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PMG ​Chapter 526: Painting with the Heart

PMG Chapter 526: Painting with the Heart

Yue Meng He surprised Lin Feng. He looked at his mother, she had already completely adopted Meng Qing, to the extent that she was taking her side against Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled, Meng Qing and his mother got along very well, he was, of course, really happy about that.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Meng Qing and Duan Xin Ye who were together in the distance. He could see that they were conversing with each other. Duan Xin Ye seemed more relaxed at that moment and she was smiling in a resplendent way.

Lin Feng felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from his heart. He had two amazing women, he couldn’t be happier. He didn’t need his mother to tell him that, he was perfectly aware of it, he deeply loved and cherished them.

He thought about all the things Meng Qing and Duan Xin Ye had told him in the past and started laughing. Without having to talk about who would be the main wife or not, everything was happening without any trouble. Meng Qing had already told him she didn’t mind him having several women at his side and Duan Xin Ye had told him she didn’t care about having the status of main wife in the past, she would just be happy to stay with him.

“Lucky boy.” Said Lin Hai while sighing and smiling. His son’s was so lucky with his love life, he had two incredibly beautiful girls, as a father, he could only be happy.

“What? Do you mean that you are not happy?” Said Yue Meng He while looking at Lin Hai which surprised him. A trembling smile appeared on his face and he said: “Of course not, I’m happy too!” Then he lowered his head and continued carving.

That sweet moment made Lin Feng smile even more, his lips started shaking and he said to his father: “I now understand what you were scared of, father.”

“Foul mouthed little boy, watch your language!” Said Lin Hai looking upset, Lin Feng immediately started shaking his head hastily and walked away as if nothing had ever happened.

“Go my son, be a good man to Xin Ye and Meng Qing.” Said Yue Meng He while looking at Duan Xin Ye and Meng Qing who were not too far from them. Lin Feng nodded and slowly walked towards them.

At that moment, Meng Qing also took a brush and a piece of paper and started learning from Duan Xin Ye. She then started outlining the contours of her painting.

They were ignoring Lin Feng, they were lost in that moment of happiness. Lin Feng was excluded from that joyful moment.

Everything was unexpected for Lin Feng, but he felt gratified.

Duan Xin Ye stayed in the Lovesick Forest for two days and stayed with Meng Qing for those two days. She taught her how to paint. Once in a while, they would chat and laugh together too. The poor Lin Feng was alone, excluded, for two days the girls ignored him. He felt sad, he didn’t know whom he had offended….

On the third day, Duan Wu Ya sent some people to the Lovesick Forest to pick up Duan Xin Ye, and at the same time, report a message to Lin Feng.

Ruo Lan Shan wanted Lin Feng to go to and wait in front of the Imperial Palace three days later, they were going to leave for the Dragon Mountain Empire.

That news had excited the entire country. The Great Competition of Xue Yu was finally going to start, but they still didn’t know how many people were going to participate.

Lin Feng guessed that Ruo Lan Shan hadn’t really selected fighters, he was just considering the dates.

Three days was fine though, the Great Competition of Xue Yu would happen sooner or later, leaving earlier would be a good opportunity to meet some geniuses of the empire.

“Duan Wu Dao, Duan Wu Ya, Yue Tian Meng and the others will all go there…” Thought Lin Feng but at that moment, he was sitting in the bamboo forest and there was a huge straw mat on top of which there were many papers.

Lin Feng was painting, his hand was moving over the paper like many shooting stars.

In front of Lin Feng, Meng Qing was sat about three meters away. She looked calm and serene, apart from her eyes and Lin Feng’s hands, it seemed like nothing else was moving in the world.

The silhouette of a woman gradually appeared under Lin Feng’s painting brush. She looked affectionate, soft and delicate, pure and holy like a celestial being. She also looked natural and carefree. However, in that painting, that girl didn’t look as beautiful as in reality.

“No, it’s not good.” Thought Lin Feng while slowly shaking his head. He wasn’t satisfied. He tore the paper apart and flames appeared in his hand, he burnt the paper into ashes.

“Lin Feng, do you still need time?” Asked Meng Qing in a low voice. She had been sitting there for too long and Lin Feng had tried many times but he had failed each time. Each time, he had burnt the paper.

Meng Qing was upset, initially, Duan Xin Ye had been teaching her how to paint, after that, Lin Feng had started trying to paint Meng Qing’s portrait, without any interruption. Besides, he didn’t allow Meng Qing to leave, he wanted her in front of him.

“You must wait until I’m done.” Said Lin Feng while laughing, he knew that he was being annoying.

Meng Qing remained silent and seated. She looked pure and free from vulgarity, she perfectly matched with the beautiful scenery.

The sound of Lin Feng’s brush on the paper continued spreading through the air. Another portrait appeared, another Meng Qing, she looked very similar, Lin Feng had managed to make her face seem extremely beautiful, but it lacked vitality.

“No…” Said Lin Feng in a low voice again. He tore the paper apart and burnt it slowly. Lin Feng had burnt another piece of paper.

“Lin Feng put another piece of paper in front him and started again, in Lin Feng’s eyes, there was only Meng Qing at that moment, nothing else.

His paint brush danced over the paper, a portrait appeared again, the sounds of the brush on the paper and of the rustling leaves were merging together in the air, it was very romantic.



“No….” Lin Feng, managed to paint her face beautifully each time, she looked very similar but there was something lacking, it was vitality, that vitality which gave people the impression that the ten thousand things of creation were colourless when they saw Meng Qing.

Lin Feng didn’t even know how many sheets he had burnt already but Meng Qing was still sitting there and watching the beautiful bamboo forest. When she saw Lin Feng frown and anguish, she didn’t look impatient at all, her heart was filled with sweet feelings.

Lin Feng was watching her carefully and she was also looking at Lin Feng.

They weren’t talking at all but most of the time, only a glance sufficed for them to guess their mutual thoughts.

Time was passing slowly and the sky was growing dark, day and night were merging at that moment, time was really passing slowly.

However, Lin Feng was still silent, from morning to evening, he had remained silent, and then from evening to morning, until the sun rise appeared and the flowers bloomed. They had the feeling they were witnessing the awakening of the world, the creation of the planet.

Finally, on the third day, Lin Feng raised his brush in the air.

He looked at Meng Qing, a gentle breeze brushed his body which made his hair flutter gently. Immediately after, he closed his eyes, slowly.

He stopped looking at Meng Qing, he just closed his eyes and finally his hand started floating above the paper again.

The sound of the brush on the paper started spreading in the air again but this time, there was nothing messy at all, Lin Feng was painting in a free and unrestrained way, as if guided by the heavens.

Lin Feng’s eyes were closed, his hand continued dancing over the paper, smoothly and skillfully. He did everything in one go without stopping once, he had been struggling for three days but at that moment, he had won.

“Pheww..” Lin Feng sighed and opened his eyes, he then looked at his painting, finally, he smiled in a resplendent way, he couldn’t stop smiling.

Finally, he raised his painting and looked at it, it looked alive. It was filled with vitality. Besides, it didn’t just look good, it was magnificent.

Meng Qing raised her head and looked at Lin Feng, he had been looking at her for three days and had used up a lot of energy. Meng Qing gave a magnificent smile.

That portrait was incredibly beautiful, just like a celestial being, like a flower blossoming.

“I finally managed to do it.” Said Lin Feng in a low voice with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

“Lin Feng, since you closed your eyes, why did you need me here?”

“Because I need to feel your presence, if you’re next to me, I can picture you in my mind and in my heart.” Said Lin Feng in a soft and tender voice while smiling: “When I’m on the road and miss you too much, at least, I can look at this portrait of you. And when I painted you, I had to close my eyes, because I needed to use my heart to see you, my eyes are not efficient enough.”

Meng Qing felt embarrassed and stroked her hair, she looked incredibly beautiful, Lin Feng had closed his eyes to paint her, and painted with his heart. Besides, that painting wasn’t only Meng Qing’s portrait, it was Meng Qing’s love.

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