, smiling indifferently.“Therefore, please move aside.”
“Insolent!” shouted someone next to Yu Wen Jing. He looked at Lin Feng and said icily “How insolent, you apologize to the princess immediately! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”
Yu Wen Jing didn’t say anything. She would have never thought that Lin Feng would dare be so rude. She didn’t need to attack, though.
Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled, he looked at that guy and icy energies filled the air. “Let’s see how you’ll kill me then!” shot back Lin Feng with chilling calm. Initially, he wanted to wait before showing how aggressive he was.
“How reckless!” swore that man, jumping towards Lin Feng. It was as if Heaven was collapsing.
“Tantai, Huang Fu Long, you take care of Shang Yu, that piece of trash,” Lin Feng told them, recalling his Kalpa Sword energy.
“You dared disrespect Princess Yu Wen, we’ll see how you intend to resist against me!” shouted that gaurd of hers. Lin Feng sensed that the ground was shaking, and the earth was crackling. An oppressive strength invaded the atmosphere.
“Die!” A gigantic hand descended from the sky and grabbed Lin Feng. Lin Feng was suddenly in the dark.
Prince Hua knows earth cosmic energy, his cosmic energy is already level seven, not bad, he’s an advanced low-level emperor, thought the crowd, looking at Prince Hua.
“You want to bring about your own destruction, die!” shouted Prince Hua, shaking his hand. He wanted to crush Lin Feng.
“Explode!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A gigantic earth hand moved towards Prince Hua, who frowned, as Lin Feng ran towards him.
“Hmph!” Prince Hua groaned coldly and punched the atmosphere again. Energies moved back in Lin Feng’s direction.
“Nine Kalpa Swords!” Lin Feng released Kalpa Sword energies and condensed wind and empty space cosmic energies at the same time.
“Go!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His nine Kalpa swords bombarded the atmosphere, explosion and rumbling sounds spread out. The atmosphere shook violently as a gigantic hand moved towards Prince Hua at full speed.
Prince Hua had armor, it was as solid as the land, energies kept exploding over it.
The candidates were all stronger and more intelligent than most low-level emperors. They understood cosmic energies really well and knew lots of skills and spells.
The Nine Kalpa Swords collided with the gigantic hand, the atmosphere shook violently. However, the sword Qi didn’t disperse and continued moving towards Prince Hua at full speed.
“Join!” shouted Prince Hua joining his hands. Earth energies surrounded the Nine Kalpa Swords.
“You’re a joke, you’re ridiculous, you just want to bring about your own destruction!” Prince Hua swore. He shouted furiously, the ground opened and the Nine Kalpa Swords disappeared.
Dong! Prince Hua saw Lin Feng rose up in the air, and the ground was shaking. A pitch-black energy, Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, emerged from his body, looking like thunder, destructive and terrifying.
Bzzz! A strong wind started blowing, Lin Feng charged towards Prince Hua. It was like the skies were infuriated.
A pitch-black demon Kalpa strength pierced through the gigantic hand he had formed, Prince Hua saw his enemy getting closer and closer. He was stupefied, feeling a terrible pressure. Lin Feng’s eyes looked terrifying.
“Rule!” Lin Feng released demonic willpower, which rose to the skies. Prince Hua’s will felt painful. His blood was boiling. The crowd saw the Willpower Kalpa strength pierce through Prince Hua’s body. It looked terrifying. His lacerated body just fell down.
He killed Prince Hua?, thought the crowd in astonishment. However, Lin Feng ignored those people’s reactions. He just took Prince Hua’s items.
Yu Wen Jing was petrified. Not only did Lin Feng disrespect her, but he also killed her guard and now he was stealing Prince Hua’s treasures? He considered everyone inferior. What would Yu Wen Jing do to him?
“You’re audacious!” Yu Wen Jing accused him, staring at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Yu Wen Jing with his pitch-black eyes. He ordered icily, “Get away from me.”
Boom boom! When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they were even more and more amused. How arrogant! This guy is insane. He is telling the princess to move away from him?!
On the other side, Tantai and Huang Fu Long were fighting against Shang Yu. He had annoyed them, now he had to bear the responsibility. Huang Fu Long and Tantai had explosive attacks, especially when combined together. The situation didn’t look good for Shang Yu.

At that moment, in Champion University, a group of people were watching in astonishment. They hadn’t thought that someone would dare offend Yu Wen Jing.  Yu Wen Hou watched Yu Wen Jing, they were both from the same clan. Yu Wen Hou was also in charge of the exam, everything was in his hands.
“Yu Wen, Shang Yu is in danger. Besides, he doesn’t respect Princess Yu Wen. Should I get involved?” asked Dan Meng.
Yu Wen Hou glanced at him and said indifferently, “I’m in charge of the exam, I must make sure the rules are enforced, right?”
“This…” Dan Meng hesitated, the person next to him and said, “Shang Yu can’t get killed, otherwise Shang Jun…”
Yu Wen Hou looked at the one who had just talked and said evenly, “We can’t violate the rules of the exam, right?”
That person’s eyes twinkled and he responded, “Of course not.”
“Alright, Dan Meng, send two people in first,” said Yu Wen Hou to Dan Meng indifferently. Dan Meng nodded. He looked at the crowd. Even though he was one of the chief examiners, he wasn’t the strongest there. Many people were much stronger than him. Some people had trump cards. They weren’t supposed to get involved, but they still resorted to some methods because they didn’t want to lose real geniuses. Otherwise, they’d have to explain to those groups why their disciples had failed.

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