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PMG ​Chapter 489: The Snow Dragon Robe!

PMG Chapter 489: The Snow Dragon Robe!

The battle started, people were growing hysterical as a terrifying Qi dispersed in the atmosphere. Five battles were taking place in the sky.

Those five people had justifications for being arrogant. They had all broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, especially the one who spoke for them. He was at the peak of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, only one step away from breaking through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer, his strength was terrifying.

However four women were surprisingly able to suppress him, which meant that the other women could take care of the others. Two formations were enough to completely suppress them.

Duan Tian Lang was astonished when he saw that and the crowd was shocked as well.

Those women had terrifying battle powers when working together. Their battle formation was perfect, they could carry out perfect attacks when fighting together and their power was explosive. Those five cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer were completely under control.

Yue Meng He hadn’t wasted her time during the last eighteen years, she had raised those women and turned them into a powerful fighting force.

Now, she had given those women to Lin Feng, with his natural abilities, it was like giving a tiger wings.

“I wonder where those women come from. With those battle formations and their spells, their fighting ability is terrifying.” Thought many people when they saw those women. They were all so young, all of them were around twenty years old.

The crowd knew that those women weren’t weak, but the most important fact was that they had devoted their entire lives to cultivation and rarely had contact with the outside world which meant that their hearts weren’t polluted by the world. They only followed their master for their entire lives and had made great progress in their cultivation.

Besides, there were two sorts of cultivators who could increase their cultivation extremely quickly. People who belonged to the first category had pure hearts which were unpolluted by the mundane world, apart from practicing cultivation, they didn’t know anything else. All they did in life was practice cultivation, nothing else.

People who belonged to the second category were the extremely stubborn types. They had extremely high requirements when it came to themselves and their capabilities, they expected a great deal from themselves. To progress in cultivation, they were ready to do anything. They didn’t spare any effort on their path of cultivation. Their only goal was to enhance their cultivation. For cultivation, they didn’t stop fighting and pushed themselves to the limit. They would kill their enemies without hesitation. That kind of stubborn cultivator would always progress by leaps and bounds.

Those two categories of people could progress very quickly on the path of cultivation. Those women belonged to the first category, their hearts were pure, even though it was impossible for a person’s heart to remain absolutely pure, they were still much purer than other people.

Besides, Lin Feng belonged more to the second category than the first. While he had removed some of the pollution from his heart, his greatest strength was his expectations of himself. He was extremely stubborn and was determined to continue growing stronger.

The sounds of battle filled the air. The atmosphere was trembling violently with the shockwaves. Duan Tian Lang was watching the battle with a look of astonishment. His confidence had completely disappeared.

Five cultivators at the fifth Xuan Qi layer were surprisingly being suppressed. If Lin Feng wanted to kill them, he could. How could Duan Tian Lang not be scared?

Lin Feng glanced over at Duan Tian Lang which made him feel even more nervous as coldness invaded his heart.

“Scum.” Said Lin Feng indifferently which stupefied Duan Tian Lang. At that moment, Lin Feng was looking at him in a particularly scornful way.

A moment before, Duan Tian Lang had acted as if he was standing high above everyone, he looked down on Lin Feng and behaved arrogantly. But at this moment, his five accomplices were completely suppressed and Duan Tian Lang had returned to being a scared whimpering dog. In Lin Feng’s eyes, Duan Tian Lang was the scum of the world. In the past, Duan Tian Lang was much stronger than Lin Feng but at that moment, Lin Feng had the power to look down on him.

In the past, Lin Feng was nothing in front of Duan Tian Lang, he was extremely arrogant but at that moment, he was powerless in front of Lin Feng, he was nothing more than an insect. Apart from dread, Duan Tian Lang’s heart was filled with a mixture of strange feelings. He used to be a majestic and powerful noble, but at that moment, everything had changed.

Lin Feng just glanced at Duan Tian Lang for a second and then looked at the battle again. Those five people all released their spirits, surprisingly they mainly had weapon spirits. They all began to use energy attacks in an attempt to break free from the formation.

They were all extremely strong. Lin Feng was becoming more and more curious, he really wanted to know who they were.

“I don’t believe that you can remain unperturbed when facing death.” Thought Lin Feng. He then released some terrifying deadly energy, the people on the ground were all astonished.

Lin Feng looked at one of the five cultivators and his eyes grew ferocious. Lin Feng’s eyes turned pitch-black as he released some deadly Qi and sword intent.

“Die.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone. Then Lin Feng started moving like the wind and rushed towards that cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer.

The other four cultivators sensed that Lin Feng was attacking and started to tremble. While Lin Feng was attacking, they couldn’t do much, they could barely move. Immediately after, the women forced the other four cultivators away, opening a way for Lin Feng. Everyone was gasping with astonishment because the cooperation between them was incredible.

That cultivator at the fifth Xuan Qi layer was shaking violently. Powerful energies continued to bombard the atmosphere and the sounds of collisions were unceasing. At the same time, Lin Feng released some more terrifying deadly energy which made that cultivator frown, and all his muscles started to twitch.

Immediately after, just like an illusion, Lin Feng appeared. He destroyed the energies released by the cultivator and immediately arrived in front of him. That cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer only felt a gust of wind pass by his body and immediately noticed Lin Feng.

Lin Feng released a deadly Qi filled with sword intent and pressed it against the cultivator’s throat. The energy seemed extremely weak compared to normal, but it was more than enough to pierce through his throat.


The cultivator swallowed with fright, when he felt that deadly Qi against his throat, his throat felt extremely dry and he looked terrified.

At that moment, Lin Feng could kill him whenever he wished. If he was killed, all the years he spent on cultivation would disappear with him.

“Tell me who you are.” Said Lin Feng coldly which made that person’s eyes twinkle as if he had a chance of survival.

“If I tell you, will you let me go?” Asked that person with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. His determination had been crushed, telling Lin Feng didn’t matter, Lin Feng was already a dead man!

“I am not interested in your life.” Said Lin Feng in a cold and detached tone which caused the man to have a hope of surviving. He had already broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, in Xue Yue, there were only a few dozen people who were stronger than him, no more than a hundred. Dying here didn’t seem worth it.

“I want you to say it yourself and swear that you will let me off if I tell you.” Said the cultivator, he didn’t trust Lin Feng.

“If you speak the truth, I will not kill you.” Promised Lin Feng.

“Alright.” Said that person while nodding, he opened his mouth again but at that moment, a voice interrupted from the distance.

“No need to ask him. I will tell you who he is!” Said the voice. Everybody turned their heads and looked into the distance.

There was a man wearing a snow dragon robe, he was flying calmly through the air and looked majestic. The people from the Holy Courtyard were filled with admiration while looking at him.

What shocked Lin Feng was that person’s face, he looked very familiar.

“A relative of She Qiong….” Lin Feng thought at that moment. Indeed, that person and She Qiong looked very similar.

The one who was being threatened by Lin Feng grew frightened and the four others who were being trapped by the women looked delighted. Their leader had arrived!

Their leader wasn’t an ordinary officer. Other officers, in front of him, were forced to show him respect and reverence. They all worshipped him. Ordinary officers even acknowledged their allegiance to him because he was a shining star.

“Do you know who I am and why I want to kill you?” Asked that person while staring at Lin Feng.

“Because of She Qiong?” Asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed, he was my son but you still dared to kill him.” Said that person coldly and calmly. His face was filled with killing intent.

“She Qiong deserved to die.” Said Lin Feng in a cold and detached way. She Qiong had tried to kill him and had humiliated Meng Qing, so Lin Feng didn’t regret killing him.

“If he deserved to die, then you deserve to die ten thousand deaths.” Said that person with an extremely scary look on his face!

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