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PMG ​Chapter 491: Sword Formation!

PMG Chapter 491: Sword Formation!

After Lin Feng said those words, multiple sword lights started to appear.

Thirty-six swords emerged from his body, which diffused extremely sharp lights.

At the same time, those thirty-six women moved too, they all rushed into formation. Colourful ribbons appearing in the air as the women used their ribbons to grab hold of those swords. Their silhouettes then flickered as they rose higher into the air.

Those thirty-six women were all attacking at the same time, their ribbons fluttering violently as they rushed through the air. The swords they were holding with their ribbons were creating a terrifying buzzing sound. The buzzing sound from each sword started to synchronise and which created a strange whistling sound in the air.

The formations of those women were precise and exquisite. In small formations, they were able to suppress those cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, and at that moment, they were using the thirty-six celestial swords formation.

She Huan suddenly looked extremely tense, he only saw the thirty-six swords condense and then violently rush through the air until each sword was pointing at him. The Qi from those swords was terrifying.

“A pitiful sword formation, do you think such a thing is useful against me?!” Shouted She Huan arrogantly. His body shook and he stretched his hands, releasing a flood dragon into the sky.

“Empowered Sword!” Shouted Lin Feng. The thirty-six women suddenly released their pure Qi which rushed through their colourful ribbons towards the swords. The pure Qi then rushed into the swords at the end the ribbons. The buzzing sounds from the swords grew more and more intense. The power of the swords was increased as they started to buzz even louder and were shaking in the air.


She Huan’s flood dragon bared its fangs and brandished its claws. As the swords grew more violent in the air. The swords suddenly created an extremely loud whistling sound in the air. Shortly after, dazzling and resplendent lights emerged from the tip of each sword, which then pierced through the atmosphere towards She Huan’s flood dragon.

Those terrifying sword lights pierced through the flood dragon’s body. In a flash the dragon was completely destroyed. Besides, even though those sword lights looked slightly weakened, they still contained a terrifying power which rushed towards She Huan.

“Huh?” She Huan frowned. That sword formation was much stronger than he expected.

“Boom!” A powerful pure Qi condensed in the air and formed a wall which slowed the sword lights, but as before, it was unable to block them.

“Break!” Shouted She Huan. He took a step forwards and released a terrifying pure Qi from his body. A flood dragon roared and then bombarded towards the sword lights, the sword lights exploded into multiple small lights which looked like stars before they dispersed.

“Shadow Swords!” Shouted Lin Feng like a powerful general commanding his troops. In the air, above She Huan, multiple silhouettes appeared. Those thirty-six women took advantage of a small gap and had gained a complete advantage in this battle.

The sword shadows rushed through the atmosphere and sword lights started rushing towards She Huan from above like shooting stars. Those thirty-six swords moved with incredible speed through the air and created strange shadow swords from their afterimages which started to attack She Huan.

The thirty-six celestial sword formation was a battle formation which Lin Feng had taken from the memories of the Zun Qi layer cultivator. It was extremely hard to use because it required thirty-six people to use a sword. There had to be thirty-six souls connected in perfect synchronisation to control the thirty-six swords in the formation. Lin Feng had taught the women that sword formation and the result wasn’t bad at all.

“Get lost!” Shouted She Huan furiously. His flood dragon continuously swiped out its claws against the swords, which created multiple shockwaves in the air.

There were countless sword lights and multiple swords in the air to fight against. She Huan continued to attack like a madman, he was starting to feel exhausted by this formation and the danger was growing.

This was one of the main purposes of the sword formation, it would grow stronger over time.

“Much stronger? Kill everyone here? How ignorant can a person be. You’re a joke.” Said Lin Feng coldly which made She Huan pull a long face. When he had arrived, he acted with extreme arrogance as if Lin Feng and his army were already dead. He had thought that with a few movements he could crush Lin Feng and his army to death. He assumed this because he was at the sixth Xuan Qi layer, he thought he had enough strength to easily handle Lin Feng and his army.

However, at that moment, his arrogance had disappeared and Lin Feng was mocking him in front of everyone. That sword formation was causing him a great deal of problems, as the people he underestimated watched with mocking expressions.

“Roaaarrrr!” A terrifying bestial roar filled the air. She Huan’s suddenly released his flood dragon spirit.

“Break!” She Huan joined his two fists and started to give off a dangerous air. The shadow swords immediately broke from the powerful energy.

“Flood Dragon Warp Fist!” Shouted She Huan. An endless stream of fists bombarded the atmosphere in all directions. That was his version of the Flood Dragon Warp Fist. She Huan’s Flood Dragon Warp Fist was much stronger than She Qiong’s version. He had a much better understanding and control over the power compared to his son.

“Boom!” A terrifying deadly energy invaded the atmosphere and rushed out of the swords like waves. The sword’s energy and the Flood Dragon Warp Fists collided in the air with uncountable amount of explosions.

“Die!” She Huan rushed backwards to create a gap between them. His body dashed into the sky, he was trying to rush out of the formation and at the same time attack one of the women who was above him.

His terrifying fist was streaking across the sky and destroyed all traces of the sword shadows in its path.

“Sword wind!” Shouted Lin Feng in a calm and cold voice. The thirty-six women moved at the same time, they were very agile and extremely well organised. Even though they had to focus on their hearts and souls being connected, they still had the power to follow orders individually with precision.

The thirty-six women attacked with their swords at the same time. There were swords rushing from every direction. They pierced through the air and were heading straight for She Huan. The crowd could see the white lights created by those swords, it was terrifying, there was also the strong power of wind surrounding the swords, removing the air resistance.

She Huan was stupefied. He could see all of the swords around him rush towards his direction.

That sword formation was terrifying and those women were highly skilled. They even borrowed the power of the wind to increase the speed of that attack.

“Call of the Flood Dragon!” Shouted She Huan furiously. He joined his two hands and attacked towards the open air. A terrifying flood dragon’s call filled the air and it seemed like countless flood dragons had appeared in the air. The countless flood dragons started to rush towards the incoming swords. An incredible counter force propelled She Huan’s body backwards.

He turned his head around, he then shouted: “You four, how come you haven’t killed him!?”

The four cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer were just watching the battle, they had thought that because She Huan was fighting, they didn’t need to do anything because he would easily deal with Lin Feng. However, the course of the battle was different from what they had expected. She Huan was fighting against the thirty-six women and everyone was captivated by the battle, to the extent they had completely forgotten about Lin Feng.

The moment they heard She Huan, they immediately looked over to Lin Feng.

Indeed, those thirty-six women were busy with She Huan, but killing him wouldn’t be simple. Besides, if Lin Feng wasn’t commanding them, the battle formation would weaken and She Huan would be able to break it with ease. Lin Feng didn’t have any other powerful experts in hiding, so nobody else could interfere. If they didn’t kill Lin Feng now, when would they do it?

If they killed Lin Feng, the battle formation would start to fall apart.

The four cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer all released their deadly energy and moved towards Lin Feng, they quickly arrived in front of him.

Lin Feng had just killed one of their companions, so they wanted revenge. They couldn’t miss this golden opportunity. After all, Lin Feng’s natural abilities were too terrifying to allow him to live.

When Lin Feng sensed their deadly energies, he slowly turned around and looked at the four people. He was smiling coldly.

Now, they were going to attempt to kill him? Did they think he had grown soft now that he was alone? Lin Feng opened his hand and released the power of his soul. At the same time, multiple lights started flashing as thirty-six swords appeared. The terrifying power of those swords caused people’s spines to tingle.

“Thirty-six swords? What is he doing?” The onlooker’s pupils shrank. The thirty-six women were already busy fighting against She Huan, what did Lin Feng want to do with those thirty-six swords? Was he going to use all thirty-six swords himself?

Impossible! That was a ridiculous idea.

One person could replace a group of people… There were illusion formations, deadly formations, battle formations and countless other formations… But they all required groups of people to be used, but those thirty-six women were already busy using the thirty-six celestial swords formation to fight… They needed to focus on their current battle, did Lin Feng have another group of thirty-six experts hidden within his troops? How was he planning to use those swords?!

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